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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

Chu Huan cleaned up the iron racks and plates. He didn’t say a single word, but silently washed his hands, and then lightly nodded to Nanshan: “Okay, you rest, I’m leaving.”

His attitude was too calm, as if he just came to the door casually, and patted his ass and turned his head away.

Nanshan suddenly couldn’t resist, until Chu Huan’s shadow was no longer visible, and he still didn’t respond in a daze.

Chu Huan was lazy before, and he was full and dark all day long, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t think about people. It was just that there had been no one to make him think about. At present, there is such a Nanshan, and finally let him one The rusty speculative heart has a new place to use.

He had previously worried about Nanshan’s fever, and he didn’t dare to stay together for a night. During this period, Chu Huan had nothing to do except washing and washing up. He had to doze off while the chicken was pecking like rice, and he was worried about half-sleeping and awake. Calculating his rough road.

Chu Huan’s thinking is relatively clear. People like Nan Shan who are extraordinarily firm-willed have a “rock-free” decision on everything he decides. Once someone opposes it, Nan Shan will probably reinforce his determination. , I am afraid that his idea is really indestructible.

It would be better to lay him in the sun first, and use the sudden coldness and hotness to match with the desire to escape, leaving enough room for the stubborn patriarch to let him think.

Of course, the most important thing at the moment is to collect as much information as possible. In case he really doesn’t play well and accidentally dies in the fall, no matter how many strategies are used.

Chu Huan picked up the barbecue rack, planning to go up the mountain to find the elderly, but ran into Yuan Ping on the way.

“Hey, who, come with me, our patriarch asked me to find…” Yuan Ping’s words suddenly stopped suddenly, his eyes hit the barbecue grill in Chu Huan’s hand, and his eyes were straight, and he immediately took the business Forgot to be clean, “Fuck, what is this?”

Chu Huan’s eyelids lie without blinking: “The sundries made by myself.”

Yuan Ping was very angry: “Fart! The oil has not been cleaned yet!”

Chu Huan pretended not to hear, and the old god was asking: “Your patriarch is looking for me? Where is he?”

Yuan Ping looked at him faintly: “Those who eat alone die.”

Chu Huan: “Is it on the holy spring or on the mountain gate?”

Yuan Ping: “Those who eat alone will die alone.”

Chu Huan stopped and bathed in Yuan Ping’s resentful eyes, and finally, Yuan Ping’s only sensible reason came up with a difficult head, and he reluctantly showed Chu Huan the way: “Shanmen The first level.”

Chu Huan turned around and left, walking vigorously, and Yuan Ping chased after him reluctantly, his mouth buzzing like a curse: “Those who eat alone will have retribution.”

Chu Huan snorted from his nose, and Yuan Ping had a clue, he blurted out: “Those who eat alone should be careful of being fucked forever!”

Chu Huan: “…”

In this way, he led a Yuan Ping covered by a dark cloud to the first level of the most forward of the mountain gate. Luge was already waiting there, and the goat-faced elder of the mountain guard was also there.

Chu Huan was about to step forward when he suddenly heard a “hiss” sound from above his head. When he raised his head, he almost came close to a fist-big snake’s head.

It’s that Chu Huan is not afraid of snakes, and he can’t help but step back half a step-the snake is softly climbing on the rock with the thick arm of a person, hanging down like a rope, and the triangle head is spitting out the snake letter.

Such a big venomous snake is rare. The next moment, the big venomous snake shook its head and shook his head, and shamelessly put its triangular head on Chu Huan’s shoulder and rubbed it affectionately.

… Such a cheap snake seems to be rare.

Only then did Chu Huan realize some familiarity. He stretched out his hand to carry the snake in his hand and carefully looked at it for a moment. After reading and comparing all the patterns on it from beginning to end, he dared to come to a conclusion and recognized that this was the one by him. Praised the delicate little viper.

This growth rate is really amazing. Chu Huan couldn’t help asking: “You are eating fertilizer while I am away, right?”

When he left, the little poisonous snake had only thick fingers and could get into his sleeves calmly. It was only a small ball when it was coiled up. It could be used as a bracelet. Who knows that in such a blink of an eye, it actually Already running in the direction of the behemoth is out of control!

The little poisonous snake didn’t realize that its tonnage was different now, and still tried to wrap it around Chu Huan’s wrist, only to find tragically that there was no place to put its stalwart body, so he had to retreat and entangled slowly. Chu Huan’s waist put his head on his shoulders aggrievedly.

The little poisonous snake “hissed” his dissatisfaction, and the tip of his tail flexed his waist.

Yuan Ping, like a repeater, immediately shut his mouth when he saw the snake, and carefully distanced himself from Chu Huan.

The first level of the mountain gate is high and precipitous. The hunting mountain breeze blows human hair up and down. Chu Huan walks up. I saw that the whole mountain range can be seen here. It is a natural and excellent sentry.

Ruger touched the snake’s head and handed it a hand to let the snake swim on him. He didn’t agree with Chu Huan, and said straightforwardly: “I heard Yuan Ping say that you are going to fall to the ground.”

Chu Huan nodded happily: “Well.”

The goat-faced elder sneered next to him: “I think you are going to die.”

Chu Huan glanced at him generously, smiling and swallowing the three words “Old and Silly” into his stomach, and he didn’t spit it out.

After a pause, Ruger looked at Chu Huan seriously for the first time and asked, “Does Nanshan know this?”

“I don’t know, I don’t plan to let him know.”

Ruger seemed a little surprised.

He never liked foreigners. Although the incident had passed for a long time, he remembered the foreign men who were recruited by the former Patriarch of the Shoushan, and the blood-stained hatred seemed still vivid.

But… his eyes swept Chu Huan’s eyes, and he thought to himself: “Nanshan may be better than his grandma’s?”

Ruger pointed to the small stone table at the first level and a circle of low stone stools: “Sit.”

Several people sat down around the round table. Only Yuan Ping stood far away, staring at the snake on Ruger without blinking, and his face turned blue.

Ruger, a reptile enthusiast, probably can’t imagine that there are people in the world who are afraid of snakes. He unknowingly greeted, “Yuan Ping, why can’t you come?”

Yuan Ping heard the words and, with Chu Huan’s gaze, glanced at their patriarch with a scalp, and then he found the corner farthest from Ruger and shrunk himself into a ball.

The elder tapped Chu Huan’s thigh with a cane, motioned him to make room, and then sat down, and saw that he slowly took out a few strange pieces of wood from the dirty belly pocket, and visually measured the diameter. About five centimeters, with different patterns engraved on it, it may be some kind of text.

Chu Huan glanced at the probe curiously, and did not reach out hurriedly-he concluded that this was probably a divination tool.

As soon as the elder bent over, he took out a huge tree-root-like thing from under the stone table. It was very old. A thick layer of pulp formed on the outside. The shape of the “root” was very twisty. The middle is empty. There are several round openings on it, which are long and narrow, as if there are several pipes inserted. Each “nozzle” is hung with a small bell, and I don’t know what it is.

The elder put the written wood chips into the long tube one by one, and gathered their eyes.

Don’t look at him looking so thin and almost dead, but his strength is not small, the elder lifted up the “root carving” with little effort, and kept raising his hands above his head, saying something in his mouth, and just danced on the spot. .

Chu Huan watched the old goat dancing in amazement. At first he felt funny. However, slowly, Chu Huan felt that the walnut hanging on his chest seemed to resonate with the other party’s dance steps in a mysterious way. He could not tell. But I can feel it—the elder’s dance steps step by step match the frequency of his heartbeat.

Chu Huan was shocked only when he heard the elder scream.

Yuan Ping carefully reached out to the carving, the venerable snake that had grown into a venomous snake spit out the letter, slowly swam down Ruger’s arm, and drilled straight from the elongated opening in the “root carving” As soon as he entered, the bell was struck, and “jingle” sounded.

What is this custom?

Chu Huan had heard of tortoise shells and Liu Yao-he said in his heart: “Does this Liyi tribe have to use snakes for divination?”

The eyes of several people were all fixed on the “root eagle”, listening to the occasional rustling movement of the snake inside, only the elderly closed their eyes, and there was a vicissitudes of suffering on the thin cheeks, silently Destiny.

After a long time, the second bell rang from the root carving, and the bell tied to a certain port was touched. The elder opened his eyes and saw a snake swimming out of an exit on the root carving, with a mouth holding in his mouth. A piece of wood.

Ruger gently pinched the snake’s head: “Little Green, spit it out.”

But Qingxiu Snake swayed her soft boneless body suddenly and dexterously, broke free of Ruger’s hand, grouped herself into a ball, buried her head in it, and refused to come out.

Ruger was very surprised, but the elder said with a long tone: “Look and not look, it’s the same. What’s going to happen is waiting for you in front. Can you escape if you pretend you don’t know?” An uncivilized stupid snake!”

The little viper didn’t know if he understood it, anyway, the elder said that, he was entangled with himself for a while, and finally slowly raised his head, swam to Chu Huan, opened his mouth to hold the piece of wood in his mouth Spit in front of Chu Huan.

Chu Huan took it and opened it. There was a strange figure engraved on the back of the wood chip, which had the charm of ancient Chinese hieroglyphs. He suspected that this was the true writing of the mountain guards, and turned to the elder to ask, “What is this?”

The elder glanced, did not speak for a moment, and his eyebrows moved.

Ruger explained to the side: “It means” death place’.”

With a word, several people fell silent.

Yuan Ping even forgot his fear of snakes for a while, moved forward slightly, and asked, “Patriarch, what does death mean?”

The elder’s cheek twitched a few times, as if he couldn’t understand why there was such a stupid gatekeeper who couldn’t even understand such straightforward words. He stretched out his crutches and knocked on Yuan Ping’s leg, and said coldly: “What does ‘dead place’ mean? A dead place is a place where no one is buried, a place where people never go back!”

Yuan Ping frowned, glanced at Chu Huan, hesitated to say something.

Chu Huan stretched out his hand to catch the wood chip in his palm and played with it for a moment, and then smiled freely: “It makes sense, isn’t it just dead? Can I keep this sign?”

The elder was looking a little bit worse and asked Chu Huan: “Knowing this result, are you still going?”

Chu Huan laughed and said nothing.

Here, the elder and the gatekeeper Patriarch Lu Ge did not persuade Chu Huan’s position. The only thing he could say a few words was Yuan Ping. However, he and Chu Huan had been fighting for so many years and they knew him too well. Yuan Ping knew that what he said was a waste of his tongue.

He didn’t waste his tongue in the end, but just leaned back heavily, thinking: “This kid is a king and he eats scales, and he is very determined.”

In this way, Chu Huan and his patriarch of the mountain guard are really a natural match. Yuan Ping suddenly felt a little sigh. He didn’t expect Chu Huan to be so generous.

The elder pondered for a moment: “Even if you are going, it is impossible to avoid Nanshan’s eyes and ears.”

Regarding this, Chu Huan had thought about it for a long time. He said: “This is easy to handle. Wouldn’t your mountain gate turn back again? When you hold him back for me, I will be able to stay here.”

The elder blows his beard and stares at him: “Stupid!”

Ruger sighed and explained in a deep voice: “It’s not that simple-do you know why the sacred mountain is called the sacred mountain, and why the mountain gate automatically reverses twice a year?”

Chu Huan had thought about this issue a long time ago.

The living environment here is extremely bad. With Nanshan’s temper, he can’t safely throw the gatekeepers here at a fixed time every year and turn to the other side to live a stable life.

In other words, the mountain gate must have some irresistible constraints for the guardians, just like the guardians cannot leave the settlement too far after crossing the river. This unknown factor will restrict their arrival at that moment. At that time, you must pass the mountain gate.

“Because of’angry’,” the elder said, “when the mountain gate is reversed, our tribe must turn back to the other end of the mountain gate with the mountain gate. Here-this is why only the blood of the guardian can communicate with the holy spring. Our guardian is the bridge connecting life and death, so when the mountain gate is turned upside down, no matter where we are, we will be sent back.”

If the sinking land is likened to polluted waters, then only this mountain has an opening to other worlds, and there is a steady stream of fresh spring water that flows in.

Chu Huan didn’t know why: “What does it have to do with me?”

The elder’s eagle-claw-like skinny hands clasped Chu Huan’s shoulders and stared at him sharply: “Boy, you haven’t shown any signs of’freezing’ until now. Tae took a bite and drank two more mouthfuls of blood. Is it that simple? If I guess right, no matter what form you take, there must be the blood of the guardian.”

Speaking of which, Chu Huan didn’t have a word, but Yuan Ping first called out: “It’s even more impossible, right? I watched him grow up like this, and his ID still says the nationality “Han”. “

After he finished yelling, he found that Chu Huan was thoughtful and didn’t talk.

Yuan Ping was stunned. He looked at this, then at that, and asked with some uncertainty: “No… it’s not true, right?”

“I really don’t know this,” Chu Huan explained in a low voice. “Actually, I’m not born of Chu Patriotic.”

“But you either have very little blood from the guardian, or something else happened.” The elder said, and he looked at Chu Huan critically.

Chu Huan’s physical quality is far worse than that of the mountain guard. Not only is it reflected in the speed of wound healing, it can be seen with the naked eye-although he thinks that he has a good figure, he is far less strong and full of vitality than the mountain guard.

The most important thing is that the side of his mountain gate does not seem to be bound by any boundary.

Elder: “When the time comes, do you know if you will be forcibly sent away by the mountain gate?”

Chu Huan was silent.

The elder thought for a while, and said: “What’s more, if you are going to fall to the ground, I plan to change your blood. Nanshan has always been partial to you anyway, and I will definitely not disagree.”

After he finished speaking, he glanced at Lu Ge: “Patriarch Lu Ge, do you have no opinion?”

Of course Ruger had no objection. The three of them looked at Chu Huan with six eyes.

Just as Chu Huan wanted to speak, suddenly an unreasonable thought came into his heart–no.

why not?

Chu Huan paused, feeling and reasoning, he couldn’t think of any reason for rejection, so he could only conclude that this was definitely not his own idea.

Chu Huan did not answer, but lowered his head to hold the small walnut hanging on his chest. I don’t know if it was his illusion, he felt that the walnut was warming again.

Chu Huan: “No…”

The elder was taken aback, but he didn’t expect Chu Huan to look like a dog, and there was a pit in his head!

Even Ruger raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Chu Huan picked the walnuts and threw them to the elders: “This is what your holy thing says-elders, what is this thing you gave me?”

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