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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 The Mountain Gate… The Mountain Gate is about to be closed

The most terrifying thing at this time is chaos, but the most beneficial thing is also chaos.

The mountain gate is full of Mutai, who is rolling on the ground with his eyes covered. The flat people are crushed to death by the monsters they raise, and the command horns they depend on for survival are early in the hands of professional noise masters. Already malfunctioning, the black Mutai was completely out of control, running around like a pile of headless cockroaches.

The sound beast and the eye-eater began to scratch each other. The sound beast was blinded by the eye-eater, and barked in pain. Because it was really painful, the wailing was also very sincere. Although the eye-eater was thick, the eardrums were not inlaid. The armor was swept desperately by waves of sound waves, and the muddy brain became even more dizzy and began to spin around in place.

There are also countless wild animals, large and small, rolling around under the gate, as if collectively infected with rabies, no matter what obstacles they encounter, they all have their claws on their teeth.

In this way, compared with that time when the flat-panel led a large number of Mutai encircling the mountain, this group of enemies, although their individual combat capabilities were against the sky, seemed rather unorganized and undisciplined.

Before reaching the gate of the mountain, they had already pinched themselves.

But after all, the environment here is dangerous and the situation is complicated. Although the monsters have serious internal friction, they share the same weird goal-to rush up the mountain to die.

They smashed into the mountain gate like a single tree.

Once the instinct of any creature erupts, its combat power is unparalleled.

Ru Ge, the head of the gatekeeper, fights for three hundred and sixty-five days a year, three hundred and sixty days a year. He has very rich experience. In addition to the great momentum of the guards helping the fists, they quickly prepared several batches of huge stones, The mountain gate full of fluorescent bones smashed down in waves.

For a time, the clamor was everywhere, and the strong smell of blood choked people almost unable to breathe. Despite this, those monsters and wild beasts continued to falter and fear death.

Waves of monsters climbed to the gate and were hacked away by people with their bare hands. But how can they be killed cleanly?

There is a wave of unrest at the moment, one wave after another.

The manpower is exhausted, and for several hours, even if he swings an empty knife, his hand is about to break.

At sunset that day, the largest Boeing beast arrived at the gate of the mountain.

The eye-eater was slightly inferior in speed, and the two monsters gradually separated their levels in each other’s pinch. The sound beast quickly threw the eye-eater down and began to attack the mountain gate.

The big reptiles of snakes, lizards and lizards roared to shake the sky, and the long-distance earplugs were still useful. In the face-to-face situation, the sonic attack could not be resisted, and it swept the surrounding area in an instant.

A flat man was hit and killed by his crazy Mutai mount on the wall. When Chu Huan was blindfolded, his palm inadvertently fumbled over the rock, and he immediately scratched his brain.

But he no longer cares about cleanliness.

The taste of multiple sound beasts in close surround sound is not something he can bear with a crispy dog. After not long, Chu Huan has the illusion that he has just suffered a car accident. His head hurts sharply and his sense of balance suffers. At the same level of damage, hearing is severely degraded, and the whole person is obviously unable to keep up with the rhythm no matter intuition or reaction speed.

Chu Huan suspected that if he continued like this, he would eventually evolve from a mortal womb into a superman Xiaoqiang who could not be beaten and beaten under the temper of various extreme environments.

The last time a few of them escaped from the monster’s encirclement, they were almost dead in nine deaths. This time the mission objective was even more demanding. In the entire mountain, the mountain gate was the only level, so they absolutely could not retreat. Regain, they will face an unimaginable desperation then.

After Chu Huan realized this problem, he suddenly pulled down his blindfold–since he was a Jedi, he would only be desperate. Take care of any protective tools like before. Time is useless. They have no backup. Right now they can only live and die with the enemy – and how strong people can survive these rough-skinned monsters?

A leading sound beast was astonishingly huge, almost the size of a Tyrannosaurus rex. The moment Chu Huan took off his blindfold, it was already less than ten steps away from Chu Huan, and bit a gatekeeper. Live, hold it high.

The cloth earplugs in one of Chu Huan’s ears were soaked with his own blood and stuck inside, and he was almost deaf to the surrounding sounds, but he still felt that he heard the sound of “creaking”—that’s good. The teeth chewed up the bones.

The gatekeeper must be completely dead, his face covered in smoke and blood, and he can’t see what it looks like. The long knife in his hand fell to the ground, smashing a piece of floating soil, almost blinding Chu Huan’s eyes.

Except for Yuan Ping, Chu Huan didn’t have close contacts with the gatekeepers. He himself didn’t like to get in the crowd, and he always felt that the “mountain spirits” who climbed out of these holy springs were the same as their leaders. cold.

There were not many gatekeepers he could recognize, but at this time, he recognized the knife that had fallen to the ground.

There was a small mark-like arc on the handle of the knife, which he had seen–it was held by the guy who helped him lead the way and fetch water on the day Nanshan was injured.

Chu Huan hadn’t had time to find out what his name was.

Chu Huan leaned over and picked up the long knife. The blade was too heavy to take advantage of it, so he had to hold it with his hands. A Mutai, who was so mad by the roar of the sound beast, just jumped behind him, and Chu Huan suddenly turned sideways. , The hilt of the knife was revolving heavily, and the “mad dog” was slashed out. Then he stepped on a huge rock in front of him, took off in three steps, and the landing place was all accurate. Finally, his toe stepped on one. A big branch with a knotted root jumped down.

The blade slashed to the root of the big sound beast’s teeth, Chu Huan’s arms pressed hard, and there was a sour rubbing sound between the cold iron and steel teeth. There was a person in the beast’s mouth, and his teeth couldn’t close together. Chu Huan broke open a seam, only this one was loose, Chu Huan sent in the blade nearly one and a half meters long without mercy, and immediately opened the mouth of the sound beast, and blood spurted three or four meters high. , Shrouded the surrounding area in this fishy rain of blood.

The steel knife shook so much that Chu Huan could no longer hold the handle of the knife, and his luck seemed to be not so good. When the sound beast fell to the ground along with the crashing sound beast, his head hit a stone. For a few seconds, his eyes went dark and he almost lost consciousness.

A hiding flatman approached quietly, with a pair of sinister eyes open, and tiptoeing to touch the short knife on Chu Huan’s waist. At this moment, a long shadow enveloped him, firmly and ruthlessly. The ground bitten the throat of the flat man, the snake venom saw the blood seal his throat, and the moment the big snake let go, the flat man who tried to fish in troubled water was almost dead.

Ruger wiped the blood on his hand, raised his hand and touched the snake’s head, glanced at Chu Huan with some complicated eyes, and solved a few Mutai for him.

Chu Huan was rubbed against the cold body of the poisonous snake, and he had slowed down. He was slightly conscious, but he didn’t have time to see who was next to him.

Top-heavy to get up with the handle of the knife stretched by the other party, and vaguely thanked him.

Ruger snorted from his nose, but Chu Huan’s blocked ears couldn’t hear him clearly.

The little venomous snake that once wore a wooden bird on horseback has finally grown into a semi-big venomous snake. Although it does not have the ability to carry a person on its head like its predecessors, but straight up, it is also half a person tall. The offensive movements seem to be quite bluffing.

Ruger glanced at Chu Huan, stepped forward, leaned over and picked up the head of the Yinmon whose skull was half-lifted by Chu Huan, and slightly raised his chin to indicate.

Chu Huan saw what he was going to do at a glance, and immediately stepped forward to help him catch the sound beast’s long tail.

The strength of the patriarch of the gatekeeper was terrifying. He turned the sound beast over, and carried on one shoulder the long knife hilt that was stuck in the sound beast’s head by Chu Huan, bearing most of the weight of the little Tyrannosaurus. There is one hand left to open the way with a weapon-if he is left outside, he is probably a person who can break the Guinness record with a “hand-drawn van”.

When the others saw it, they immediately followed suit, carrying the giant corpses of the monsters towards the entrance of the mountain gate.

After such a night, the mountain gate was filled with thick corpses.

In the spring, people brought barrels of oil from the top of the mountain and splashed it outside the mountain gate. A few torches were thrown down, and the flames suddenly rose to the sky.

It was not until this time, after a hard day and night, that people could only breathe for a while in the corpses of Chengshan.

Chu Huan leaned against a rock and slid down softly. The blood in his ears had already condensed, and he couldn’t pull it off after pulling twice. His heart said, “You won’t be deaf anymore?”

Chu Huan pulled one side of the cloth head, and when he was about to forcibly tear it, a person suddenly grabbed his wrist. Nan Shan knelt beside him and carefully tore the scattered strips of cloth from the dried blood.

Chu Huan breathed a sigh of relief, because he felt a little noise during the rubbing process—not deaf yet.

Then, a thin air stream poured into his ears, carefully exploring the injured place inside. When he reached the stinging spot, Chu Huan didn’t say a word, but he stirred for a moment. He couldn’t help but tilt his head slightly. After judging the location of the wound, he took out a small bottle of potion from his arms, held the tiny drop of potion with the same gentle airflow, and delivered it to the wound.

Sha De panic, Chu Huan couldn’t help frowning.

Nanshan carefully wiped off the blood on his face. He found that Chu Huan was like this. As long as it hurts, even if it faints, he will inevitably not make a sound.

Nanshan thought about it for a while, and suddenly realized it-Chu Huan must have a very upright and awkward side in his innate character, but probably he felt that he shouldn’t have so much at this age. Rotten hypocritical, so it deliberately pretended to look like no taboo.

Maybe it’s because of what’s missing? Nan Shan thought this way. After a great battle, his anger that Chu Huan ignited a prairie fire disappeared. Seeing Chu Huan leaning on the stone, frowning and closing his eyes, Nanshan’s heart suddenly became too soft.

“Where else is hurt?”

Chu Huan shook his head, slowly slipped down the stone, and hugged Nanshan’s waist sideways, resting on his waist and abdomen, motionless.

Nanshan slowly withdrew his hand, hugged him for a while, quietly savoring this moment of tranquility amidst the roar of monsters and the pile of corpses.

But after a short period of silence, Chu Huan suddenly remembered something. He hurriedly retracted his hand like a corpse, raised it up in a posture of surrender, sat up straight with a wooden face, and coughed: “I’m sorry, I I accidentally rubbed my brain with my hand just now, as if I haven’t washed it yet.”

Nan Shan didn’t know how to reply to this sentence. After a while, he looked down. Although he had got goose bumps, he still said: “…It doesn’t matter, it’s done.”

The two looked at each other for a moment, and finally couldn’t help laughing out exhausted together.

There was a “boom” behind him, and probably another wave of monsters broke through the encirclement of the fire and slammed into the mountain gate.

Xiaofang next to him said to Yuan Ping: “Guess what this is? I guess it’s an eye-eater.”

Yuan Ping: “I bet on the sound beast.”

The two awkward dirty monkeys said, one took a pebble and placed it in front of him, with a serious face looking to gamble.

Xiaofang: “What are you betting on?”

Yuan Ping: “Gamble on a peerless magic weapon.”

Xiaofang said honestly: “I don’t have one, do you have one?”

“…” Yuan Ping thought for a while, “then bet a cage of coconut fragrant fried buns!”

Xiaofang scratched the blood-stained hair: “What is that?”

Yuan Ping sighed, “…Well, if I win, you help me steal Chu Huan’s barbecue rack.”

Chu Huan lazily interjected on the side, “Who, the crispy dog ​​is not deaf yet, besides, you can’t even cook instant noodles. Why do you want a barbecue grill?”

Yuan Ping turned his head: “Go away, talk about your love, don’t spread rumors…Ah!”

I saw the poisonous snake Xiaolu crawling over silently at some point, propping up a triangular head, spitting out a snake letter and looking at Yuan Ping curiously, and almost came to him in an intimate face.

This situation was so horrifying. Yuan Ping’s brain cells were so scared that they stopped work collectively. When he reacted, he had already jumped three feet high under the public, and he was thrown out by the ground. Ge stretched out a pale and bloody hand to stop it before standing still.

Ruger had been at the forefront. One eye was hurt by the eye-eater. The poisonous blood had been discharged at this time, and he was covering the wound with a leaf.

He glanced at Yuan Ping inexplicably, and asked curiously: “Are you afraid of snakes?”

Yuan Ping felt that his family leader’s tone was the same as asking “How could you be afraid of earthworms”. He couldn’t hold back a feeling on his face, and said, “When… of course not afraid!”

Ruger probably found it funny. Although his face was full of blood and tears, he said with a smile, “Really?”

While talking, Xiaolu crawled over without knowing how to understand Yuan Ping’s leg as a big pillar, and climbed up calmly.

Yuan Ping’s face was green at the time, and the whole person became a zombie. Only the legs of his trousers were shaking and trembling, which was obviously panic to the extreme.

The gatekeeper was born in the spirit of mountains and water, and he was born with the consciousness of the mountains. How could the mountains be afraid of the birds and beasts in the mountains?

The gatekeeper who is afraid of snakes is really unprecedented, but Xiaolu quite likes him, spitting letters, and constantly licking on him.

Yuan Ping stalked his neck and looked like a good family woman who was being assaulted, with a bleak look on his face, making the circle of gatekeepers and mountainkeepers amused.

Chu Huan commented harshly: “Bear-like.”

He seemed to feel that he was a little more heroic in comparison with Yuan Ping, so he sat upright, and asked Nanshan with a serious face: “What’s the matter? When we came back from the patrol, we cleaned the little white flowers in the water. The beast or something, wasn’t it already moving downstream? Why did you suddenly run up the mountain?”

Nanshan was silent for a moment: “The eye-eaters reacted very slowly. According to their reaction… they should have already approached the foot of the mountain.”

Chu Huan: “Then I am afraid I can’t leave, right?”

Nanshan looked down and said nothing.

Chu Huan secretly glanced around and found that everyone was trying their best to have fun during the short rest time, playing Yuan Ping with the poisonous snake, no one paid attention to them, so he reached out and clasped the back of Nanshan’s hand and held it in the palm of his hand. After a moment: “Since I can’t go anymore, are we reconciled?”

Nanshan sighed helplessly: “When is it, you still have the mood to think about this…”

Chu Huan was not only in the mood, but when he heard this, his waist was not sore and his back was not painful, and his heart became irritated. Just as he was about to get over Nanshan and touch it, he remembered that he was full of paws and brains, so he withdrew again in an awkward manner. Hands: “I’d better go wash my hands.”

After he finished speaking, he stood up, planning to find water, but Nanshan suddenly stopped him, and asked in a ghostly manner: “Did you really jump off the cliff by yourself?”

Chu Huan paused, raised an eyebrow, pretending to be romantic, and said suavely: “Hey, you really believe it-how is that possible?”

Nanshan showed a somewhat helpless smile, with a clear expression of “If you say it’s not, it’s not,” he kept seeing Chu Huan running away.

Nanshan then pulled out the brave ring that had been in the wind and fire from the place next to his body, carefully rubbed and wiped his fingers, and put the ring back on his hand.

There was a roar of laughter not far away, Nan Shan looked up, shook his head, blew a long whistle, summoned Xiaolu, and rescued Yuan Ping, only to see the snake rubbing his head with his head. The hand is a bit like a dog, and it doesn’t look scary at all.

Nanshan curled his eyes and laughed: “Don’t bully.”

His heart suddenly calmed down-as calm as when he hadn’t met Chu Huan many years ago, probably because he knew that there was no room at this time. All they could do was to try their best to find the line. vitality.

Only then did Nanshan discover that the “hope” that he used to speak without shame, had been unknowingly left by him in a lot of upset for a long time. Thinking about it, he was actually a little ashamed.

At this moment, a thunderous “rumbling” suddenly sounded on the ground.

The people who were still alive stood up, the faint smile on the corner of Ruger’s mouth had not had time to put away, the eyebrows were already serious.

He stretched out a finger to stop a gatekeeper’s question, listened intently for a moment, and suddenly turned to the mountain gate.

Nanshan: “What?”

“The mountain gate… the mountain gate is about to close,” Ruger said in disbelief.

Every year before the mountain gate turns upside down, it will be closed for three days. At this time, the mountain gate will send the gatekeeper to another world. It is their only rest time throughout the year-but it is obviously not the time when it should be closed normally.

The corpse mountain that blocked the mountain gate collapsed in an instant, and the earth was shaking and huge rocks rose from the ground. If a natural barrier would close the entrance of the mountain tightly, people can only hear it on the mountain. The beasts outside hit the rock in vain with the crashing sound, but everything has been sealed by the big stone gate that shields the sky from the sun.

Ruger’s face was startled at first, and then he couldn’t help showing a hint of ecstasy. He stretched out his hand and pushed Yuan Ping suddenly: “Go to the inside of the mountain gate and see if the entrance at that end is open, go!”

The gate of the mountain is closed, and the other is bound to open. So, does this situation mean that they can find a way out in the Jedi and collectively avoid the world on that side?

It’s really like that, will the dead end be…

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