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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

Chapter 52

This wave of flat-bed people who intended to sneak attack was lively chased and killed by the gatekeeper and the guardian.

If Ruger also has a dictionary, I am afraid there is no such thing as “just enough”. Generations of gatekeeper patriarchs almost lived with Shanmen. Over the years, he has become the incarnation of Shanmen, and dare to offend Shanmen. As long as he still has the strength to climb, he will inevitably kill the other party.

Yuan Ping blew exactly the same long whistle, which is probably the talent skill of the gatekeeper. The whistle is very special, sharp and long, and has strong penetrating power. It is almost tingling to the ears. Listen carefully. There is still a little air defense. The meaning of the alarm, the subtle difference in length, cannot be heard by outsiders, only they can communicate.

The whistle replied in a distant voice, which was about the equivalent of a few words from others. Yuan Ping was busy with his mouth and was not idle in his hands. He swung a knife and beheaded a Mutai, who was riding on the black guy’s neck. The film man was planted, and Yuan Ping broke his neck with one foot.

At the same time, Yuan Ping took the time to care about Nanshan: “It was our patriarch who brought people here-patriarch Nanshan, how are you doing?”

The effect of the medicine for wind injury and detoxification is immediate, and the process is like a thousand ants, it is a painful torture. Nanshan’s hand began to tremble uncontrollably, but he was Chu Huan on one side and Yuan Ping on the other. No matter which side he faced, Nanshan was unwilling to show weakness.

So he just endured it so hard, and smiled as if he was not a ghost or a ghost.

At this time, black and purple blood began to emerge from Nanshan’s wound, which meant that the antidote had begun to work. Chu Huan had tasted this personally. He didn’t talk nonsense at the moment, bending over in Nanshan’s knee and  Knocked hard.

Nanshan always didn’t have the consciousness to guard against him, and was steadfastly underwhelmed by this blatant sneak attack. With his feet soft, he was hugged by Chu Huan in disgrace.

Nanshan: “Let…”

Chu Huan: “Shut up.”

A real person with complete flesh and blood is not like the bone frame in the flower of vain, the weight is not the same, even if only a human body can bear the weight of Chu Huan, his actions are inevitably affected.

Chu Huan: “Yuan Ping, take cover.”

Fortunately, although this large group of flat movies and Mutai are a little bit bluffing, they are actually defeated.

Mutai is just a beast, and a flat man will die when he squeezes it. The only trouble is that the dark monster will spray everywhere, aimless wind arrows one after another, not easy to dodge.

At this time, Chu Huan felt a gust of wind blowing from under his feet, and the momentum was gentle, almost meaning “starting at the end of Qingping”, and then it spun and spread rapidly, centering on the few of them, rolling and radiating. Go out and become a huge vortex.

The strength of the wind cannot be felt very much in the middle of the vortex, but the more the wind goes out, the more tyrannical it is. This time Nanshan almost tried its best, and the trees in the forest were falling and falling like a typhoon.

The hurricane broke up the flying wind arrows and cleared a short path for these people.

Then Nanshan was completely relieved and leaned softly on Chu Huan Shen. His breath was shallow and rapid, and the strength to open his eyes was almost gone. The injured arm was hanging on one side, and the poisoned blood kept flowing out. The blood loss made him I felt cold all over, and my sanity became more and more shaky, almost hallucinating.

Gradually, in Nanshan’s ears, the hustle and bustle of the whole world seemed to be moving away from him. All he knew and felt, only Chu Huan’s heartbeat that seemed to become infinitely loud, and only Chu Huan’s palm on his body. An irresistible warmth.

After a short while, Nanshan’s heart was out of his consciousness. He forgot where he was, but thought vaguely: “I am dead without regret.”

At this time, the human voice is finally approaching. The mountain guard and the gatekeeper are worthy of being born fighters. As long as there is no absolute disadvantage of being crushed in number, monster abuse is a professional skill.

A whistle came from above, Yuan Ping interpreted simultaneously: “Go here, follow me!”

After finishing speaking, he clung to the foot of the mountain, stepped on the uneven rock, and led the others to run up to the heights swiftly, and then rained arrows fell from the sky, except for a few of them. Outside the footpath, it is an indiscriminate attack on other places.

It’s a pity that the flat person’s IQ is too high. It was really a big trouble. After the small monsters with sharp eyes were shot to death, they immediately discovered the movement of Yuan Ping and their group. They blew their trumpets and reminded their companions. They chased the hordes of Mutai to chase them up-the fierce gatekeeper never hurt his clan, so they had to let them go.

At this time, people and monsters are almost desperate for speed in the environment of flying over the walls.

Just when the recent Mutay almost chased the broken mountain and opened his mouth to start spraying venom, a figure suddenly fell, holding a long and narrow weapon, wrapped in an unmatched gust of wind, and blamed the monster’s The neck pierced a perfect pair.

The man’s skin and hair were black and white, and his eyebrows were almost limp, and his body was sullenly like a water ghost.

Yuan Ping: “The Patriarch!”

It was Ruger.

The newborn gatekeeper looked like a precious child to their own patriarch. Ruger looked slowly and glanced at Yuan Ping with a subtle smile. The kindness made the guardians look creepy.

Then Ruger saw Nanshan held by Chu Huan, his eyes condensed: “Wind poison?”

Chu Huan said: “The medicine has been poured down.”

Ruger nodded, turned around and pressed his lips to make a whistle. Then, on his chest, he raised his chin to these embarrassed people: “Go first.”

Dozens of gatekeepers and warriors among the mountain guards jumped down one after another, rammed into the black monster Mutai group, and immediately set off a unilateral slaughter.

There are three arrows left in Chu Huan’s waist quiver. The group of them can now be said to have run out of food, so they are not polite with Ruger and immediately avoided the goalkeeper’s front.

In less than half an hour, except for a few scattered flat people who fled in panic, the other enemies were killed cleanly. Ruger wiped the blood from his face and coldly ordered: “Clean up and don’t let the body contaminate the water.”

After speaking, he turned and walked to Chu Huan and the others, half-kneeled, and probed Nanshan’s forehead and carotid artery.

Chu Huan asked nervously, “How is it?”

Seeing him so nervous, Ruger also improved his somewhat blunt attitude, and whispered: “It’s okay, stay on it, he should be fine tomorrow after staying up for the night-why did you take this path? Have a brother?”

The reason was that it was difficult to explain in one word. When asked about the club, several people fell silent in unison.

Upon seeing this reaction, Ruger suddenly understood, he paused and stood up: “Go first, Nanshan will not go up for the time being, we have a room at the mountain gate, let him rest there for a while, wait for him Wake up and say, as for that brother…”

Xiaofang said: “I went up the mountain to inform my brother’s family.”

Ruger nodded when he heard the words and walked ahead to lead the way.

His face is always cold and indifferent, but he is not really indifferent. After a few steps, Ruger couldn’t help but turn around and ask: “How did that brother die?”

Dashan’s eyes turned red: “He died at Danghua and Phantom Monkey because of me.”

Ruger paused, and his pupils shrank suddenly: “What? Did you meet the vain flower and the phantom monkey? Are you within the scope of the stele forest?”

Yuan Ping replied carelessly: “Patriarch, the forest of steles has been swallowed and fell to the ground, we didn’t make it.”

Ruger was not as broad-minded as he was. Hearing this, his face suddenly changed, and his eyes became more and more as dark as bottomless. He called another gatekeeper and hurriedly said: ” I will take care of the guardians brothers.”

Then Ruger took Yuan Ping away: “Come with me and tell me what I have encountered on the road.”

Chu Huan kept holding Nanshan and walked into the gate. After entering the gate and bypassing the holy spring, he went through a winding road around the cave and the small cave, and he came to a place a bit like a small valley, with unattainable heights on all sides. On the mountain wall, a beam of light hits straight up and down here, like a naturally formed small patio.

There are many small houses in the small valley with all the bedding inside. It is a place where the gatekeepers rest when they are not on duty.

The leading gatekeeper led Chu Huan to the largest room, glanced at Nanshan’s face, and lowered his voice and said, “I will bring you some food and water?”

Chu Huan said, “Excuse me, thank you.”

The gatekeeper quickly delivered all the necessities, and thoughtfully pulled the wooden door at the entrance of the cave for Chu Huan.

Chu Huan gently put Nanshan on the bed, stretched out his hand to touch, and first touched the blood and sweat of one hand. He didn’t know if Nanshan would become dehydrated if he went on like this.

Chu Huan’s eyes turned to the jug. When he was about to stand up and pour a glass of water to irrigate Nanshan, he was grabbed his arm by the delirious Nanshan.

Nanshan grasped tightly, as if pulling a life-saving straw in the drowning water, his fingers chuckled, and he couldn’t break it off. Chu Huan had to bend down, soften his voice, and said in his ear: “Let your hands go. Song, will I pour some water for you to drink?

Nan Shan obviously didn’t hear anything, and Chu Huan even doubted whether he was conscious.

His teeth were clenched tightly, and Chu Huan’s wrist was trembling. Chu Huan stretched out his hand to cover the back of Nanshan’s hand. Before he had time to struggle, Nanshan only noticed the slight movement, so he clasped it regardless. He stopped him–this time, with almost a dying struggle, Chu Huan put Chu Huan down on the hard stone bed.

Chu Huan felt that his ribs were almost narrowed by Nanshan twice, but he didn’t struggle. He let Nanshan hold it without letting go, then slowly raised his hand and put it on Nanshan’s back, smooth and hairy. Stroking gently.

“Don’t you say you want to worship me?” Chu Huan said.

Nanshan was unconscious, of course he couldn’t answer.

Chu Huan showed a helpless smile.

His hand moved up Nanshan’s back, and then he raised his hand and pinched the back of Nanshan’s neck, squeezing the person completely.

Only then did Chu Huan stand up, seeing that the poisonous blood from the wound had been drained, and the blood stains were blushing, so he gently wiped the wound clean for Nanshan and bandaged it like a fine hand.

After finishing, Chu Huan simply leaned on the head of the bed. He could hardly awe the guardian and the gatekeeper’s medicine system, and he had to guard himself to prevent Nanshan from getting a fever.

Facts have proved that the medical system of Jianzou Pianfeng is actually reliable.

Nanshan Guo, as Ruger predicted, woke up the next day.

He was pierced in the eyes by the light pierced by the door, and was stunned, only to realize that he had returned to the mountain gate.

The door seemed to be open, and the small breeze lifted the wooden door at once, sometimes making a “squeak” sound, rolled into the room, and swept the tip of his nose playfully.

When Nanshan turned his head, he saw that Chu Huan was sitting at the door with his back to himself, and he didn’t know what he was playing with. He sometimes made a “dingling” metal collision.

Chu Huan had been a savage for so long, but he was still not used to running around naked all day long. After Xiaofang and the others returned to the top of the mountain, he asked someone to help him take down the clothes and daily necessities left in his residence. He stayed at Nanshan for one night, and it was not until early in the morning that Nanshan became stable, and Chu Huan had no time to clean himself up again.

He put on a new shirt with blue vertical stripes, changed into trousers, put his glasses back on, and immediately returned to the state of a beast.

Chu Huan’s shirt was put on him, and they all looked a little empty. Nan Shan greedily stared at his back, why he didn’t want to look away. For a long time, Chu Huan turned his head inadvertently and realized that he was awake. Up.

Chu Huan was holding a small thin wire in his mouth, his sleeves were pulled up to his elbows, and he was not accustomed to holding tools commonly used by craftsmen of the clan.

“Wake up?” Chu Huan said, throwing things down, washing his hands and walking to the bed, reaching out to touch Nanshan’s forehead.

The physical qualities of the Shoushan people really didn’t say that, because of the poisoning and the physical and psychological torture, when people sleep at home, they are all good guys who have a full tail. After a night, there are no symptoms of inflammation.

Nan Shan was a little embarrassed by him, but didn’t dare to move, and only responded in a low voice, “Yeah.”

Chu Huan picked up the bowl next to his pillow, hesitated, and asked, “Want wine or water?”

Nanshan: “…wine.”

Without a word, Chu Huan picked up the wine barrel hung on the wall by the gatekeeper, poured a bowl of medicinal liquor and handed it to Nanshan.

In an instant, the two of them seemed to be back in the small county on the border.

That day, Nanshan picked up Chu Huan on the first day. He remembered that Chu Huan was very embarrassed, with bruises, bruises, and penetrating injuries caused by something unknown, he was dying to wake up for a full day and night.

At that time, the two of them were like this, standing and lying down, separated by a pot of medicinal wine with a strange taste, and talking to a tattered Xinhua dictionary.

Chu Huan stared at Nanshan and drank the medicinal wine. He didn’t say a word, but whistled on the side—it was the small stun sting that Nan Shan used Yedi to blow when he first saw him.

It’s a pity that Chu Huan’s music cell fell on his mother-in-law’s stomach, and his whistle was neither melodious nor lively, let alone any aesthetic appeal-the running tune was completely faithful, and it was almost inaudible at first glance. Tune, it seems to be peeing for a child.

Nanshan sullenly drew two large bowls of medicinal wine in one breath, and then Jiuzhuang courageously mustered up the courage, and broke the silence without words, and asked, “What were you doing just now?”

“Be an iron son.” Chu Huan said, sitting back at the door, he leaned comfortably on a corner of the wall, stretched his legs forward, and twitched, “the kind that Yuan Ping said Barbecue rack.”

In terms of eating, drinking, and playing, Chu Huan was clever and clever, and not long after, he had lightly knocked, bent, and wounded with some ironsmith’s scrapped iron. In the absence of electric welding, he completely made use of cutting-edge clever hooking. A simple iron frame made Nanshan dazzling.

Chu Huan methodically washed the iron racks and oiled them.

He seemed to be busy going in and out like this, although the two of them didn’t say a word, it didn’t seem to be embarrassing.

Finally, Chu Huan brought a large plate of meat.

The plate was very large, but the meat slices were very thin, and it was almost transparent to light when picked up. It can be seen that Chu Huan did not brag, at least the skill of the knife was very good.

The meat slices are being marinated in unknown soup.

Chu Huan lightly lit the charcoal and started an unlicensed open-air barbecue on the spot. Ruger probably won’t punish him because of the smoke.

When the iron frame heated up, Chu Huan gently brushed a layer of oil on it, and didn’t put anything on it. After the temperature of the oil rose, the peculiar scent had spread. Chu Huan clamped the thin slices of meat with iron tongs and placed them on the iron frame. As Yuan Ping said, “Bang La”, the fragrance overflowed, making people drool when smelling it. Chu Huan seemed to be a veteran. Turning the meat and turning the fire on, such as having three heads and six arms, and taking care of everything, all rightly grasp the timing.

He placed the roasted meat on a bamboo plate and beckoned Nanshan: “Come here.”

It was a long time later that Nanshan learned that this way of eating is the most original and the most trouble-free way of eating on the side of the river where the food is not tired of eating fine and fine food. It is very simple and rude in the extensive and profound recipe culture.

However, in retrospect, he felt that he had tasted the whole world from the thin barbecue.

The infinite and infinite world that he has longed for and longed for was melted by Chu Huan in the multitude of flavors, revealing the tip of the iceberg for him to see.

The two didn’t talk much, they ate a pot of medicinal wine and a plate of barbecue in silence.

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