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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

Chapter 49 I’ll Take You Away, Don’t Come Back

The darkness under the mountain is not purely outstretched, with five fingers outstretched, a more accurate description, that place should be a shadow, a frozen shadow, and Chu Huan heard the whispering words again in his ear, and two strong thoughts suddenly appeared in his heart. .

A person’s crisis situation has gone through a lot, and his intuition will be much sharper than the average person, but that is only limited to being able to avoid subconsciously when encountering danger. Chu Huan has never been so clear, but obviously not out of reason and logic Thoughts.

It seemed that he had two more voices out of thin air in his heart. One was urging him to move forward and walked into the sinking ground, and the other screamed to warn him how far he could run back.

Chu Huan pinched his eyebrows hard, and suddenly moved back and forth, so he firmly nailed his footsteps in place and kept watching.

Nanshan did not allow him to be so calm. He turned around and grabbed Chu Huan, dragging his shoulders hard: “Go!”

Chu Huan was also staggered by him, and the whisper of whispering in his ear became louder and louder. He couldn’t help but hold Nanshan’s wrist: “I think that…”

Nanshan interrupted him: “Don’t watch, don’t listen, don’t think!”

Chu Huan: “Wh…”

His voice fell, and suddenly his spine cooled. Chu Huan turned around and saw that the huge shadow was like a nightmare.

Chu Huan shook his head violently-wait, how could the shadow “chase” someone? What if you catch up?

He had no idea about these problems, but it was only for a moment that he felt a kind of unreasonable fear born in his bones.

Fear overwhelmed the attraction of the sinking ground, and a group of people fled in vain.

The boulder was covered with fine crushed ice residue and hoarfrost. Nanshan slipped at the foot of the mountain. Chu Huan dragged his arm, but Nanshan pulled him down. His strength was so amazing that he pulled Chu Huan from It was dragged down and pressed into his arms.

Chu Huan: “Wait…”

But Nanshan didn’t give him time to adjust his posture at all. He arched his back and protected Chu Huan in his arms. He used his own shield as a shield and rolled down the mountain.

A large tree across the road blocked the way. Nanshan suddenly turned over to separate Chu Huan, and his back hit the waist with no buffer. Nanshan snorted and grabbed Chu Huan’s hand tighter, Almost caught in his skin.

When a few people climbed uphill like turtles, they almost fell into the sea, and they continued to climb all the way. Fortunately, they were well-equipped, and there were no old or weak people in the middle. Otherwise, they would break apart a few bones. Shelf.

No one knows why they ran, but what’s so afraid of shadows?

However, they seemed to meet the eagle’s rabbit, facing the huge shadow, instinctive creeps.

Chu Huan felt a sudden emptiness beneath him, and then there was a familiar sense of falling. He and Nanshan flew out of the protruding ice like a baby.

How high is this? What’s next? Wouldn’t it be disabled?

At the moment when Chu Huan’s heart was completely lost, he suddenly heard a word in the chattering voice in his ear.


Chu Huan couldn’t help but asked back, “Fire?”

His lighter has been thrown at Dianhua and exploded. Where is the fire? Do you spray yourself?

But with such a vague voice, he seemed to have moved some mysterious cipher. Chu Huan roared in his ears. His eyes were almost white, and the intense white light shook him.

…Isn’t it sprayed by myself?

No one saw where the white light came from, and all eyes were involuntarily evaded.

In a trance, Chu Huan seemed to touch some kind of secret connection, extending to an untouchable place.

However, this mysterious feeling was fleeting. At the next moment, several people had fallen heavily to the ground and fell into a slightly concave pit on the hillside. Chu Huan supported the ground a bit, his shoulder touched the ground, and he turned sideways. Roll to the side, unload the falling impact force, anyway did not let Nanshan directly become his meat pad.

Chu Huan’s pupils slowly reset in size, and I saw that there was still a cloudless and clear noon sky in front of me. The sunlight was evenly sprayed on the top of the mountain peak and cliff where they rolled down. The fine halo above seemed to be covered with a layer of crystal .

Fang Cai’s horrible shadow and inexplicable white light were all gone, as if it was just an illusion.

Nanshan braced the ground with his hands, but did not stand up at once, and fell back again, showing that the impact was not light, his sweat was cold, and there was a shocking bruise on his waist.

If he is not a mountain guard with natural copper and iron bones, it is estimated that the backbone bones have been broken.

But Nanshan didn’t say a word, his gasping sound became heavy, and his clenched teeth cracked a hard mark on his jaw.

Chu Huan’s eyes flicked immediately: “Show me.”

However, I don’t know if it was Chu Huan’s illusion. When he reached over to Lanan Mountain, the other party actually hid.

“Don’t look at it,” Nanshan climbed up hard and staggered under his feet, almost a little straight, “Go first.”

“Slow down, you wait,” Chu Huan stopped him. “Why do you go? Come here, I will carry you.”

Nanshan took a deep look at him, then dropped his gaze, avoiding his sight, and then straightened his waist almost bravely, walking almost a half-frustrated.

what’s the situation?

Chu Huan frowned, but the situation was urgent and he didn’t have time to say anything.

There is a saying that it is easy to go down the mountain and difficult to go down. They quickly walked through a short gentle slope and reached the almost dangerous part of the mountain. The mountain rock went straight up and down, not at a glance. There was a layer of fine ice slag on it. After a glance, I felt my scalp explode-how do I keep going?

When they climbed up at that time, they almost became a group of Spider-Man without hoods, but it was impossible to go down in the same way.

Xiaofang quickly turned back and asked Nanshan: “Patriarch, what should I do?”

Nanshan didn’t answer. He bent down painfully. At that time, a large bruise on his back had become purple, and he could see the net-like blood vessels under his skin, and he was entangled there as chapped, and at first glance thought he was around his waist. Surrounded by a big python.

Chu Huan held him indiscriminately, carefully inspecting the bruise. He tentatively gently touched Nanshan’s swollen skin, feeling the oily skin was hot.

Nanshan refrained from speaking, but shivered involuntarily.

“No,” Chu Huan turned to Xiao Fang. “Brother, go to the neighborhood to see if there are stronger canes. Cut a few long ones and tie everyone together.”

There are many unknown vines growing on the cliff, and Xiaofang has no objection.

At the same time, Nanshan once again avoided Chu Huan’s gaze, quietly trying to draw his arm out.

This time, even though Chu Huan was dull, he realized that this was not his illusion. Nanshan was hiding him clearly.

For no reason, why is he suddenly awkward?

Chu Huan didn’t react for a moment, and he didn’t have time to think about it. He stretched out his hand, grasped Nanshan’s wrist, and lowered his face: “You can’t walk by yourself, either I will carry you, or I will hold you and choose one by myself. “

Nanshan pondered for a moment, not knowing what psychological construction had been done for himself, and quickly stabilized his eyes. His eyes slipped on Chu Huan’s scarred wound, and he answered objectively and calmly:” My wounds are not completely good, and I have been forced to go down from here. If I carry another person, the wounds will burst. I can recover at most one night, you can’t.”

There is no reason to refute this statement.

At this time, Xiaofang had cut the rattan back quickly, and Yuan Ping walked over and threw the rattan head to Chu Huan: “He is right, let’s skip the crispy dog-patriarch, you tie it a little stronger. , I will carry you along this road.”

Yuan Ping loves to run with Chu Huan when he is okay. The frequency is similar to eating and drinking. Chu Huan has long been accustomed to it, and he is basically close to the ears. However, at this time, he suddenly raised an unknown fire in his heart-despite knowing this For many years, he knew that Yuan Ping could not be straighter anymore, but he just had something of his own that was coveted by others.

Itchy hands.

However, when Chu Huan reached this age, there was no impulse in his youth. The fire in his heart was concealed and the speed of depression was quick. Huan didn’t say anything at the time, just stretched out his hand and tried to test the firmness of the rattan, then bent down when Nanshan had difficulty in movement, bypassed him from the leg and tied a very strong buckle.

Then Chu Huan pulled up the cane, crossed the mountain, patted the boy’s shoulder, told him to back away, and went to the front to find his way.

Chu Huan had never envied the beating body of the guardian or the gatekeeper. Nanshan made many “blood exchanges”. He basically listened to the situation and did not seriously consider accepting it.

Because in Chu Huan’s view, this is not necessary at all.

What kind of race gives birth to what kind of body, he was born to be this ordinary fetus, there is nothing to mind, like birds are born to fly, fish are born to swim, when people are born, they are a shellless king-one piece It can’t be turned over.

Sometimes people are indeed limited by a certain aspect of talent, but what about? Isn’t the so-called “powerful” a way of life that constantly surpasses the innate?

Facing this problem, Chu Huan’s mind was still very open, until this moment.

For example, he suddenly can’t think of it.

Chu Huan’s self-esteem, which had not been touched for many years, was just caught off guard by Yuan Ping’s intentionally or unintentionally “crispy dog”, and it hurt him like a throat.

When they went up the mountain, they walked from early morning to noon, but down the mountain, they climbed from noon to the next morning.

When there is light, Chu Huan explores the way. At night, his night vision cannot be so precise. The people who explore the way can only be replaced by Xiaofang.

The atmosphere was dull and stiff, and no one dared to distract and chat, until the next day when the daybreak dawned, a few people overcame a section of the cliff, to a gentle slope that had no stone steps, but was able to walk upright.

Nanshan’s injury really recovered quickly, but one night’s work had almost swelled, and the bruise turned into a more terrible dark purple, but the bruise had dispersed a little, looking serious, but it seems that it has not affected him Most of the actions.

They cut off the vines, did not dare to rest, and drove back the same way without sleep until Jinusi fell again, and ran for a day in such a hurry before returning to the cave where they rested halfway, and stopped temporarily.

The reason for stopping is not entirely for rest. Several people understand that if they go further, they will inevitably encounter the eye-eating beast and the resurgent sound beast that occupy the jungle. .

Nanshan drew a detailed local map on the ground based on his memory-every time the mountain gate is turned to this end, the mountain guard will experience two mountain tours. He has been walking this road since he was 13 or 14 years old, and the terrain is closed Eyes can draw without scoring.

“This time we came here as far as possible, and the stele forest is here,” Nanshan painted the mountain they had climbed, and extended the route by about one-fifth of the length. “We walked 80%, and we extended a The main river channel. There are several tributaries with deep water. These are the ones that I have marked out. There may be sound beasts in these places.”

“We are in this position now, this side is the dense forest occupied by the eye-eating beast,” Nanshan clicked a spot first, and then drew a circle, patting the soil on his hand, he said, “The eye-eating beast generally dislikes Migration, unless they can’t live in the original place, most of the places where they live need trees and water, so I can basically judge that they come from the south, this time we go back as far as possible north, follow the foot of the mountain, go around the mountain It’s better to go a little farther than to touch them.”

Chu Huan interjected lazily and said, “That group of eye-eating beasts live in groups, and the smell is ten miles away. Other animals can’t smell it. Flat people and sound beasts should also try their best to walk around. We should also walk around them. Get together.”

“Flat people have a high IQ, and they should not take the initiative to provoke large-scale sound beasts. They are good at group fighting. Even if they are catching, they should pick a single one.” Yuan Ping then said, “So they should be around. The place where there is plenty of water is the most likely in the mountains, and it is in the mountains where clean and safe water can be found up close.”

Nanshan: “Patriarch, then such mountain roads and waterways are not safe, what should we do?”

“I know there is a way.” Xiao Fang suddenly interjected, “It’s a short way, the cold lake that passes through the mountain, the cave is very small, the sound beast can’t enter, you don’t have to turn the mountain, don’t need to go around the mountain, just go directly from Let’s swim in the past. The flats don’t work well, they shouldn’t drill in the mountains, even if they meet Mutai, they will be easy to clean up without the flats’ command.”

No one knew that when they came, a group of neighbors such as Ophiophagus lived in the good woods, so Xiaofang didn’t have time to come up with this idea, but when he returned, it just came in handy.

Nanshan passed decisively and nodded: “Okay, let’s take a break for a while, and we will be on the road as soon as tomorrow morning.”

His voice fell, and Chu Huan had stood up: “I’m vigil.”

After talking, he walked to the hole without looking up.

Nanshan watched him lose a lot of weight in the past few days, opened his mouth, and seemed to want to say something, but at last he said nothing, and went with him.

Chu Huan was sitting alone next to the fire at the entrance of the cave, his hands clasped together, behind his head, lying on the ground facing up, looking up at the starry river above him faintly.

Regarding the sinking ground, Chu Huan is actually still confused. It is a kind of existence that he has never seen and cannot understand, but instinctively feels extreme danger.

Tired of fleeing for two days and one night, Chu Huan also calmed down. He realized that Nanshan suddenly alienated him, seemingly after seeing the fall.

With this joint, Chu Huan could use his toes to understand what Nanshan was thinking.

The changes in this world must have exceeded Nanshan’s expectations. If the enemy is a human, even a monster that is unbelievable, it cannot be defeated, but what if the “enemy” is the world itself?

Nanshan probably realized that no matter what was said in their holy book, he might not be able to find that line of life in it, so when the mountain gate was turned upside down again, with the temper of the man who wouldn’t turn, he might be unable to tell. Push yourself out.

Let him leave this ridiculous world in between.

Chu Huan sighed, remembering some of the stories I saw in the history of wild history. The stories in the borderlands are all fragrant and poisonous. What will poison the Gu girl? The stubborn paranoia is “I die, you have to die”, and “Dare to betray, just leave your bones and scum” and the like…

There are countless weird methods here, and they are also the territories of the guardians themselves. They can do whatever they want. They can’t be controlled by the sky and no one… It can be described as being in harmony with the time and place, but how can this person he meets be more selfish and vicious. ?

Chu Huan froze for a while, realizing that he was a little bit rushing to beg for abuse, and he couldn’t help but spurn himself abruptly: “Bone.”

But Nanshan was silent and resolute, and he couldn’t help him with the cheap bones.

In the middle of the night, Nanshan came over and replaced Chu Huan. He took a look at his nose and mouth, prepared to draw a line, and said to Chu Huan, “Go and sleep for a while.”

Chu Huan moved his gaze and bet on him without saying a word, just looking at Nanshan.

Nanshan was forced to look at the wind by his speechless eyes. After a while, he squatted down, slowly dropped the ring on his hand and placed it beside Chu Huan.

Chu Huan turned over and sat up, picked up the platinum ring, threw it twice in his hand, and turned around a few times, feeling the fire reflected by the metal stinging his eyes.

Suppressing his emotions, he asked with a blank expression, “What do you mean?”

“Give it back to you.” Nanshan seemed to be afraid of disturbing others, his voice low.

After a moment, he seemed to harden his heart, took a deep breath, and said to Chu Huan in a formal and official tone: “The holy book says that there will be someone who can communicate the past and the future, the present and the end, I I always thought that the person was you-but now it seems unlikely, we have been surrounded by the fall, are you right or wrong, it is too late-when the winter is over, the mountain gate is reversed, I will send you away, Don’t come back.”

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