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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

But I didn’t do anything, just meant to stare at Huo Hui for a while, and whispered, “What are you afraid of? I won’t move you. If you move, you will become illegal. I have always been this person. I’m Honest, when is the violation?”

Huo Hui picked up and started a goose bump, which was like pulling a horn. Of course, he couldn’t let him smoke, so he raised his hand and pinched his back neck and stunned him.

After a moment of expression, he looked at him for a moment, and carefully took out a syringe from his arms and injected a powerful anesthetic into the other’s body, ensuring that he completely fainted.

At this time, he looked up at the blue sky, as if through the blue sky could do something like if he  could look at someone from the distance.

He picked up his own spurs and placed them on the front of the eye for a moment. The pale fingers swept over the three-edged blade and trembled unconsciously. It was the tremor that would kill everyone.

Suddenly he poked the army thorns to Huo Hui, but his men succeeded and recovered. He was even more embarrassed, and his hand was stabbed in the hands of the thorns. He even poked 18 holes in Huo Hui.

Huo Hui’s clothes were poked out of 18 holes, and he actually said that he did not even get rid of the oil skin of the traitor.

In the act of ghosting, the brothers who screamed the name died was  a total of eighteen.

The ghost is suspicious, his lurking career is like a thin ice, and it is difficult. It is the eighteen brothers who rushed to escort the road with a drop of blood.

And they gave him the fate, but he failed to complete the task satisfactorily, let the big ghost run for three years.

“My mother actually has a face to live.” I thought indifferently.

This thought came out, and there was a feeling that the chest horse was dislocated and he had to divide his heart into a corpse. He licked his tongue and buckled the ring on the middle finger. The cold touch and the tip of his tongue. The rust on the smear together with the reins – this is not the time to hurt the spring and fall.

He took his hand into the traitor with the clothes of  Huo Hui’s, touched the person from the head to the foot, and finally touched a band-aid behind Huo Hui’s ankle. A small signal transmitter is attached to the back.

Fortunately, he first started to unload the guy’s limbs, otherwise he might be sent out by him.

The annunciator is as light as a piece of paper and has a four-digit password when it is not turned on.

Pick up the pocket watch and see the red spots on the lenses begin to gather – they probably have found no one in the car.

“I didn’t have a backup at the crucial moment. Is it a life-threatening?” He said in his heart, “Come on it.”

He thought so sadly, his movements were very decisive, and he almost entered a date number without stopping.

That was the day when “Ghosts” were collected. On that day. “Two ghosts” fell apart from each other. It has been three years since then, more than a thousand days and nights.

The password is correct –

The annunciator was turned on instantly. Within a few seconds, the positioning information was sent to everyone in the vicinity. The collar was erected, the half-face was blocked, and the body shape flashed into the forest.

That’s right.

The big ghost must stay up all night and want to lick his skin, smoke his ribs, eat his flesh, and think of this, like a leopard smelling blood, excited strangely.

His mood is still like an abyss, suddenly and straight into the sky – this is very abnormal, of course, understand, but at this moment, he needs this kind of excitement, he needs to let his blood boil recklessly When he gets up, he needs his own heart and a bit of burning that will kill him.

The signal transmitter inside should suddenly open, but the enemy is unknown, but it immediately smells the wind.

The hoe did not return to the jungle, and did not stop. He changed his hand to stick the signal to a tree. After hiding in a tree, his footsteps were not yet stable. The first prey had already appeared in the field of vision. , running towards the big tree against the annunciator.

He installed the silencer as if he had not aimed, raised his hand and shot it in the middle of the other’s head. The man was stiff and fell silently.

Without waiting for him to land completely, a pair of hands had been quickly dragged into the bushes. The body was freshly baked and there was still room temperature.


Then, as in the case of the method, the signal device of the dead body was torn off, and it was attached to the root of the tree. The hands clung to the branches of a big tree, and they lurked there in the condescending, as if they had merged with the branches of the leaves, and there was no sound at all. Two people came side by side under the cover of their companions, and they saw the bodies in the trees without accident…

He hadn’t had time to issue a warning. The weapon that couldn’t see the light had passed through his back neck. The sharp edge of the thorn was “squeaky” in the wound. The blood spray spurted more than a foot high, and then he raised his hand. The gun, one shot of the result, the next moment, his whole person huddled together, rolled away on the ground, avoiding a series of cold guns.

Four, five, six…

This is not a competition, it is an assassination. As long as the gun is fired, someone will fall to the ground. All of them are shot in the middle of the forehead. There is no off-target. He is like a ghost in the sky.

Thirteen, fourteen…

The leg was suddenly soft and fell straight from the tree, and the pain came in the next second – the calf was pierced.

The person who hit him has already been scared and timid, and he is more tremble than the one who was hit. The man held a gun and repeatedly fired several shots on the person who fell under the tree to make sure that the other party did not move. Only then, step by step, slowly and slowly.

Is it dead?

After killing you, what can you get from the boss?

The man did not dare to ecstasy, because the chilling feeling of the back was not dissipated. The man holding the gun involuntarily stopped, slowly squatted down, waited for a while, did not move, only bravely, and extended his arm to the face down.

The body was turned over, dark skin, Southeast Asian blood, this is… this is his companion!

His fear had not yet reached the transpiration, and the neck had passed a layer of coolness. He saw a pair of fingers filled with blood between his fingers.

The sharp edge of the spurs wiped his neck.

The fifteenth.

The crotch’s trousers have been stained with blood, but he doesn’t feel much pain. The ascending adrenaline seems to have closed his pain. He hides himself behind another big tree and licks the blood from his mouth.

Big ghost?

When is the long-lost enemy, when are you going to talk about the old?

Quietly calculating the time, the back of the head leaned against the trunk. After five minutes, he suddenly smiled – suddenly skipping two messages on the glasses.

“All the seizures have not caused any casualties.”

“The second batch of illegal arms was seized.”

The traps that were buried beforehand caught the prey.

After a while, I am afraid that the big ghost must face the dilemma of full backup. At this time, will he run for the second time?

I believe, but if there is a point to make a comeback, the big ghost will definitely smear at the foot, but… if he is already running out of water?

At this time, a new spot of light jumped out of the spectacles, which meant that a new annunciator was opened nearby, about a hundred meters away from him.

At the moment when the light was on, the whole person could not help but take a deep breath and then bit the tooth.

Too excited, he almost suspected that he was taking medicine, and he was almost inextricably excited.

Three years of indulging, once again short-handed –

The light did not move, as if waiting for him.

Suddenly, a gun rang, followed by a tearing scream, sharp and thin, which sounded a bit like a girl who didn’t grow up.

He rubbed his hand with a gun and slowly moved. At this time, trees and stones were his invisible magic weapon. He was like a big cat, and he walked silently through the trees.

The ghost is used to being behind the scenes, never appearing in front of the stage. At this time, if it is not the end of the mountain, he will not show up.

At the same time, I also believe that there is only one person in the eyes of the devil. He is suspicious of nature. The existence of jealousy has shattered the last bit of trust in his life. He will command and coordinate the people who intercepted and the people who responded, but not Will let the second person know that he is nearby.

As he thought quickly and approached the past, he saw a little girl.

The little girl was five years old, and her hair was hanging on the chest in a mess. She was hung high on a big tree, her thighs were pierced by bullets, and blood was flowing. She seemed to have fainted, I don’t know. It is death or alive.

When the big tree faces the cliff, it is particularly conspicuous. The girl is tied to the side of the cliff, and there are a row of three-sided thorns on the ground. Although the spikes are not comparable to the one hanging between the waists, But the little girl who poked the fine skin and tender meat was also a punctuated blood hole.

As long as she falls, she will be smashed into numerous sieves by numerous triangles.

The middle of the rope hanging from the girl was soaked in simmering oil and burning.

The primate wants to know that it is a trap with the toes, and I just want to sigh.

But can he stand by and watch? Impossible – he is not a devil.

That little girl, this time is not just a little girl, she is the mockery of the big ghost in front of him – only the person who broke into the bones can not win.

“If you just finished, you will be beaten” Sighed, and the next moment, he took a modified version of the smoke bomb from his arms and threw it into the triangle.

“Oh,” a huge smog.

Just then, the rope hanging from the girl was broken.

From the invisible speed, he stepped on the trunk of the big tree, and the whole person almost vacated. As soon as he raised his hand, the general stabbed into the trunk of the tree and turned a half circle. Accurately grabbed the girl’s waist, took the military thorn stuck in the trunk as the axis, and quickly turned a half circle, leaping onto the tree scorpion, avoiding a cold gun shot in the corner.

At the same time, he has locked the position of the gunman.

There is a leaf that moves a bit.

In the light stone fire, the girl put the girl on her shoulder, the trigger on her hand has been pulled, the silencer has already fallen, and a gunshot stunned countless birds.

Then, it was all silent.

I didn’t know how long it was, as if everything was under slow motion.

Then, a person who, despite being camouflaged, even if he turned into an ashes, slowly fell down, exposed to the light of the sky, died, and the death method was still a headshot.

It is a big ghost.

The whole person stunned and almost planted from the tree, not because of ecstasy, not because of regret, but also because of the feelings of this cold-blooded terrorist. But he felt that his body seemed to be two points lighter. It was so light that he almost lost his balance.

For a moment, he was already late when he felt that something was wrong.

Another shot was shot.

I only had time to push the girl on my shoulders away, barely avoiding the key. A bullet had penetrated his shoulder, and the impact slammed him back. He saw the girl’s untidy hair. There is an incomparable face in the face.

I suddenly stopped.

The little girl had already lost her hand, and at the moment of the sneak attack, the gun in her hand was smacked and flickered and fell to the bottom of the cliff. She glanced at her empty hand and glanced at her cold hate. She turned her head and shouted in the direction of the big ghost: “papa!”

She is a big ghost?

This is something that is not as good as a beast!

Under the shock, I didn’t have time to move. The little girl had already jumped from the branch and slammed. The young body was pierced from the foot to the forehead by the three-legged thorn on the ground… But only pulled off a small amount of her hair.

The blood was spread out in the same place, like a red carpet full of malice.

Suddenly watching the girl’s body, suddenly shrouded by the familiar feeling, unconsciously stepped back a half step, a soft sound, the branches under the feet finally can not withstand such great pressure, broken.

As soon as he reached out and climbed the branch on the other side, the other side of the tree was a cliff. His feet were already suspended and he hung himself on the cliff.

The shoulder on one side has been dyed by blood, and the blood on the trousers has dried up. However, for the ace agent, even if it is ten times more serious than this, he will not hang himself. What kind of effort does it take for a melon seed?

However, at that moment, he suddenly fell into a gray body and body fatigue, and the excitement of the excitement of the general tide faded, so that he was intensified and tired, so tired that he could not lift a finger.

He looked up and looked at the big branches he had grasped. He looked at the leaves and covered the corner of the sky. His eyes were empty. He felt the whole blue sky spinning, and everything in the field of vision was distorted.

He felt as if he was a ghost. When he returned to God, he had already let go.

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