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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Chapter 48 The Spooky Landscape Painting

Inaccessible, the mountain is unreachable.

There are no stone steps in this place, and of course it is even more impossible to have a cable car. You can still walk two steps on a gentle slope. When you reach a dangerous place, you need to nail the dagger into the crack of the stone with your bare hands to climb up with your hands and feet.

Chu Huan couldn’t understand what those mountaineering enthusiasts thought, and he couldn’t understand the love of this kind of sport anyway.

After listening to this comment, Nanshan quickly asked: “What did you like to do before?”

Chu Huan recalled carefully, and found that the first one who jumped to the level of consciousness was “playing a game at home”, and the other was “watching TV while lying down”. Which one did not seem to be very upscale, so it was processed implicitly. For a moment, say: “Test some program loopholes and care about some film and television works that respond to complex social issues.”

Yuan Ping almost fell off the mountain with a smile.

They didn’t have half of the mountaineering tools. They were completely ready to fall to the ground at any time, but they still had a mood to chat a few times. It can be seen that the cliffs are not difficult to walk because the mountain is very clean.

Not to mention the big monsters who drink blood and walk all the way, even ordinary small creatures in the wild have barely touched a few. The snakes and geckos in the grass are hard to find. Only a few silly bugs have crawled through. I didn’t know how to hide, and stepped to death if I was not careful.

This proves that Nanshan’s decision is correct from the side. The quieter the danger, the harder it is to deal with.

There was a naturally formed small mountain cave on the mountainside. Several people took a temporary break in it. Yuan Ping opened the package to divide the dry food. Chu Huan picked out one hand and picked one piece. Yuan Ping saw that his wrist had broken into pieces. Dial mirror with spider web.

Yuan Ping: “Throw it away as soon as possible.”

The mirror is generally made of sapphire glass, which is not resistant to wear and tear, and cannot be protected from monsters by water. Chu Huan has been busy escaping for life and falling in love for a few days. Then he noticed the cobweb-like collision marks on it. He bought it for a monthly salary, and he was immediately distressed and broken, but unfortunately it was useless-the table mirror was already closed, and the metal shell was covered with large and small scratches, except the movement was still walking. There is basically no hope of remediation.

Chu Huan took the watch off and threw it aside, sighed, examined his appearance, and felt that he had completely changed from a fake elite to a real savage. He simply adjusted his glasses to the telescope mode and took it off. To Nanshan, all the excess was unloaded at once, as if it had changed back to the wild children playing mud in the courtyard many years ago.

The taste of the dry cake was terrible, and the taste was very sad. Yuan Ping took a bite, and he suddenly had the urge to beat the drums and avenge his grievances.

For several days in a row, Yuan Ping was really fed up with the food of the guardians. The dried cakes were difficult to swallow to an unprecedented level. They probably could even squeeze the compressed biscuits, which is really ridiculous.

Xiao Fang glanced at his expression and said to him with a grin: “The one you took was not made in spring, isn’t it delicious? Or is our spring craft best.”

The elder sister in spring is a little left-handed, so the shape of the cake she made will be slightly different from others. This little girl knows well, and Chu Huan has seen it early, but they both are very chicken thieves, they can’t take care of each other. Xuan, no one said.

Chu Huan broke the piece in his hand in half, turned his head into Nanshan’s mouth, and squeezed his eyes at him.

Yuan Ping couldn’t mention the appetite. In his opinion, the dry cakes made by everyone are equally unpalatable. The so-called “good craftsmanship” of the Shoushan people means that the darkness of the dark dishes is just a little bit less. He complained sullenly. : “I want to eat barbecue.”

Nanshan: “I didn’t eat it yesterday.”

“Hey,” Yuan Ping waved his hand. “You silly boy, who hasn’t seen the world before, shaved his hair, and washed the scrubbers on the fire and smoked them black. Is it also called barbecue?”

He talked about this and suddenly sat up, as if being cruelly practised by the current practice and unable to dodge, he had to paint a cake to hunger, and said to several people vividly: “Barbecue can’t use fire directly, you have to get a “roast” first, know what Is it called “Zhizi”? It is a large iron plate, which is welded together one by one, with a seam in the middle, and charcoal is placed under it. The charcoal fire is hot, grease the iron plate, and then cut the meat Cut into small pieces, the fresher the better, the thinner the better-adjust the juice and simmer in advance, and put it on the iron plate, Yes? “

Yuan Ping licked his lips, and Nanshan and Xiaofang swallowed their heads together as he described.

Yuan Ping bit her bitter bite of the half-baked dead noodle cake, swallowing with a stern face: “Then spread the vegetables on the meat, roast them together with meat flavor and oil, take them off Dipped in the sauce and sandwiched in the cake, of course not this kind of cake, to be crispy, fried golden and crispy, take a bite…Oops!”

He shook his head, and the Harazi flowed into the river in his mouth.

Chu Huan was unmoved, and he was determined to eat the inferior starch in his hands, which was not affected at all. He also hurriedly offered Yuan diligently by Yuan Ping’s east wind and turned his head to Nanshan. Say: “Do you want to eat? I will too.”

Nanshan was enthralled. At first glance, when he heard this sentence intervening, he was taken aback. “What will you do?”

“Anything will do,” Chu Huan blew the cowhide brazenly, “Iron rods are grilled, sliced ​​barbecue, and sauces are adjusted-yes, I used to learn the craftsmanship of two months with a master of Huaiyang cuisine, frying It’s fine to cook and stew.”

Yuan Ping: “Brother, you can also make a dozen drafts while bragging.”

Xiaofang was also very unbelieving and said in surprise: “Why have you never been in fire for so long in the family?”

Chu Huan smiled tentatively, glanced at Nanshan, and said meaningfully: “I am alone, and I can eat two bites, too lazy to get it, who can I get it out for?”

Xiao Fang knew the elegance of the string sound, gave her face very much, expressed her admiration without hesitation, and then rubbed her hands and asked, “Good s**t, what else would you do?”

“It will be much better.” Chu Huan felt out a piece of wood from somewhere, and took out his short knife-it was still many days after the dead flower was cleared, Nanshan picked it up from the river.

The short knife is not a carving knife, the wood is also a piece of ordinary bad wood, but the hand of the knife is very clever, and a round piggy was cut out in a few times, which is quite like that.

Chu Huan: “You can also paint a little bit, all kinds of handiwork can be a little bit, will stick a few simple hair monkeys, and will use toy engines to modify cars-remote control, they will run.”

In his early years, he did like to play and had a lot of interests, but then he gradually lost interest, and he all shelved.

The Shoushan people had never heard of such a rich amateur life, and they were all amazed.

Only Yuan Ping, who was robbed of the limelight, was sour on the side: “It’s almost done, saying you are fat, you’re still breathing.”

Chu Huan ignored him completely, dug two nostrils for the pig, and handed it to Nanshan: “When we go back, you can say whatever you want, and I can find a way to make it for you.”

Chu Huan peacock opened the screen, don’t want to exude anger like money, Yuan Ping originally wanted to compete with him, but glanced at the five big and three rough guys around him, but I don’t know who to show it to. .

It’s like an old boxing opponent who hasn’t had time to make a difference. He didn’t greet him and went to play table tennis. He was overwhelmed and had to throw cold water.

Yuan Ping: “The virtue of your “follow me, I can’t be hungry in the future”, especially like the combination of the old landlord old fortune and the cook of the new era.”

When Peacock opened the screen, he must have forgotten his shame. Chu Huan heard his run, and his face was not red. He directly used Yuan Ping’s words as his own and said to Nanshan: “Follow me, and I will not be hungry in the future. If in the future We can find a way to cross that border, and I sold both Chu Aiguo’s broken house and my small apartment, and replaced it with a large kitchen with 108 recipes on the wall. , Strive to feed you into a big fat as soon as possible, so that you don’t have to worry about the beautiful young girl.”

The words were so explicit that Nanshan and Xiaofang didn’t want to pretend they didn’t understand. Nanshan listened, but only laughed.

“Oh, yes, I have other benefits-I like to stay at home, I must go home for dinner every day, never go out and fooling around, work hard, eat little, have a good temper, communicate easily, fall asleep Molars don’t snore and don’t grab quilts. Traveling at home is convenient and practical.

Chu Huan said this, and his words came to a halt. When he tried his best to promote himself, he became more self-feeling. He didn’t have the glasses to hide his face at first. Bending, it became two small hooks, almost meaning so peachy.

“Look, can I do it?” Chu Huan’s eyes swept around Nashang and Xiaofang, as if to want a witness.

Xiaofang and Nashan stared at each other, and they embarrassed each other “hey”, only the parties were not ashamed, seeing this situation, and downhill donated to ask: “If I hold your parents in the future, I will trouble everyone Don’t make a fuss, will you?”

Xiaofang finally couldn’t help but comment on Nanshan: “Patriarch, you squeaked, or not a man!”

Nanshan smiled broadly: “It doesn’t matter.”

Chu Huan couldn’t help but get even more angry. His face was too much hatred. Xiaofang and Nashan, together with Yuan Ping’s leadership and call, threw them together and beat them up, and several people quickly made trouble in a small cave In a ball.

When Chu Huan just lifted Yuan Ping and was pressing the mountain against the wall, he suddenly heard a murmur of speech. He smiled uncollected and raised his head casually: “Huh? What do you say?”

Several others were quiet for a while.

Nanshan asked doubtfully: “What?”

Chu Huan immediately realized that something was wrong. He tilted his head slightly and heard whispering voices in his ears, unable to hear the content, but it seemed that he was not alone.

Nanshan broke his face: “What did you hear?”

The voice seemed to be on the line, the speech was fast and hurried, and disorderly, but Chu Huan just felt… they seemed to be calling something.

Who? What are you talking about?

Chu Huan slowly raised his hand and covered his ears. The sound didn’t seem to pass through the ears, but directly entered his brain.

Chu Huan was slightly distracted, stood up swayingly, his shoulder hit Nanshan, and Nanshan held his shoulder: “Chu Huan!”

Nanshan’s voice was mixed in countless whispers, and Chu Huan could only barely tell through his mouth.

Yuan Ping suddenly opened his throat and shouted at his ear: “Chu Huan!”

Chu Huan hid abruptly and was called by his voice to make the eardrum tremble. The dense voices suddenly disappeared. Chu Huan pressed his ears and opened Yuan Ping’s face, pointing in the direction of Zhengnan: “That Side… there seems to be a voice.”

Several people suddenly lost their noisy mood, and after packing up their clothes, they quickly set off again and rushed to the summit.

The closer to the cap, the lower the temperature. At the end, the exhaled air seemed to be white mist, a hazy piece, and a fine wind blowing on the skin, even the anti-freeze mountain guards could not bear it gradually. Too.

There is a thin layer of ice on the rock, which is getting smoother and harder to walk, but the plants in the cracks are still lush and green.

Nanshan was the first to climb to the top of the mountain and climbed to the highest boulder. The person behind Bin should pull, but his eyes swept down the mountain, but he froze.

Chu Huan unclearly followed his back: “How…”

His voice was suddenly interrupted.

I saw that under the mountain, the feng shui is faint, the tree shadow whirling, everything seems to have no problem, but there is no light.

The whole world seems to be bounded by a place at the foot of the mountain, one side is sunning in the midday sun, and the other side has nothing.

Looking down from a height, it looks as if the world is turned off, the vast sea of ​​forest is motionless, the river that should be running seems to be frozen, there are no animals, no wind…

It was like a crucifixion… a dark landscape painting.

Chu Huan heard Xiaofang’s voice ringing behind him, and the voice of this fierce woolly monkey seemed to contain unparalleled fear.

He said, “Sink… Sink…”

Chu Huan turned back suddenly.

The journey of cruising the mountains seemed so long. They trekked the mountains and waded through the water, turned over some unknown mountains, crossed many unknown tributaries, and walked some unknown way…

Today, this long road is almost too short to be mentioned. I thought the infinitely large area was surprisingly small and narrow. Chu Huan did not know what the “falling ground” was and what was inside. However, he was shocked by the border. Cold sweat.

It’s the feeling that the lights are out all over the world, and there is an island in their depths.

The sunlight was only a faint, crumbling cluster.

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