Shan He Biao Li Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

As soon as Nanshan knelt down, Chu Huan had a vague hunch, but when Nanshan really looked up and watched him say it, Chu Huan’s mind still hummed.

He used to think that the word “excited” was a literary description of how a person was so beautiful.

Now he understands that this is a realistic description of how a person needs quick-acting heart-saving pills.

Chu Huan’s throat moved, his whole body shook in place, and his words were exhausted.

So he didn’t say anything at all, bent down and took Nanshan’s face, and gave him a kiss that was not very cool and not very technical. He just unconsciously wanted to kiss this person. When he remembered that Nanshan would be his immediately, Whether it was a crumbling cliff behind it, or the murderous and fashionable apocalypse, Chu Huan was all left behind.

A breath of heat surged from Chu Huan’s chest, making his eye sockets a little hot. He felt that he was a little bit bright, as if he hadn’t been in a relationship in a few lifetimes. He blinked his eyes quickly and fumbled and tried to return to his romantic position. On the suave image, he showed a slightly different smile and struggled to find a supplement: “Why do you snatch my word without saying hello?”

Nanshan turned and pulled him into the small cave.

The “Civil Affairs Bureau” facilities of this mountain guard are very simple, and live clerks don’t count on it. There is not even a statue of a clay god. There is still a big white stone in the middle, artificially standing there, like the incarnation of a mountain.

Nanshan: “Put your hands up.”

The big white stone may have been born in water before. It was as smooth as abraded and white jade, and it was indescribably bright. When Chu Huan put his hand on it, he unexpectedly felt it warm.

Before he could express his surprise, Nanshan suddenly hugged him from behind, raising his hand to cover the back of his hand.

The moment Nanshan’s palm was pressed up, Chu Huan suddenly felt a beating sound similar to a heartbeat, which came from Shixin powerfully. Nanshan lowered his head slightly, put his chin on Chu Huan’s shoulder, closed his eyes, and looked religious. , Chanting a ritual prayer silently.

After finishing the work, he turned his head and gently bit on Chu Huan’s neck. It didn’t hurt. Nanshan didn’t use force. He carefully rubbed the tender meat between his neck with the tips of his teeth, leaving only a very shallow row there. Tooth print.

Afterwards, Nanshan looked a little embarrassed, lowered his eyes and snickered openly.

Chu Huan: “What did you tell it?”

Nanshan shook his head, just smirked and did not answer.

Chu Huan: “Is this ceremony over?”

Nanshan’s eyes turned reluctantly on the tooth marks on his neck: “What else should there be?”

Chu Huan: “The bridal chamber.”

Nanshan: “What is a bridal chamber?”

Chu Huan put his hands in his pockets to show that he did not use his hands and feet. He was not a downright hooligan, but his eyes were very dishonest. His gaze was all in a place where he was indecent, and he blatantly swept around Nanshan. laugh it out.

Nanshan felt that all his limbs were superfluous when he saw it. He didn’t know where to put it, and his whole body blushed.

When Chu Huan got excited about Nanshan, he occasionally had some peachy fantasies, but the fantasies were usually not deep. He didn’t actually think about it. One day he would have some communication with a man. He was half-dead. At that time, I didn’t even bother to “talk” with myself.

But Nanshan’s body was full of natural and pollution-free cleanness. Chu Huan knew that they were about to set off soon and were about to die. There was no time to do anything, so he couldn’t help but let his mouth go.

It is said that a research survey shows that a person’s happiness index is directly proportional to the amount of nonsense he talks about-then this is probably the happiest period in Chu Huan’s life, so his mouth is also getting stale day after day. .

Nanshan’s embarrassment and shyness made him appreciate it for a long time. Chu Huan decided to be generous, let him go first, and turned his head to find himself a step down: “The bridal chamber may not be late today. The wine should always be…eh?”

Chu Huan never expected that he was only halfway down this step, and he was actually removed from the ladder by Nanshan.

Chu Huan said half of a sentence, and was suddenly hit by Nanshan’s brute force against the big rock. Nanshan lowered his head and grabbed the bite mark on his neck, and sprayed the hot sniff on Chu Huan’s skin. His palms pinched his side waist and opened the hem of his shirt three times.

Chu Huan: “…”

This incident made people quite unprepared… As a serious mature man, he expressed fright.

Nanshan is like a male beast eager to confirm his territory. Although he is jerky and disorderly, he naturally reveals a certain primitive aggressiveness. He clasps Chu Huan’s wrist tightly, as if he still has no sense of security. One cannot be completely imprisoned in his arms. So Nanshan took his arms and hugged Chu Huan, leaving his feet hanging in the air, only supporting him on his arms.

Chu Huan instinctively reached out and grabbed a handful of the huge boulder behind him. He hung himself up with his wrist regardless of the cost. He leaned back slightly, seemingly able to pick a clever angle, and slid out of Nanshan’s arms—— In fact, it was completely unthinking, it was purely a subconscious action, and it hadn’t recovered at all.

Most of the buttons on his shirt have been torn apart and hung loosely on his body, exposing a large chest. Chu Huan was in a cold sweat and thought dumbfounded: “What’s the situation?”

Nanshan paused, and his gaze swept across Chu Huan’s chest, as if he was a little dazed, and he gently pulled Chu Huan’s collar.

He tried his best to calm his breath, lowered his head, and whispered a little incoherently: “I…I’m just so happy, a little excited, but I’m going to fall to the ground tomorrow…I didn’t think about it, really of.”

After speaking, Nanshan quickly glanced at Chu Huan: “Don’t be afraid.”

Even though those eyes were full of straightforward sex, they still looked very clear for unknown reasons. Chu Huan felt that no matter how he answered, he looked very dirty, and he had no choice but to speak.

Nanshan tentatively approached and touched Chu Huan’s face lightly. This time he seemed to show his restraint and let it go as soon as he touched it. He murmured, “Swear in front of the mountain, you will be me from now on. That’s it.”

Chu Huan stroked his long hair helplessly, and slid down from the stone: “Is there any wine?”

“Yes.” After Nanshan finished speaking, he turned around and walked outside the cave. After a while, he dug out a jug of wine from nowhere, and then found a small bamboo tube inside the cave and poured it carefully. Put the wine jar back, “I’m leaving tomorrow. I’ll just have this one tonight. I won’t drink too much.”

The two of them sat down on the stone, separated by a small bamboo tube that can be emptied by more than a dozen mouthfuls, and divided them one by one. In traditional folklore, people pay attention to drinking a cup of wine. A cup.

“When I was a child, I didn’t know why I was afraid of this place,” Nanshan said. “Later, I heard the elder mention that it was my grandmother who held me with me before starting her hand to my dad. Although I don’t remember the matter, The bad impression has always been… Later, when I became a patriarch, sometimes I had to witness the marriage contract for the people. I couldn’t refuse. I couldn’t help it. I gradually became familiar with this place. Um… I didn’t expect I would come one day. This.”

Chu Huan: “I only have an adoptive father and no mother. Someone introduced him to a woman at the beginning, but when they saw that he was carrying me this oil bottle, he didn’t have much money, and he looked ugly, so no one was willing to talk to him. , So he played bachelor for most of his life, until I grew up and worked, he married an aunt… But the aunt had not been with him for a few years, and died of a serious illness, the fortune teller said he might be Knock his wife.”

Nanshan held his hand and Chu Huan suddenly smiled: “But it’s a coincidence that we are both unrelated orphans. It’s okay, I will love you in the future.”

There was one mouthful of the wine in the bamboo tube, Nanshan poured it into his mouth, thought for a moment, leaned forward and gave it to Chu Huan for half of the journey. The wonderful wine of the guardian suddenly became sweet and the aftertaste became very long.

There are so many kinds of wine, white, red, farm-brewed, world-famous brand, Chu Huan thought he was about to taste it all. Over the years, he drank his tongue numb, and he didn’t drink much. …And until now, he didn’t know what the best wine was.

The scent of wine filled his limbs instantly, and he was drunk in one bite.

The drunk Chu Huan took out a small piece of charcoal from his pocket, and found a white stone like a board in the cave. While listening to Nanshan’s rare and talkative talk about his childhood, he sketched smoothly on the stone slab. Lines.

Sure enough, he has some basic sketching skills. With such simple tools, he actually sketched out a decent Nanshan in two strokes. Then he thought about it, and drew a picture of himself next to him-full of beautification. Moisture and artistic processing.

Nanshan came over and asked with some surprise, “Is this me?”

Chu Huan nodded.

Nanshan cherishly reached out and touched the border of the slate: “Who is this next to?”

Chu Huan: “…me.”

After speaking, he was silent for a while, knowingly asked: “Why, doesn’t it look like?”

Nanshan, who hadn’t seen it at all, heard the words, sighed in his heart, but wanted to get used to him, so he squinted with a sincere expression, “…like.”

Chu Huan satisfactorily set up this incomparably out-of-shape sketch, consciously like a permanently registered wedding photo, and couldn’t help but admire his talents.

It’s a pity that time can’t exercise at a constant speed. When you are unhappy, it is long and endless, but when you are happy, it is short as a full stop. Before people can see clearly, it stops abruptly.

This night passed in a blink of an eye.

Chu Huan was awakened by the biological clock in the early morning. He found that he was still resting on Nanshan’s arm, and Nanshan was not afraid of his arm numb, so he let him sleep the whole night without moving.

Before leaving, Chu Huan sorted out his props and found that apart from glasses, a short knife, a small walnut that he didn’t know what to do, and a bow and arrow, he basically had nothing to take away.

When the two returned to the gatekeeper’s cave, they found that everyone seemed to have been waiting there. Xiaofang held the patriarch’s scepter with both hands to Nanshan, and at the same time bowed his head, expressing his wishes: “Patriarch, I also want to go. .”

This remark caused a thousand waves of waves, and many young and middle-aged gatekeepers appeared: “Patriarch, I also want to go.”

Even the blindfolded Dashan fumbled out anxiously: “Patriarch, I…”

He touched the wrong direction in a hurry, and was pushed back into the crowd by the elder with his cane on his head.

Xiaofang’s eyes were red: “We mountain guards have not been trapped on the top of the mountain to be a tortoise with their heads, patriarch, don’t you say that even if we die, we should go and see the outside world?”

Nanshan was stunned, not knowing what to say for a while, but Chu Huan waved his hand openly: “I haven’t heard of anyone who takes a group of relatives and friends on their honeymoon. What are you going to join in the fun?”

After speaking, he raised his hand to take the dry food in Chuntian’s hand, and greeted the eldest sister Chuntian’s eager and silent gaze: “Sister, my barbecue rack is given to you. When I come back, don’t forget to develop new sauces— —Don’t let Yuan Ping touch.”

Yuan Ping said gloomily behind him: “Can I commit the crime? The elder talks to you.”

When Chu Huan turned his head, he saw Yuan Ping with a bow and arrow on his back, holding a long-handled sword in his hand, and carrying a bag behind him, as if he was going to go out. The gatekeepers walked over, Ru Geyi With his eyes bandaged and a snake on his shoulders, he glanced at Chu Huan, and when he showed up, he suppressed the noise of the audience with great weight.

“I’ll go with you,” Ruger made a decision involuntarily. “It’s useless if everyone else goes, they stay.”

This was merciless, and all the reasons for the generosity and tragedy were choked to death as soon as they were spoken. No matter the gatekeeper or the mountain guard, no one dared to advertise themselves as “useful” in front of Ruger, and could only look at each other. Shut up.

Chu Huan did not intervene in the affairs of the two clans, and went straight to the side with the goat-faced elder. The elder looked at him, and the look on his old face that seemed always unhappy finally loosened, and the two left the crowd and walked far away. , The elder said: “If the ancestors knew that one day, the life and death of our people would be charged and trapped by an outsider, they would probably be so angry that they would come alive. If you regret it now…”

Chu Huan lazily said: “I’m not a day job.”

The elder’s beard curled up.

Chu Huan said unceremoniously: “I am going to abduct your clan elder. If you are free these days, you can train another one.”

The corners of the elder’s eyes twitched, as if it was a sign that he was about to blow his beard and stare. Chu Huan was ready to take two crutches, but after waiting for a long time, the elder only looked solemnly through those muddy old eyes. he.

Chu Huan moved his neck involuntarily-Nanshan’s chewing teeth had faded long ago, but he couldn’t help but feel frustrated when he was stared at by the elders.

“Our previous patriarch, the timing and circumstances were just right, but the people who were waiting were wrong,” said the elder. “This patriarch is more lucky than his grandmother, but you came out of time.”

Chu Huan: “I didn’t think I was out of fashion.”

Instead of feeling that he was out of place, he felt that this was the best time in his life. Even if he died in this way, he could be regarded as seeking benevolence and gaining benevolence, not to be miserable.

However, the elder saw something from his face of spring. The goat face turned straight, shook his head, and said in a deep voice, “That’s the next thing I want to tell you. If you think this is the most important thing in my life. Happy days, then I advise you not to fall into the trap.”

Chu Huan was taken aback.

Elderly: “There is a word among you, “Prosperity must decline”-no one knows what the fall is, where to swallow people, why hasn’t escaped for so long, but my clan has been here for many years. I have a vague guess in my heart.”

Chu Huan: “What?”

Elderly: “There are too many powerful people, they usually won’t be trapped in their own trough, do you understand?”

Chu Huan was taken aback.

The elder looked at him, raised the cane in his hand high, stood in the windless mountain, stretched his eyebrows, and lightly tapped the head of the cane on Chu Huan’s forehead, as if he had burned something. Kind of blessing.

“Go ahead,” he said.

“Wait, I have another question.” Chu Huan suddenly remembered, “Elder, there is one person who should be your mountain guard, male, he looks like he is in his forties, he is tall, and his fingers are a bit deformed… …”

The elder opened his eyes suddenly, and grabbed Chu Huan’s shoulder: “Where did you meet him?”

“Dream,” Chu Huan said, “Who is he?”

The elder was silent for a long while, his crutches tapped the ground lightly, his brows moved slightly, showing some kind of aging sigh, and after a while, he said, “That’s…my father.”

“His name is Ji Chi Gu, which means’long thorn’, and he is the foremost warrior in the clan of that generation. Once he encountered an eye-eater in the wild. His partner died in that battle. Since then, he It’s kind of crazy.”

Chu Huan: “Crazy?”

Elderly: “He lived alone for several years by himself. He became more and more mad. Once the mountain gate turned into this world, he left a note and left, saying that he had gone to fall. Since then, no one See him again.”

Chu Huan: “No news?”

The elder frowned, recalled carefully for a moment, and then shook his head: “No-yes, I used to go to his yard to play when I was a child. When he was crazy, he said a few words to me.”


“He said,’Falling is a consciousness, so that people can’t think about anything.'”

Chu Huan frowned and quickly broke this sentence apart in his heart for a long time, before hesitatingly asked: “What does that mean?”

Elder: “If you are a madman, who knows?”

At this time, the mountainkeeper and the gatekeeper seemed to have finished their negotiations, as if they were about to set off. Xiaofang knelt down like a sudden collapse, and cried out holding Nanshan’s legs, while Ruger looked indifferent like a water ghost. Standing on the side in joy, anger, sorrow, and joy, Yuan Ping next to him waved at Chu Huan from a distance, to the effect of “have you finished talking, hurry up”.

Chu Huan couldn’t get more information from the elders anymore, and he walked towards them with great heart, carrying the unclear words on his back.

Finally, the four people—Nanshan, Chu Huan, Lu Ge, and Yuan Ping, embarked on the road to an unknown death.

Yuan Ping looked at the tightly closed mountain gate and couldn’t help asking: “How do we go?”

Nanshan thought for a while: “Go up the mountain, climb over the gate, find a rope…”

His voice fell, and the familiar tremor and “rumbling” sounded. Several people were taken aback. They saw that the closed mountain gate seemed to have heard his words. Suddenly he opened it by himself. On the other side of the gate, a sea of ​​corpse mountain was full of blood. Nothing exists, just a vast haze, as if leading to another world.

Nanshan lit the patriarch’s scepter, and the cold fire light lit up. He lifted it up like a candle in the night and walked in the forefront.

There were rustling footsteps behind him, and Chu Huan turned his head and saw that the two clans, regardless of gender, were all standing behind them. Each of the clans held a lit bone and watched them leave in silence.

The fireflies are a little bit, all over the mountains.

Nanshan: “Let’s go.”

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