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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 : Whenever there is love, it is bound to be accompanied by jealousy and fear

Yuan Ping stayed for a while, and after a while, he reacted and said with a rather weird expression: “Chu Qingsheng, if you don’t go to the Lord, what’s the point of telling me?”

Chu Huan leaned against the rock behind him and stretched his waist swayingly: “I’m such a serious person, don’t you think it’s almost meaning to say such nasty things to people in person? I just take a hole in the tree. , See you are rounder.”

Yuan Ping: “…”

Can I still have a face?

“Greetings to your patriarch for me, I will stay with you for a few days,” Chu Huan stood up and waved to Yuan Ping without seeing him, “Help me keep it secret, don’t tell others.”

Yuan Ping looked dumbfounded: “Why?”

“Don’t be so cold-blooded,” Chu Huan glanced at him, “has our friendship come to an end?”

Yuan Ping’s expression was incredibly mixed in the wood: “When did we have friendship’? Is it the unity of the people of the world?”

Hearing the words, Chu Huan had a meal, thought about it, and had to resort to a killer trick: “By the way, I’m going to have a good meal before I leave-anyway, the barbecue rack is still there-I plan to invite a few friends together, but there are too many people. It’s quite troublesome to make, so if it’s not a friend, just forget it.”

Yuan Ping was ashamed and angry at such intimidation and temptation: “In your eyes, I am the fucking person who can betray himself for food?”

Chu Huan hypocritically said: “Why then, you are very principled.”

Yuan Ping’s expression wavered back and forth, gradually turning from shame and anger to hard to give up. Finally, when Chu Huan raised his leg to leave, Yuan Ping couldn’t help but call him: “Hold on!”

Chu Huan gave a dry cough very contrived, making his ears listen.

Yuan Ping seemed to be forced into a prostitution, with a face full of reluctance, and said angrily: “We two have known each other since we were young. If you want to decide, then do it.”

“Then if someone asks, just say I’m not here, friend.” Chu Huan raised his chin at him with a smile, and emphasized the last two words.

Yuan Ping had a solid experience of what is meant by “helplessness being coerced by fate.” He gritted his teeth silently before remembering that he had to guard the gate at night, so he picked up his bow and arrow, and walked away full of grief.

Chu Huan was right. Nanshan did arrive at his residence that night, but after waiting for half the night, he didn’t catch anyone, knowing he was the Cunning Rabbit Sanku and ran away.

Nan Shan circled the door of Chu Huan’s residence, thinking about where he could go.

In life, although Chu Huan is very good at making do, but when he doesn’t have to make do, he will not treat himself badly, and he will not spend the night casually in places like forest caves.

The few people in the clan who have frequent contacts with him either have already married a wife or have a mother who is not too old in the family. It is inconvenient. Chu Huan, a single man, would not come to disturb him.

As for the elderly-he would probably ask Chu Huan to sleep in the wood shed.

Considering all the above, Nan Shan had to come to a conclusion awkwardly: Chu Huan had mostly gone to the goalkeeper Yuan Ping.

He suddenly felt top-heavy in his heart, sour as vinegar, burning with jealousy, so he hurried down the mountain, wearing his clothes as cold as water at night.

In the middle of the night, Yuan Ping was replaced by his fellow clan and was about to go back to rest. He was walking and yawning, when he ran into Nanshan, who looked gloomy and caught the traitor.

When Nan Shan saw him, he seemed to take a deep breath without a trace. He obviously used a lot of restraint, and his tone of voice was almost rigid when he spoke. Only then did he barely maintain the usual attitude of the guardian patriarch.

Nanshan: “Brother Yuan Ping, is Chu Huan here with you?”

Yuan Ping thought of the friendship he had imposed a few hours ago and the promise of “Don’t speak out”. He only hesitated for a second before he decided to obey his heart, and then replied, “He said he was not here.”

Nanshan: “…”

This statement is really awesome, and Nan Shan was also taken aback.

Immediately, Nanshan seemed to have heard some kind of signal from what he meant. He stopped and asked Yuan Ping a little tentatively: “You… last time you told me that he has been running to the elders recently. Can you tell me what happened to him? What do you want?”

Yuan Ping sighed: “I just promised that others can’t owe anything, so you can ask — Patriarch Nanshan, I advise you to stop asking. This is embarrassing me. There is a famous saying by the river, “People are invincible if they are cheap.” You can’t beat him.”

Nanshan was silent for a moment: “I didn’t want to fight him, just want to send him back there safely.”

Yuan Ping took off the big bow from his shoulders and held it on the ground, making a gesture of preparing for a long talk: “Patriarch, I heard that you were insisting on falling to the ground for a glimmer of life back then, always looking for the legendary saint. The person recorded in the book, why is it really found by you now, and you want to send him away?”

Nan Shan smiled bitterly: “At that time, I didn’t come to the ground, and I didn’t know him, so I didn’t think too much. In fact, the so-called holy book, no one has seen it, is just a vain sustenance… Even if it is destined, it is also a catastrophe for our clan. Why should he be an unrelated outsider?”

“Yes,” Yuan Ping heard it, nodded with conviction, and pretended to meditate for a while, he said, “Or else, Patriarch, you don’t have to be embarrassed, I’ll give you an idea.”

Even though Nanshan knew that the gatekeeper “can’t spit out ivory from a dog’s mouth” and that there was absolutely nothing serious in his stomach, Nanshan could not help but ask a glimmer of hope: “What?”

Yuan Ping said positively: “I will help you tie him in shortly, and then you will be responsible for picking up his clothes, and you just need to make him an’insider’.”

Nanshan: “…”

What the hell!

How come the abundance on the other side of the river is this kind of stuff?

Nanshan couldn’t believe that he really planned to listen to Yuan Ping’s words seriously. He stretched out his hand and pinched his eyebrows, thinking that he was in a state of confusion and was in a hurry to go to the doctor.

Without a word, he bypassed Yuan Ping and walked to the gatekeeper’s resting place.

“Patriarch,” Yuan Ping stopped him with no joking on his face, “whether it is your elder or our patriarch Luge, they are all hiding from you. Have you thought about the reason?”

A meal at the foot of Nanshan.

Yuan Ping: “I actually don’t believe in any holy books, but we have reached the end of the road, don’t you want to think about your people? Everyone wants to see a trace of luck in Chu Huan, only you insist on sending him go.”

Nanshan was silent.

Yuan Ping continued: “If a person is willing to do everything possible to take risks for you, his feelings for you must be deeper than you think. Are you insisting on resisting, is it for his own good, or another kind of selfishness? You can make him forget Have you?”

Nan Shan raised his head, the mountains were full of clear nights, and the galaxy was extremely clear. His expression changed a little and finally fell lonely. Just when Yuan Ping thought he was going to explain something, Nan Shan suddenly said calmly: “You are right. “

Yuan Ping was startled.

Nanshan sighed and leaned on the rock a few steps away from him: “The Holy Spring should have been passed on to you about my clan’s appointment as the patriarch. In fact, many of our clan are like this. They are closed, stubborn, desperate, and intolerant. A little betrayal, therefore, all sentiment must be accompanied by jealousy and horror. This should not be the case. People on the other side of the river live in such a big world. Everyone is relaxed. Only happiness can be together. If you are unhappy, you will naturally shoot and break. I understand this in my heart, but I can’t do it.”

Yuan Ping could not think of him being so frank. In the hearts of the two clans, Lu Ge was too hostile and unsmiling, making people always fear more than respect, but Nanshan was different. When things happened, he could be a good patriarch who talked about one thing. Usually, he can let a bunch of nasty cubs surround him and play a flute for them with a good temper.

He confessed that he was jealous, worried and fearful in his heart, making Yuan Ping almost at a loss.

“There is something I can’t do for him, and there is something I can’t give him. I will feel powerless and incompetent, and the fear will be deeper. My heart seems to be stuck with needles all the time,” Nanshan said, “He is here because of me. And stuck here…”

Nanshan’s voice was interrupted, he slowly exhaled, and his fingertips couldn’t help trembling. Nanshan pinched his fingers, and the joints “chuckled” for a while, and he closed his eyes slightly, as if silently enduring something After torture, for a long time, only then gave a wry smile: “I shouldn’t be superstitious about the holy book, let alone bring him back, right?”

Yuan Ping said softly: “Patriarch, if you are in a dilemma, you can actually do nothing, let Chu Huan want to do whatever you want, what do you think?”

Nan Shan shook his head without nodding, but just sat in silence for a while, then he stood up and walked back: “Forget it, he should be asleep already, I know he is here, so there is no need to quarrel him.”

“Hey, Chief Nanshan.” Yuan Ping suddenly stopped him.

Nanshan: “Huh?”

“Actually…well, I really shouldn’t have said it,” Yuan Ping scratched his head for a moment, “but…forget it, anyway, I sold Chu Huan so many times, many times this time-he plans to go.”

Nanshan was startled suddenly.

“Go?” His heart jumped wildly, “Where?”

Yuan Ping struggling to glance at him, and whispered: “Slumped.”

Nanshan heard a “crack” at the time, and the string in his mind broke quickly, throwing Yuan Ping aside and rushing in.

His reason and melancholy were lost, and only a bloody storm was left. Nan Shan was about to crush his teeth, and he deliberately caught Chu Huan and strangled him to death, so that he didn’t have to spend so much time and effort to find his own death.

But Nanshan turned the gatekeeper’s residence upside down, but he couldn’t find Chu Huan’s trace.

When he found Yuan Ping again, his whole person was like an enraged lion.

Yuan Ping trembled a little when he saw it. In his impression, the patriarch of the mountain guard was always gentle and mellow, and he had never been so crazy.

Yuan Ping began to wonder if his mouth was really owed.

Nanshan uttered a few words with difficulty: “He is not here.”

“No?” Yuan Ping was stunned, “Uh… Then, he might have expected that I would betray him. Alas, it’s not surprising, really, didn’t I tell you, Chu Huan is cunning and cunning. Yes–or else, Patriarch, you will rest with us first, and wait for tomorrow…”

Nan Shan bit on the tip of his tongue, a bloody scent barely suppressed the anxiety in his chest, and said dryly, “I can’t close my eyes.”

“Don’t worry, what he wants to bring is still ready. It will take a day or two. I won’t act rashly tonight,” Yuan Ping patted Nanshan’s shoulder cautiously. “Wait tomorrow morning-the patriarch, you believe me This time, I promise that he will come out by himself tomorrow morning. It’s a rare trick to play me. If he doesn’t come back immediately and show off his majesty, then Peacock won’t be named Chu!”

At this time, Chu Huan was actually still near the mountain gate—since Yuan Ping’s policy towards him had always been “two-sided and three-knife”, he would sell it when he thought of it. There was no psychological barrier, so Chu Huan had never trusted him. He, Chu Huan ran to the side of the holy spring with a good temperature, and listened to the sound of Lingling’s water and slept with a snake on his pillow.

Chu Huan had a very long dream. He dreamed of a strange middle-aged guardian who walked up to him and stooped down and said something to him. Chu Huandan saw his lips move, but he couldn’t hear anything, and there were noisy whispers like white noise in his ears.

The middle-aged man twisted the small walnut on Chu Huan’s chest, and then stretched out a finger to place a little bit on Chu Huan’s forehead, lips and chest, as if he was afraid that he would not understand, he spoke very slowly What’s wrong, is the Liyi ethnic language.

The man said it three times in a row before Chu Huan had difficulty recognizing his lips. He was saying-“Fire”.


Before Chu Huan had time to think about what it meant, he suddenly felt a pain in his head, his eyes went dark, he opened his eyes in a daze, and found that his “pillow” had run away by himself.

The viper Xiaolu is a biological alarm clock. When it came to a point, he dropped Chu Huan’s head, climbed to the edge of the holy spring, craned his neck and drank water.

Chu Huan rubbed his eyes and sat up, and saw that the snake’s body glowed with a fluorescence that was exactly like that of the holy spring. From a distance, the snake was as translucent and clean as a good chalcedony illuminated by a lamp, moisturizing and not burning the eyes. The scales are all shining. Chu Huan couldn’t help but leaned over and touched the snake with his hand.

Chu Huan: “So you drank this to grow to this age?”

The poisonous snake curled up the tip of its tail comfortably and licked his wrist.

Chu Huan stretched his hand into the holy spring, the water was not cold, as gentle as the human body, gently rolled over his skin, like a mother’s hand.

Chu Huan couldn’t help thinking about it during the early morning low blood pressure: “If I take a bite, can I grow a few centimeters taller?”

But immediately, he restrained his curiosity-who knows whether this pure natural nutrient water promotes vertical growth or horizontal growth?

When the snake was full of water, Chu Huan also packed himself up. He stretched out his arm to let the snake climb up, intending to wake him up for the gold medal sparring practice.

Unexpectedly, Yuan Ping was already sitting at the gate of the mountain waiting for him before he could find him.

Yuan Ping looked at the “leather long python robe” on his body, and asked with a look on his face: “Where did you go last night?”

Chu Huan smiled triumphantly—Yuan Ping wouldn’t go to him if he had nothing to do. There must be someone else who was looking for him. Yuan Ping must have betrayed him without success.

Yuan Ping stood up angrily and pointed his teeth at him with gnashing teeth: “You, let the fat earthworm stay away, let’s go out alone for practice.”

The poisonous snake Xiaolu seemed to understand what he was saying, swaying off Chu Huan, and crawling in the direction of Yuan Ping.

Yuan Ping sullenly kept calm at first. When the snake was less than half a meter away from him, he finally couldn’t bear it. He screamed and threw at Chu Huan. The two of them chased and fled into the mountain forest as usual.

The poisonous snake raised its head in surprise, not knowing what Yuan Ping was so excited about, but it quickly threw this strange gatekeeper aside, shook its head and continued to walk forward, bypassing a stone pillar, and rubbed flatteringly. The trouser legs of the person hiding there slowly bent down and patted the snake’s head.

Chu Huan felt that Yuan Ping seemed to have gone too far this day, and on several occasions he was almost caught by him for being too aggressive.

So angry?

Chu Huan was holding a bow in his hand. The arrow on the bow had no pointed ends, and the bowstring had been pulled apart.

A branch of the tree moved slightly, and Chu Huan had roughly judged the position of Yuan Ping. The corner of his mouth was slightly tilted and he started aiming calmly.

Chu Huan intends to shorten the morning exercise time on this day and “kill” Yuan Ping quickly and decisively. He also wants to go up the mountain to ask the elders and ask if the middle-aged person he dreamed of has any allusions.

All his minds were concentrated on the bowstring and arrow tip, and his breathing was kept to a minimum. At this moment, the tree branches beside him suddenly rang, and Chu Huan’s fingers suddenly loosened. Yuan Ping heard a sound from the front. Painfully, Chu Huan didn’t care, and turned his head vigilantly.

Unexpectedly, with just such a moment of turning his head, his back of the neck was caught off guard.

The angle and strength of this man’s attack were all right. Before losing consciousness, Chu Huan flashed a thought in his heart: “It must be a deliberate plan. The turtle sun surnamed Yuan actually got me off!”

The next moment, the bowstring in his hand fell, and the man fell softly to the other side, and was firmly caught by one of his hands.

Yuan Ping squeezed a pointed arrow and jumped down from the bushes with twists and turns: “Hiss… the bastard who cuts off his sons and grandchildren, he made such a heavy hand-how about it?

Nanshan hugged Chu Huan who had passed out from the tree and nodded at him: “Thank you.”

Yuan Ping glanced at Chu Huan.

The smile at the corner of Chu Huan’s mouth had not had time to completely dissipate.

Yuan Ping remembered that he had just come out of the holy spring. When he first saw this man, he really felt that Chu Huan was like a lonely wild ghost. Right now, this wild ghost didn’t know when he was infected with the freshness. Lively, almost as different as before.

“Oh, no thanks-in fact, he really likes you.” Yuan Ping grabbed his messy long hair and didn’t seem to know what to say. However, he was very emotional. He had to search his stomach for a long time before he did it again awkwardly. Added, “It’s true.”

Nanshan reluctantly smiled preoccupiedly, and gently adjusted Chu Huan’s posture, holding his hands as if holding some treasure, and brought Chu Huan back to the mountain.

When Chu Huan woke up again, he found that he was already in a room.

The windows of this room are clean and tidy, and the familiar patriarch’s scepter hangs on the wall—this is the place where he used to look for drinks and drink, often comes back drunk…but he has not had time to stay overnight.

The residence of Nanshan, the patriarch of the guardian mountain.

Chu Huan moved his hands and feet, and heard a sound of “clap crap”, he looked down and found that his limbs were locked by a few large iron chains protruding from the bedpost.

He was the first genius to establish diplomatic relations with Yuan Ping, and the next day he was betrayed by this sinister, cunning and treachery villain.

Chu Huan was very helpless. Looking at this posture, he must have been sold thoroughly.

He had no choice but to think happily: “Being locked in bed with a big iron chain by the lover, hey, maybe it can be regarded as a kind of winner in life?”

At this moment someone opened the door and came in: “Wake up?”

As soon as Chu Huan raised his eyes, he saw Nanshan, with a sinking face, walking to his bed with a bowl of water.

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