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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 – This Is Only A Lonely Mountain

Nanshan put the water bowl where Chu Huan could reach, and sat down beside him without saying a word. He didn’t seem to know where to start. He didn’t even dare to look at Chu Huan, his eyes fell on the foot of the bed. On the chain, it seems to be in a daze, and it seems to be hesitating.

Because of the inconvenience, Nan Shan tied up the long hair behind his head, revealing a broad and clean forehead. Sometime there was a chiseled mark between his eyebrows, which made him feel a lot haggard.

It is never a problem for the guardian of the mountain to sleep and eat. How could Nanshan suddenly become haggard because of his original personality?

Chu Huan gently shook the iron chain on his foot, wanting to have nothing to say, but felt that this situation shouldn’t be too serious, so he said unscrupulously, “Hey, give me a tune. , I will play with you.”

What’s the use of shame? Anyway, Nanshan can’t understand the language.

Nanshan really didn’t understand the second half sentence, but he really took out the harmonica and played a piece of music that Chu Huan had never heard before.

Chu Huan didn’t care much about the iron chains on his arms and legs. He relaxed his body and closed his eyes to admire. The sweet-scented osmanthus at the entrance of the courtyard had faded, but he still had the illusion of sweet-scented osmanthus.

He was obsessed with Nanshan when he did everything with all his heart and soul. He could hear the real drizzle and breeze from Nanshan’s music, and he always couldn’t recover for a while.

Chu Huan opened his eyes again, as if after a long sleep. The iron chains clinked as he swayed. He turned over, resting his arm on his side. Lie on one side, looked at Nanshan, and then looked at the iron lock that held his wrist.

This thing is a bit crude—Chu Huan thought nonchalantly.

He reached out and touched the inner pocket of his shirt, found out a long thin needle, and shook it in front of Nanshan’s eyes: “Baby, do you know what this is called?”

Nanshan did not answer.

Chu Huan didn’t mind, and told him to himself: “This thing is called’needle’ or’wire’ in others’ hands. In my hand, it has another name, called’Master Key’.”

After speaking, he inserted the needle into the iron lock on his wrist, as if he had just poked it twice, then Chu Huan put his ear on it, twisted it lightly, and heard a “click” sound. Open-Chu Huan moved his wrist, and looked at Nanshan innocently and helplessly. So far, it took no more than twenty seconds in total.

Nanshan: “…”

Chu Huan shook his head, showed off his sneaky skills in front of Nanshan, and said braggingly: “You are better than the garage door where my dad parked his motorcycle when he was a child.”

Nanshan stood up suddenly, grabbed Chu Huan’s ankle, and dragged him over.

Chu Huan was caught off guard by him, and his back wrinkled the sheets. He was so struggling, a strange light suddenly appeared in his eyes, and he said with a delighted expression: “Are you trying to insult me? Okay, come on. , Ravage it at will, but according to your custom, do you have to be responsible after the ravaged? Then… uh!”

Nanshan’s hand was like an iron claw and grabbed Chu Huan’s leg. I don’t know what technique he used. Chu Huan only felt that his leg was numb, as if an unknown hemp was picked out alive. Don’t mention the soreness and itching, and then there was a sharp pain, and he was cold and sweaty.

No, it doesn’t seem to bind love, it’s an upright preparation to break his leg!

Chu Huan made a decisive scream and screamed extremely realistically.

Nanshan seemed to be stung by his cry, his eyelids twitched fiercely, and then he found that Chu Huan’s whole body was shaking violently, and he said intermittently: “Then, that leg can’t be broken, fucking… …Let go, my leg was injured, it’s really useless to do it again…”

Nanshan had never touched a single hair of him, and even thought about it, Chu Huan’s trembling and speechless appearance suddenly seemed to punch him in the chest, and the movement of his hand was loose at that time.

When Chu Huan saw that this trick worked, he immediately got worse. He shrank himself into a ball, buried his face in the sheets, humming like a mosquito, calling Nanshan’s name: “Nanshan… Nanshan, it hurts…”

Nanshan was originally a heart that had been so cruel, and was entangled in this way, no matter what.

He finally sighed, let go of Chu Huan’s leg, rubbed gently, and asked in a low voice, “When was the injury?”

Chu Huan breathed like a gossamer: “When I first saw you, I was hurt.”

Nanshan: “…”

Hearing that the other end hadn’t moved for a long while, Chu Huan couldn’t help taking a peek.

I saw the blue veins on the forehead of Nanshan looming for a moment, and finally squeezed out a sentence: “…I remember not this leg.”

Chu Huan said “Oh,” he pulled his leg back very quickly, wiped his face like nothing, and smirked at Nanshan: “Really? Excuse me, it may be that I remembered wrong just now. “

As Chu Huan turned over and sat up, he didn’t see any movement. The tiny steel needle disappeared between his fingers, as if it was a magic trick. Nan Shan didn’t even notice when he had already broken his hands free.

Without seeing it, Chu Huan leaned against the head of the bed, reached out to take the bowl of water that Nanshan set aside, and moistened his throat with two sips.

He rubbed his hands, as if he was brewing some kind of wording. After a while, Chu Huan suddenly became serious: “I didn’t tell you what happened before I saw you, right?”

Nan Shan turned his gaze to the foot of the bed again, as if he could see a flower there, making a gesture of refusing to communicate, but Chu Huan knew he was listening. If he didn’t want to listen, he would have raised his leg and left.

So Chu Huan went on to say: “In addition to two penetrating injuries on my body, there were numerous bruises. The joints on my feet were detached, and they were closed by myself. When you saw them, they probably hadn’t had time to completely relieve the swelling. .”

Nanshan had done a very strong psychological construction, and he made up his mind not to listen to Chu Huan’s nonsense, but he did not expect that with just a few words, his mind was attracted to the past uncontrollably, and he cast aside. He was not strong in will, and on the one hand, he couldn’t help thinking back with Chu Huan’s words-he was right, and it was true at the time.

“That all fell.” Chu Huan said.

Nanhan’s gaze has already turned to him unconsciously.

Chu Huan: “Surely you can see where you fell from?”

Nanshan hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded, and said, “It’s like on a cliff.”

Chu Huan lowered his voice a little, as if with a distant bewilderment: “Why did I… fall off the cliff?”

So far, every word of his meal touched Nan Shan’s mind, Nanshan caring was confused, his eyes fixed on Chu Huan closely.

“I jumped down by myself.” Chu Huan leaned on the head of the bed with one hand casually placed on his erect knee. He lowered his gaze and put his eyes very empty, his expression looked a little stupid, after a moment. Chu Huan seemed to repeat it again unconsciously, “I jumped down by myself.”

Nanshan immediately moved and asked in disbelief: “Why?”

Chu Huan didn’t answer, but he paused for a while and then said: “Before I go, I gave my father and a cat I raised to the end, and cleaned up my own things-burn it, throw it away Finally, I sold the house, wrote a suicide note, and found a place suitable for death hunting all over the world.”

Nanshan clenched his fists.

“I went to a lot of places. I took a plane, a train, a subway, three rounds… Finally, I chose the hillside—it’s about seven or eight hours’ drive from the county town on your border. You must have never been to— I think the scenery is beautiful and uninhabited, so it’s especially suitable for cliff jumping, so I just jumped.”

Nanshan held his breath unconsciously.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know what my life is like. I didn’t even die. I think that although the place looks beautiful, the feng shui is not good. There happened to be a bus passing by, so I took a ride away, hoping to find another place to hunt for death. Good place, I didn’t expect to run into you.”

When Chu Huan said this, his speech paused, a fleeting smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and his eyes slowly turned to Nanshan.

“You took me away.” Chu Huan said, “You were the one who made me live to this day.”

Nanshan hung in his chest and abdomen in one breath, his chest pained.

Chu Huan slowly climbed up and approached him, his eyes looked very deep in the backlight, like two dots of thick ink of different shades, there are endless levels in them, making people indistinguishable anyway.

He stared directly at Nanshan, then stretched out his hand to break Nanshan’s chin, and asked in a whisper, “Are you going to drive me away?”

Nanshan’s lips trembled slightly, and he couldn’t speak.

Chu Huan’s lips brushed his earlobe and cheek, and his voice seemed to be absent, and seemed to be broken: “Are you going to… drive me away?”

Nanshan finally couldn’t bear it, and dragged him over and pressed him in his arms. The iron chain slammed on the foot of the bed with a “bang”, clasping the back of his head, searching for his lips in anxious and painful way, and kissing him awkwardly.

It was like opening the gate, rushing away those taboos and Yin Ren, and it was out of control.

After a long time, the two people separated. Chu Huan stretched out a finger between Nanshan’s lips, and said very seriously: “Is there any rule in your clan that you are responsible for kissing casually?”

Before Nan Shan recovered from his emotions, he pressed his hand and asked eagerly: “Why don’t you want to live anymore?”

“Because…” Chu Huan looked at him deeply, “Because I am teasing you.”

Nanshan: “…”

Chu Huan finally couldn’t pretend anymore. He already pried the chains on his feet at some point, rolled aside neatly, and laughed: “Oh, I can’t do it anymore, how can you even believe this? If you really don’t want to live anymore, it’s more environmentally friendly to hang on a rope in your own home, and what if you run so far and jump around and hit someone?

At that moment, all the pity and love was completely gone, Nan Shan really only wanted to take his skin off.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Didn’t you say that you would not lie to me?”

“I’m talking about things in principle that won’t lie to you.” Chu Huan jumped off the bed and moved his ankles. “This kind of trivial matter, I just say it casually, don’t take it seriously.”

Nanshan “teng” stood up, completely blackened.

Before Chu Huan had time to jump, he felt that he was suddenly imprisoned by a blast of air. There seemed to be an invisible wall around him, and he couldn’t get out no matter what.

Then, the air flow slammed him back, Chu Huan’s back was pressed tightly against the wall, as if an invisible hand was pinching his neck, forcing him to raise his head strongly.

Chu Huan: “…”

It’s over, he forgot to have a special ability, he suddenly felt like he had done a big death just now.

Nan Shan held up the half bowl of water he had just drunk expressionlessly, and put some unknown medicinal powder in Chu Huan’s face.

Chu Huan smiled reluctantly, still stubborn when he died: “Aphrodisiac can…er…”

This time, the neck was so tight that Nanshan wouldn’t let him say a word.

Nan Shan looked at him coldly: “Since you can be honest only when you are asleep, sleep a little longer.”

Chu Huan had no doubt that Nan Shan was planning to pour the unknown potion directly into his throat. This time there seemed to be no room for turning back. His calmness came to an end, and he struggled hard.

It’s a pity that he can shake a tangible hand, but he can’t win against a silent opponent. Nan Shan has already handed the water bowl to his mouth without any explanation.

This kind of family violence that relies on special functions is not conducive to social harmony!

Chu Huan wanted to shut up, but Nan Shan had already forcibly pinched his chin. At this moment, a cry of extreme horror came from outside the courtyard: “Patriarch! Patriarch!”

Nanshan was distracted, and Chu Huan immediately found an opportunity to break free from the shackles of his neck, lowered his head vigorously and started coughing.

The person here was Xiaofang. Xiaofang seemed to be unable to see Nanshan’s ugly face. He broke into the patriarch’s yard without any rules, and shouted into the patriarch’s yard breathlessly, “Monster…the monster surrounded the gate. Patriarch, go take a look!”

Nanshan couldn’t take care of Chu Huan, and pushed open the door: “What did you say?”

I saw Xiaofang’s half-length hair sticking to her face and neck in strands, running up from the mountain gate in one breath, almost a little unstable under her feet, staggering to the left and right: “The mountain gate… Patriarch, there are Mutai, sound beasts, and eye-eaters… They are all crazy, they are all going up the mountain, Patriarch Luge has summoned all the gatekeeper brothers, go and see!”

Nanshan: “The young and wounded stay on the mountain. Everyone will bring their weapons and follow me. Come on!”

The air current squeezing him on Chu Huan disappeared. The situation was urgent now, and the two of them no longer had the energy to break their differences.

Chu Huan raised his hand and took off the longbow hanging on the wall of Nanshan, and threw it on his back. Then he remembered something, and he pulled down the patriarch’s scepter and threw it into Nanshan’s hand: “Catch it.”

I don’t know if it was his illusion, Chu Huan felt that the scepter seemed a little shorter.

The mountain guard was well-trained, and the patriarch gave an order, and the assembly was completed within a few minutes. The little bald head suddenly ran out, holding the iron rod higher than others, and was about to emerge from the group of cubs. Grasped by an adult, he threw it back with a grimace.

The sky was already gloomy at some point, looking back at the dense clouds at the top of the mountain, a few rays of sunlight did not bring much light, but when cutting through the dark clouds, the sharpness was as sharp as a sharp weapon.

The elder stood on a high place, raised a hand high, and watched all the mountain guards quickly gather down the mountain. Chu Huan glanced back, only to see that the old man’s face was full of gully, with a sharp sword hanging above his head.

All the animals in the mountains were escaping for their lives. Chu Huan almost ran into a wild deer head-on. He squatted down quickly. The thing panicked and jumped over his head.

The corpses at the mountain gate were already spreading across the field, and the sound of the beast could be heard from a distance. Chu Huan took the cloth head that someone unknown to him and plugged his ears. The effect was better than nothing.

How can I fight this? Can’t see and hear, feel blind?

In addition, how can we determine what is surrounding the mountain this time, and how big is it?


When they get closer, Chu Huan will understand how big this scale is.

The whole ground at the foot of the mountain trembled. When they stood on the checkpoint above the mountain gate, they could feel something like moths bashing into the mountain gate. The dust and gravel on the ancient huge stone gate were rustling. whereabouts.

“Eyes, blindfolded! There are eye-eaters!”

“Blindfolded and fart.” Although Chu Huan said so, his hands were not vague, and he tied the thick cloth strips that someone unknown to him had been put on his eyes.

The earplugs couldn’t cut off the sound, and the sound of the sound beast’s roar was still amazing. He endured the concussion-like vomiting, and focused on judging the surrounding form.

Mutai, sound beasts, eye-eaters, and countless wild animals on the hills in the forest now seem to be swarming up to the gate of the mountain. In just a few days, has the scope of the sinking and swallowing increased again?

If the elder is right, then this mountain is equivalent to the only spring in this world like stagnant water. It stands to reason that it will not be swallowed anyway…

However, when things come, no one can be sure that the world will be so reasonable.

Suddenly, the sharp and penetrating whistle of the gatekeeper pierced Chu Huan’s earplugs. Chu Huan turned his head and slightly removed the blindfold. Not far away, Nanshan lighted the patriarch’s scepter. The bones of the people pass each other, like passing fire, lighting the leg bones of the dead gatekeeper, and borrowing the cold light that can penetrate the thick fog from the patriarch’s staff of the mountain guard.

Soon, fluorescence spread all over the gate.

Chu Huan found that even when he put on the blindfold, he could strangely feel the existence of the fireflies.

The blood and bones spread, the ancestors on this mountain gate seem to be endless, all those who died in this way returned to the mountain gate in this way, and were with the mountain soul.

Embarrassed on all sides, this is a lonely mountain, and the negative corner is stubbornly resisting.

There was another gatekeeper’s long whistle, and Chu Huan miraculously understood the meaning of the whistle at that moment-kill them all!

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