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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

The driving bus passed through several towns along the way, and the passengers who flew the dog jumped out.

By the time the last town was passed, there were only two people left in the car, a young man with glasses and a lot of studentishness, and a man who went to sleep in the last row when he got on the bus.

It was convenient for the driver to get off the bus once. He came back and opened the door. He said to the two people in the car with a strong accent. “Hey, you have to get off the bus, you have to go in the mountains, and then you have to go to the station.” After more than seven hours of driving, you have been seated and you have no place to get off.”

The young man sat at the door, clutching a large suitcase with his hands, and it seemed a little cramped, as if he wanted to get off the bus, and he was a little hesitant, looking forward and looking like he was standing at the crossroads of his life.

After a while, he whispered the driver: “Master, is it not very inconvenient for people who live in the mountains to come out?”

The driver said: “We don’t go to the country, we go to the county. Of course, the county is still awkward. There is a mountain over there. Have you heard of it? There are caves…”

The young man shook his head absently.

The driver grabbed the head of the bird’s nest: “Hey, I can’t remember what it is. It’s a tourist attraction. There are a lot of people in the city who go to play with one car and one car. There are quite a lot of people.”

The young man asked: “What about the village?”

Driver: “Hey, a county town doesn’t know how many townships there are. There is a village in the country that doesn’t know how many villages are there. It’s the same as the sheep’s dung eggs. Everywhere, from the village to the county town, there is no car to sit. Catch the car, or climb the mountain, climb the foot and slip it, oh, it will fall to death!”

The young man listened to the fierce onomatopoeia of “嘎嘣” and suddenly appeared unmanned.

The driver is not running on the winding mountain road. There is no taboo in one mouth: “Don’t say walking, just say that we are going to the county town over there. We will dare to go down the rain. The stone falls on the mountain. Oh, let’s go together. It’s dead. Either place has some mud, and the road slips without personal sweeping. I accidentally rushed out of the cliff, oh, let’s die together…”

The driver can be described as a slap in the face, short and short words, and has been dead for three times. The young man was finally said to have collapsed. He picked up his big suitcase and ran off the underground car.

The driver himself was happy: “The little white face in this city is running faster than the rabbit scorpion – oh, I said the young man behind you, you must sit in the county town in that ditch. Right? We can leave without getting off the bus.”

The last row of men didn’t say anything, it seemed to have died.

He was wearing a dark trench coat, and the collar was tall, almost blocking the entire face. He couldn’t see what it was like. He was long and his hand was exposed, and a platinum ring was on his middle finger. His fingers are slender, but pale, and whether he is dressed or dressed, he is not like a mountain man.

Don’t look at the old driver is a slick man who runs long distances all the year round. In fact, he has a single or a group of young men riding a car. The ride is long and there are no other passengers. He always has a hairy hair.

The driver was hesitant to start the car and still tried to talk to the people in the back seat: “Is the young man visiting relatives?”

no answer.

The driver turned his head and did not dare to ask again. He silently followed the established route and drove the car out.

The drive of Panshan Road lasted for several hours, from dawn to dark, the last row of passengers did not get up, and did not ask to get off the toilet.

There were a few poor road conditions in the middle, which was extremely bumpy. The passenger was bounced and hit the window, making a “beep” and then being strapped back to the chair. He snorted, but the noise was too loud during the driving process and the driver did not hear it.

Until the twilight was deep, the long-distance bus finally arrived at the destination.

The old driver was as tired as the bus. He drove the car into the parking lot and stopped. He was brave enough to go to the last row and call the strange passenger who was motionless.

The driver tried to pat him on the shoulder: “Young man? The young man arrived at the station… He was too sleepy.”

The man first did not respond, was pushed a few times, and the hand hanging on one side only twitched like a rush.

“Wake up, come to the station.” The old driver shouted in his ear. “Get out of the car, you have to starve to death.”

The last row of passengers struggled to sit up and struggled to untie the seat belt. They acted a little. He looked around and his eyes were a little confused. He didn’t know what it was like on the eve of the night, as if he was sleeping.

For a moment, the passenger took off the glasses on the bridge of the nose, rubbed his head and rubbed it with his clothes, and his eyes finally came clear. He held the back of the front seat and showed his shackles. It seemed to be exhausted. The strength barely stood up, while suppressing his breathing as much as possible, not letting the breath look too heavy.

“I have to sleep with my hands and feet,” the old driver saw his appearance. He thought that this person looked good. He also blamed Sven, unlike some bad guys, so he let go of his heart and looked at the luggage rack while he was squatting. It Is your baggage? Is it below? Or is it placed by someone who accidentally slipped away?”

The passengers muttered: “No…*cough*… luggage.”

He said that the two words were almost broken, and it was only after the clearing of the scorpion that it continued.

The old driver said with a shock: “Isn’t you carrying it? You run so far, don’t you carry your luggage?”

The passenger was silent for a while, and said in a very weak voice: “I don’t want you to say that I have practiced for 250 years. It was a special trip to the robbery. If I don’t become a fairy, I will become a ghost, so I didn’t bring my luggage.”

The driver:”……”

The driver should have known that the other party was joking, but the passenger finished talking and smiled at him. He saw the young man’s face pale, his cheeks smashed, the glasses were reflective, and the whole thing was like a ghost. Then he smiled slowly and suddenly he was a ghost. The gas was soaring, the driver got a goose bump on the spot and almost believed the other party’s ghosts.

During the day, he scared the young people’s taboos and suddenly disappeared. They cautiously asked, “How come you got on us?”

The passenger sideways passed the old driver and said in a low and ethereal tone: “The mountains are beautiful… well, a little sweet.”

The old driver was keenly smelling a bloody smell from him. This time his face was really changed, and even the words stuttered: “Big, big fairy, what is it?”

When the passengers turned around, the driver was afraid that he would say “I haven’t eaten such a fragrant human flesh for five hundred years.” At that time, I was scared of two battles.

The passenger just looked at him and smiled softly, bowing his head slightly and squeezing his chin into the windbreaker collar.

“It may be that sweet-scented osmanthus is open,” he said.

This passenger is exactly what he said. When he hangs on the tree, he unfortunately commits a brain disease. Somehow loosened his hand, so he embarked on the first step of becoming a master of martial arts in the martial arts novels – the glorious cliff.

He rolled down from the cliff, rolled out a bruise, and rolled off his ankle.

Fortunately, like all the prospective heroes in the world, he is hard-blooded and hard to beat, not dead.

Unfortunately, there is no surname of the priest who is surnamed by the ram. He has to pass on his life to him. Only a group of real rams have been scared, roaring and rushing, one of them is still sympathetic. I trampled his wounds with iron hooves.

I don’t know how long I have been lying in the same place, I have to regain my strength. He hung up the ankles and treated the wounds.

I don’t know how to tell people about it in the future. Is he falling or is he jumping?

He compares it and thinks that either of these two statements is quite shameful. It feels that this is really the darkest history in his life. He decided to bring this secret to the coffin, so he is not in a hurry to contact Lao Wang. 

After regaining the ability to act, the first thing to do is to raise your hand and give yourself a slap – not to talk, what to do.

Under the stimulation of pain, his will and psychological state of survival finally swayed back to normal level.

He found a wooden board to fix his leg, and dragged his shoulders. He used a cigarette to lift his refreshment, followed the sheep and dung eggs that matched each other in threes and threes, walked a few kilometers on the mountain road, and finally found someone. local.

I compiled a few words about accidental rollovers, successfully obtained the trust and sympathy of the local farmers, and spent the night with others, washing their gray face, turning out a small bag of simple first aid kits and treating the wounds one by one. After a little rest, this was inquired with the locals about the way of transportation. I took a taxi from a fellow villager and walked into the village of Shili Ba, and finally got on the bus to the nearest county.

Sakamoto intends to get off in the first county. After getting off the bus, I will find a place to live. I will settle down myself first, and then someone will contact me. He will disguise himself as a slap in the face of a fierce battle. .

At the moment when the cliff was out of control, he finally had to admit that he might have indeed had a problem.

After three years of retirement, I have lived like a prisoner. There are basically no personal friends. The only contacts are Lao Wang, Qi Aiguo and the nurses. After ten days and a half, I don’t see any living things. He doesn’t talk for ten days and a half. – Cats who may be living together are barely a companion.

But I can see that the cat is not with him, even a little afraid of him.

I don’t understand what terrible I have. Although he didn’t sit with the cat to exchange the feelings of life, he never abused it. The original owner gave it what to eat. He gave it what to eat. It just came. It was very uncomfortable in a strange environment. For a while, I was always wandering around in the house. I didn’t break things. I just silently cleaned it. I never yelled at it. He thinks this guy is an old cat. When you are old, always give it some face.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work. Anyway, he has never seen pets raised more clearly than roommates.

“My cat is dead, and I took care of him before I die.” On the bumpy bus, my thoughts suddenly came out of my heart.

He was like a slow-moving person. After a few days passed, he just remembered what happened to the little body he had buried.

The blood loss made him chilly. In the inexplicable mood, he fell asleep in the back seat of the bus that was leaking.

In the bumps, the wounds of the cockroaches cracked. He didn’t think that he was groggy, and he slept until the end of the mountain. He didn’t know how many stations he had sat.

He had a top-heavy car, and the mountain wind in the early autumn night blew him. He looked around and saw the so-called “station”. It turned out to be a larger open space with a stop sign that could not be seen. There are also several other coaches in the station.

It is said that there is a small mountain and water attraction nearby. The development progress is not good, the traffic is inconvenient, and it is necessary to transfer in this county town. Therefore, the small county towns in the poor counties are not small, and they have their own lively.

I can’t think of it when I stumble. Now, for him, which county is the same, I will stand before the station.

He looked up and saw that there was a building with a “guest house” in the vicinity of the station. It was considered to be a higher grade. The neon lights were still wrapped around the plaque. The lights were broken more than half. The words “Zhao Si” are left as if they are a place of incense.

He licked his dry lips and walked toward the guest house. He felt that he needed a large glass of light salt water.

Suddenly, he heard someone yelling at him.

At this point, the blink of an eye has begun to be a bit of a flower, and I heard a sigh of the head. I saw that there were two men standing next to the stop sign, and they were all tall.

The man who stopped him was forty years old, holding a hard paper sign in his hand, his eyes were as big as a cow, and the weedy hair was braided with a long braid, hanging on his chest. If he ignored him, he had to send a face like Li Wei. Just dress up, let me think of a lyric – “There is a girl in the village called Xiaofang, looks good and kind, a pair of beautiful big eyes, thick and long.”

Only this look is very tight, his eyes are not very friendly, like a small Fang who changed his way.

The other person is very young and stands a little farther. Because the vision of the cockroach is not very clear, he can’t see the person’s appearance very much. He only sees his long hair as black, and the wind is moving, letting people watch. Heart is awkward.

Both of them were on the side of the platform, and they should be picking up, but at this time the weather was already late, and the station was also sparsely populated, only one bus was on the station, and the passengers in that class only yelled at themselves.

“Xiaofang brother” took the lead to come to him. 

I don’t know which ravine this person came from. Mandarin is basically the level of aliens. If it is a friend of the earth, even if you don’t understand it, some body language is still international, but the other person said a lot of words, Chu. 

I only understood the contempt of the beginning.

The meaning of that contempt is about: “Grandma’s, let Laozi wait for you for such a long time, why didn’t you die halfway?”

The two men stood in a big eyes and fell into a dilemma of being unable to communicate.

Suddenly, “Xiaofang brother” thought of something, the cardboard in the handle was stuffed with a shackle, and the face of the debt was rubbed against him, and the word on the card was knocked with the knuckles.

I tried hard to get tired of my eyes. I only thought that the word knew him. He didn’t know the word.

He knew that he was already at the end of the strong, and he was not entangled with the minority brothers. He struggled to squeeze out a somewhat ugly smile, pointed his finger at the cardboard, and pointed his finger at himself, shaking his head and shaking his head. The old man is wrong.

“Xiaofang” glimpsed, seeing him ignore his own path, he just had to raise his hand to shoot his shoulder, but his eyes suddenly condensed.

This minority brother does not know what kind of occupation he is engaged in. His night vision is very good. Such a place with black lights and bonfires accurately distinguishes the smudges on the dark coat that is not obvious. He whispered something to his companion behind him.

At this moment, suddenly he squatted at the foot of his feet, and he finally couldn’t hold it anymore, and he planted it.

There seems to be something in the fascination that gave him a look, and the last lingering glimpse of a long hair.

In the night, there was a long and fragrant osmanthus fragrance.

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