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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 54

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Chapter 54

On this day, Chu Huan had some conversations with the elders and Ruger. Instead of seeing the clouds, the two sides became more foggy.

Especially when Chu Huan mentioned that “walnuts” are conscious, the fragile and elderly people were obviously frightened.

As one of the two great holy artifacts of the guardians of the mountain, the “Holy Fire” has been circulated for many generations in the hands of the clansmen from generation to generation. But then again, the identity of this sacred flame is so extraordinary, but it has been silent for so many years. Apart from being unable to burn and absorbing fire, it has not shown any difference from ordinary walnuts, so it seems that there is a little own consciousness. Reasonable.

The elder swayed between the two conclusions of “There is something wrong with Chu Huan” and “There is something wrong with the holy fire”. In the end, he was still uncertain and walked away. Chu Huan quickly called him: “Wait for the elder! In the future, can I ask you the guardian’s writing when I have time?”

The elder waved at him from a distance, leaving him a mentally exhausted back.

For the time being, the topic of exchange blood will not stop.

What exactly is this “walnut”? What’s the use?

Where did Chu Huan himself get picked up by Chu Aiguo?

And how can he slip and fall to the ground without letting Nanshan interfere?

This became the three unsolved puzzles entangled in Chu Huan’s heart. The first one seemed to be unknown to anyone at all, and the second insider had done it.

The third……

If the gate of the mountain is reversed and the entire settlement of the mountain guards is transferred back to another world, Chu Huan can’t stay, then all his previous plans will be invalidated, and his action time may have to be early this winter.

In fact, if possible, Chu Huan didn’t want to hide from Nanshan. Whoever does something for the person he loves, he actually wants the other person to know, even if he is embarrassed to say at the time, he hopes that he can pass through other people or other channels afterwards. , I found this silent pay.

But everything is imminent, Nanshan will spare no effort to obstruct, Chu Huan can only hide it.

He only felt that he was in a mist, groping for a narrow thoroughfare.

The future is slim. For Chu Huan, the only thing that can be more certain is that the weight of the snake is a straight-line rise.

The little poisonous snake has grown into a big poisonous snake with fat head and big ears, but its intelligence has not kept up with the body. It has already forgotten the old and new hatreds with Chu Huan. Now seeing him come back, he leaned forward without any complaints. Stick to him and act like a baby.

So every day when it’s dark, Chu Huan would be woken up by the thicker and thicker snakes. He scolded and got up, took a basin of mountain water, and poured himself into a shining heart. Waking up, during the period, he would fight for 300 rounds with the “Little Green” who tried unswervingly to wrap his neck.

This fat man didn’t have the coldness and restraint that a poisonous snake should have. Chu Huan felt that he was about to fall out of cervical spondylosis by it.

Therefore, Chu Huan upholds the good tradition of “being happy alone is not as good as others”. After he gets up, he will bring the big-waisted viper “Little Green” to Yuan Ping, so that Yuan Ping can open his eyes every day. At that time, I was bathed in the friendly bright red snake letter of the big snake.

In this way, Chu Huan would be angrily hunted down by Yuan Ping for more than an hour as he wished, and had a fruitful morning training in the mountains and forests.

When Yuan Ping was about to guard the gate of the mountain angrily, Chu Huan climbed to the place where the mountain guards lived on the top of the mountain and asked the elders to learn to write.

The elder’s residence was simple and without teaching equipment. He only gave him a long strip of slate. Chu Huan could only curl up two long legs aggrieved, half kneeling and half sitting on the ground, rote memorization. The celestial script of the guardian of the earth sciences has been completely reduced from a support teacher to a student who was physically punished.

The old goat elder said to Chu Huan at the beginning: “Slumping to the ground is a place of death. The Nanshan patriarch will not let you go, but instead of discouraging you, we will help you hide from him. This is actually using you. do you know?”

Chu Huan: “Stop talking nonsense, teach it quickly.”

The elder found a nail that was half a foot long and put a nail on a dozen of old sheepskins every day. The nails were nailed from head to tail, and the nails were pierced to a thickness of a dozen. How many pierced, Chu Huan had to memorize it that day How many.

Among them, the daily language spoken by the guardians is only a small part, and most of them are the sacrificial and various ritual language that Chu Huan has never heard of. In case of a wrong reading, the old goat will be empty and empty. Chu Huan is now a big one, and he is suddenly regarded as a student in the old society wearing open crotch pants. Of course, he can’t bear this kind of self-respectful stick teaching.

Just when he was about to abandon the ethics of respecting the old and loving the young and screaming, the old goat didn’t blow his beard or stared, but slowly chewed on the licorice that he didn’t know where to pull, and said in a weird way: ” Alas, outsiders are outsiders, and I vowed to say anything for our patriarch—all with a nice mouth.”

Chu Huan immediately lost his anger, and sat back aggrievedly, and continued his unreliable foreign language learning with humiliation.

In this way, for a day or two, he was too busy to show his face for a few days. Of course, Nanshan would have doubts. He sent a few clansmen to watch Chu Huan’s tips, but unfortunately, with Chu Huan’s state, he was with Yuan Ping. Gradually recovering from the discussion, they gradually chased them away without even following the person.

One day when Chu Huan was tutoring a foreign language at the elder’s home, he happened to meet Nanshan to discuss something with the elder. The elder hurriedly stuffed Chu Huan into the wood room in the backyard.

Chu Huan wore dry wood and straw, and listened nervously to the movement next door with his ears erected. Afterwards, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that there was something wrong with this matter-this was the rhythm of being caught!

In the courtyard separated from him by the wall, Nanshan explained the business to the elder in a few words. When he was about to leave, he finally couldn’t help but said: “Elder, has Chu Huan been to you recently?”

The elder opened his eyes and said nonsense, and said with confidence, “Come to me? What is the little white face from the other side of the river doing to me? Are you looking for scolding?”

Nanshan thought for a moment, didn’t say anything, and nodded to leave. At this moment, he inadvertently lowered his head and glanced at one of the wooden tables, and his movements suddenly stopped.

On the corners of the wooden table with four legs of different heights, there were a pile of dense small holes, deep and shallow, made by long nails.

Nanshan raised his eyes calmly and glanced at the elder. The old goat’s face tensed quickly, his eyelids were lowered, and his mouth began to babble.

Nanshan reached out and touched the nail hole: “Is the elder teaching which child to study recently?”

Chu Huan, who has ears on the wall, felt tight-the way of teaching feelings with nails and nails is an old tradition! This idiot old goat.

The elder pretended to be stupid: “Uh…huh? Well, that girl from Huaguduo comes over occasionally.”

Nanshan’s eyes fell and stared at the elder silently for a few minutes. He has been a patriarch for a long time. He is not the little boy who was taught by the elder hand by hand. His eyes seemed to weigh, and the elder was almost unable to lift his head, so he had to stiffen his slender neck. The scalp faced Nanshan’s look.

After a difficult silence, Nanshan’s eyebrows trembled slightly, and the tone was very thought-provoking: “Oh, please take care of the elderly, but she is still young, so let’s teach more slowly, don’t make her too tight.”

The elder was speechless and had to laugh.

After finally sending Nanshan away, the elder probably broke into the firewood room to relieve the pressure, holding a board and slashing Chu Huan with his head and face: “You don’t know how to block a stone, waste…”

Before he finished the curse, Chu Huan held him down and caught him under his arm in a rebellious manner.

Chu Huan firmly covered the mouth of the old goat and pressed him to the corner of the wall.

Sure enough, after a while, Nanshan’s voice came from outside: “By the way, elder, I just forgot one thing.”

The elder was covered with white hair and sweat, and then he felt that he held his hand lightly, and then turned his head, Chu Huan’s figure turned over from the wall on his side, like a swallow, and disappeared in a blink of an eye. Mi… This person is clever, really a good hand to escape.

The elder straightened his belly and opened the door to Nanshan in a dogmatic manner. He patiently asked, “What else is the patriarch?”

Nanshan involuntarily let him break into the yard directly, his eyes swept across the elder’s site, wishing he could not even let the cobwebs in the corner, he turned his head and smiled at the elder gently: “That’s right. , I heard you just now, did some kid sneak in and make trouble?”

Senior citizens:”……”

Since the people sent out couldn’t keep an eye on Chu Huan, the next day, Nanshan finally spared a day and went to battle in person. He was not so easy to deal with, so Chu Huan had to fight him guerrilla.

Nanshan is a ground snake who is familiar with the terrain. Chu Huan’s concealment and anti-tracking skills have been professionally trained, and the two of them should be considered half-hearted, taking into account factors such as the right time and place. Chu Huan didn’t feel that he had thrown away Nanshan’s sight until the sun was about to go down. .

Chu Huan was relieved, planning to make a detour to the elder, only to find that he had accidentally walked into the small woods where he often hid when he first arrived in Liyi Clan.

Suddenly, Chu Huan heard a “puff” and “puff” impact. At first, the frequency was very high, and it was close to hacking. Later, it may have lost his strength and the sound became more and more chaotic.

Chu Huan stopped for a while, didn’t want to bother him. He was about to go back the same way. Just as he was about to leave, he heard a “choking” sound, which seemed to be a metal thing falling on the ground, and then a faint cry came from the rustle The leaves came out.

Is a kid?

It was already late, even if the gatekeeper was tightly guarded and there were no monsters on the top of the mountain, there was still a beast haunting him. Chu Huan hesitated for a moment, then turned around and pushed aside the dense forest, and walked in following the sound.

He saw the little bald head.

There is an iron rod lying under the feet of the little bald head. The tip of the iron rod has a sharp thorn, and it is shining with a faint cold light. Whether it is length, weight or lethality, this thing is obviously not made for this kind of meatball-like little peas… …Should be an adult man’s weapon.

The little bald head’s little paws were red and swollen. He sat on the ground embarrassedly, crying a few times, enduring a moment, and crying again when he couldn’t help it.

The wooden stakes standing next to them are covered with the marks of iron rods, which are random and disorderly.

Even though he was a mountain guard, the little bald head was still a little thing not as big as a bean. He didn’t have much effort. The marks made by holding up the adult’s sharp weapon and poking hard on the stake were not as deep as the old man’s nail.

Chu Huan walked out from behind the tree: “…Ankaraye.”

The degree of annoyance of this kid is in the same line as his father bear. Every time Chu Huan saw him, he would do everything possible to detour, but he didn’t know when–perhaps his wicked language learning played a role, Chu Huan blurted out. The old name of the little bald head.

The little bald head stared at him blankly for a moment, then lowered his head and rubbed his eyes vigorously—how long did it take for the little viper to grow into a big poisonous snake, and the crying bear kid actually learned to pretend that he didn’t cry.

But his pretense didn’t last long. The little bald head pretended to be more aggrieved. Finally, he finally gave up on himself, got up from the ground, sobbed and threw himself at Chu Huan.

Little bald head: “Abba!”

Chu Huan caught him, picked up the little bald head, and sighed, despite the little boy crying on his shoulder, his nose and tears wiped him all over.

The little bald head let go of his throat and started to startle the birds in the forest. This movement finally attracted Nanshan who had been thrown away by Chu Huan.

Nanshan saw from a distance, he stopped in his footsteps, but did not step forward. Instead, Chu Huan keenly heard the footsteps. He glanced back at him, his eyes collided, and Nan Shan’s heart beat hard.

Afterwards, he saw Chu Huan walking towards him.

The little bald head didn’t know how long he had been crying, he had already cried so softly, Chu Huan stuffed him into Nanshan’s hand and walked straight over.

When the two passed by, Nanshan suddenly said cruelly: “No matter what you want to do, I won’t remember or appreciate you, don’t waste your effort.”

Nanshan didn’t know that he still had a few years to live well. In the short term, perhaps in the Ming Dynasty today, the length must be no more than two or three years. Therefore, he played a little trick-just by reason, there is nothing wrong with this sentence. What can the dead remember and thank you for?

Chu Huan paused, looked at him with his head tilted, but did not respond, just smiled.

It was a kind of insightful smile with pampering and conniving, as if he knew everything and planned everything.

Nanshan panicked at the time: “Chu Huan!”

Chu Huan responded with a good temper: “Huh?”

“What are you doing recently? Have you been to an elderly person? What are you going to do?” At the end of the speech, Nanshan tone almost became severe, and he was forced to ask him sentence by sentence.

Chu Huan turned his gaze, suddenly raised two fingers, and flicked a kiss to Nanshan frivolously. Then he flashed into the woods like a ghost. When Nanshan carried a small bald head in his hand, he chased him. Even Chu Huan’s Mao couldn’t be found.

Chu Huan didn’t return to his residence because he was afraid that Nanshan would wait at the gate of his house at night, so he went down the mountain to the mountain gate and planned to find a random place in the gatekeeper’s empty house. When he came to the small house cluster behind the mountain gate, he saw Yuan Ping painting strange patterns on a mountain wall.

Thanks to the teaching effect of the elders, Chu Huan recognized it as a calendar after a moment.

The gatekeeper also has the year, month and day, but through the elder’s explanation, Chu Huan has already figured out that the time on both sides of the gate is different. From the perspective of the river, the world where the gatekeeper turns to this side may only have one season. However, the guardian who turned around actually stayed here for a long time. Judging from the number of days Yuan Ping painted, there were at least more than 300 days, which is close to a whole year.

Yuan Ping didn’t lift his head, “What are you doing here?”

Chu Huan silently found a place next to him, sat on the ground, and watched Yuan Ping mark the days that have passed one by one like a countdown. At the end of the calendar, Yuan Ping drew an end symbol with black dye.

In their text, the two words “end” and “death” are very similar, and beginners have to work hard to distinguish the nuances. At first glance, this calendar is almost like a countdown to death.

Chu Huan suddenly remembered the corpses he had seen all over the mountains when he first arrived here. There are so many mountain guards who can fight side by side with them. What about when the mountain gate turns upside down again?

The fall is so close, all monsters are trying to occupy this mountain gate, get the holy spring and the vitality from another world, the guardian as the carrier that penetrates the two worlds, when they are forced to leave again, the gatekeeper will face what?

Chu Huan stared at the “end” at the end of the calendar. For a long time, he suddenly said, “I plan to leave in these two days.”

Yuan Ping gave a quick hand: “What did you say?”

Chu Huan didn’t answer, Yuan Ping turned his head to look at him suddenly: “I thought you would at least go back and get a few guns…”

Chu Huan interrupted him: “I will go back, at least until the mountain gate turns again before I can come back. Are you still alive then?”

Yuan Ping was taken aback, and after a while, he said: “The gatekeeper can be regenerated by the blood of the mountain man, so I…it’s equivalent to regaining alive.”

“Dead can’t come back to life. The reborn people may have the shadow of the past through the memory of the guardian, but that is different.” Chu Huan smiled bitterly, “At least your former patriarch is not as easy to talk as now.”

Yuan Ping remained silent for a long time, and then suddenly he turned his face in a rare face: “The life of the gatekeeper is not the same as the life of a person in the usual sense. Of course, we can’t look at our death in the same way you look at it-Chu Huan , Logically speaking, we are this mountain, but we are transformed into different people through your memory. As long as the mountain does not die, we are immortal…”

Chu Huan: “Don’t talk about that, so you revealed my plan to Nanshan.”

Yuan Ping did not respond, and acquiesced.

Chu Huan looked down at his hand. His hand was scarred, but slender and strong. His palm was not particularly generous among men. However, when he held it, he seemed to be able to pinch all destiny as safe and reliable.

His recovery speed is terrible, and Yuan Ping, who is training with him every morning, felt the brunt. Chu Huan did not look exhausted during the high-intensity spinning, but his reaction and energy had almost returned to his peak state.

“Don’t owe you so much,” Chu Huan said, “I have almost carried the sheepskin of the elder. For other things, the goat face and your water ghost patriarch also had his eyes darkened. I think I should prepare. Everything is ready, almost ready to go.”

Yuan Ping went on fire: “Did you not see the result of the old man’s divination? Dead! You are neither a guardian nor a gatekeeper. You are rushing to find death. Are you sick? Did Nanshan let you go–he won’t interrupt Your legs are strange! Is this the love saint who is in charge, idiot?”

Chu Huan: “You know what a fart is

Yuan Ping listened, dropped the brush, and planned to use his fists to exchange life experiences.

But Chu Huan didn’t seem to see his aggressiveness, sitting still on the spot as if he was in Zen.

“There is such a person who can let you go through the fire for him, it is very lucky.” Chu Huan said, “It makes people feel like they are alive again.”

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