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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

This question glided across Chu Huan’s brain like a thunderbolt. No matter how calm he was, he shuddered at that moment.

Yeah… why is that?

If you change to a big-hearted master, I guess you can come up with many reasons such a thought – for example, the world’s population cannot move freely due to some natural or administrative reasons, for example, people here are full of sacred mountains. The infringement of beliefs even simply fell so fast that everyone had no time to run.

Unfortunately, Chu Huan himself belongs to the kind of person who thinks a lot-whether it is on major or trivial matters. Later, due to work needs, he tempered himself into a false extroversion, but the disguised illusion not only failed to improve his anxiety, but also gave him the color of “conspiracy theory” and “persecution delusion”.

He squatted next to the girl, able to see every eyelash of her, suddenly a terrible thought came up in his heart.

Is there such a possibility? In fact, they have already fallen into the ground a long time ago. All his experiences and various struggles are actually hallucinations?

As soon as this thought came out, Chu Huan stood up. I don’t know if he stood too hard or something. His eyes suddenly went dark. For a moment, Nan Shan, Lu Ge, Yuan Ping… they all Gone!

Chu Huan had never been so panicked in his entire life, as if someone had his chest opened, and a handful of dry ice was stuffed upright.

He thinks that his stable mental state is like a string of dominoes that are pinched to the end, which can collapse unstoppable whenever there is a turmoil.

At the same time, a terrible voice in Chu Huan’s heart raised various questions about him, and in the end he was almost taken aback:

How could the person who died in front of him come back to life?

Why did the deceased from three years ago be born in the water?

Also…he seemed destined to be alone for a lifetime, how could someone like Nanshan love him recklessly?

At this moment, a strong light dangled in front of his eyes suddenly, and Chu Huan was suddenly lifted up and took a step aside. He subconsciously stretched out his hand to cover his eyes, and just breathed in and out, his back was soaked in cold sweat.

Chu Huan woke up like a dream, his heart thunderous.

In the eyes of others, Chu Huan seemed to just bend down and look at the person who was accidentally stepped on by Yuan Ping. He didn’t know what mystery he saw, his eyes suddenly went blank, and then he stood up like a corpse. Before others could ask him what was wrong, the shadow surrounding them suddenly forcibly broke through the protection of the scepter’s aperture and rushed into Chu Huan.

Nan Shan dragged him past him, and the flames swept away, briefly pushing back the dark cloud.

“Chu Huan!”

Chu Huan shook his spirit fiercely, and his scattered eyes refocused. Nan Shan still had the ring given by Chu Aiguo in his hand. His hand was too strong. Across his thin shirt, the ring stuck on Chu Huan. Chu Huan felt a little flustered, but so real.

Chu Huan squeezed his eyebrows fiercely and recovered.

Nothing else, but how could Nanshan be an illusion?

Since they walked into the sinking ground, for several months, the gloom surrounding them has been silent, and there is nothing wrong with them outside of the fire, but at this moment they suddenly went crazy.

Nanshan’s hands were firm, and of course they wouldn’t tremble for no reason, but the dividing line of light and shadow was windless and swayed, like layers of weird water waves, waiting for them to relax slightly, and they would immediately swept up.

 For a while, the girl aunt couldn’t take care of all of them. The four of them just looked under their feet. Nanshan was still overly protective. Even though he was tied up with a rope, he refused to let Chu Huan his hands. She just asked in a deep voice, “How are you?”

Chu Huan: “It’s nothing, I was too nervous these days. I was taken aback by the girl just now and hallucinated.”

Nan Shan’s hand tightened, and he obviously didn’t accept this statement-it was not that Chu Huan had never seen those veterans, how could he be frightened by a little girl?

Yuan Ping watched for a while with a serious face, and couldn’t help but say strangely: “Wait, look, this shadow side who is about to move seems to be mainly aimed at Chu Huan.”

Sure enough, the unnaturally swaying boundary line of light and shadow sometimes made a sudden, although it would soon disappear under the fire of the scepter, but repeated this way several times, there was a certain directionality.

Yuan Ping: “What’s the situation?”

The illusion that “everyone is nonexistent, and everyone is made up by his own brain” just now is really a sledgehammer, and Chu Huan has not been relieved until now. As the old saying goes, he is three at this time. The soul flew seven souls, and had not had time to pull them back one by one.

So Chu Huan smiled bitterly, and dryly tried to divert his attention: “Is it because I’m too handsome?”

When he said a word, Nanshan had already noticed the abnormality after only hearing a note. When he touched Chu Huan’s hand, he felt a cold sweat unexpectedly, and he even felt Chu Huan’s hand trembling slightly.

Nanshan frowned and stuffed the patriarch’s scepter into Chu Huan’s hand: “You come and get it.”

For a while, the flames blazed, and immediately illuminated a place around Chu Huan like the day, and the shadows around him reluctantly retreated.

Nanshan: “There is something wrong with this place, go first!”

As soon as he uttered his words, the others had no objection and immediately evacuated this area efficiently.

The girl who was originally included in the firelight gradually withdrew with their steps, and in a blink of an eye, her whole body was about to be swallowed by the gloom again.

At this moment, Chu Huan heard her voice ringing in her ears: “Mu hela! Mu hela!”

The little girl’s voice was already shrill, and she yelled so sharply and tightly. Chu Huan was so quarreled by her that she couldn’t help but blurt out, “Who is Mu Hela?”

The screams in his ears stopped abruptly. Before Chu Huan had time to breathe a sigh of relief, he was about to speed up, when he heard the little girl ask in a panic: “Who are you again?”

Chu Huan’s footsteps stopped suddenly.

He froze at the female corpse demon like a shofar wind. He suddenly called an unfamiliar name as he walked. Finally, he slammed the brakes. The whole person seemed to be nagging.

Yuan Ping was almost driven mad by his surprise, and yelled in disintegration, “What’s wrong with you?”

Chu Huan gave him a strange look: “Did you not hear?”

Yuan Ping opened his eyes in horror, and asked tremblingly, “What should I hear?”

“She’s asking who I am.” Chu Huan said, looking at Nanshan hesitantly, “Leader, can we go back a little bit first?”

“Don’t call it that,” Nan Shan was relatively temperamental to him, and he kept holding Chu Huan’s shirt with one hand. After thinking about it for a moment, Nan Shan nodded, “Be careful.”

Yuan Ping was about to step forward and say something, but Lu Ge stopped him.

Ruger said: “If he is really the person who is said in the holy book to’can communicate between the world and the end times’, it is not unusual to hear something, try it.”

Yuan Ping: “This is too ridiculous. I have known him from the time I wore open pants. I have never heard of him having any special abilities. Don’t talk about communicating in any life or life. If his phone is broken, he may not be able to repair it. , Who can you communicate with?”

After hearing this, Ruger frowned very seriously, looked up Yuan Ping up and down, and then seriously strayed away from the point: “Are you still wearing open pants?”

Yuan Ping: “…”

While they were talking, several people had already retreated, and the fire shining on the girl’s motionless face, Chu Huan handed the scepter back to Nanshan, and after a distance, he tried to say: “I came in from outside, why are you? call?”

“Outside? Where is it outside?”

While listening, Chu Huan conveyed to the other three people what he heard. This situation was really weird. Chu Huan seemed to be talking to a realistic wax figure. He didn’t count, and he shared the content of the conversation like paranoia. come out.

Chu Huan couldn’t help standing up straighter—he was afraid he looked like a pervert.

Nanshan: “Ask where she is from.”

Chu Huan did the same.

The girl’s facial expression was like a zombie, but her voice sounded out of thin air, as if she had established a telepathy with Chu Huan.

She said the name of a mountain, Chu Huan had never heard of it, so she had to convey the pronunciation to someone who could understand it.

Nanshan and Luge looked at each other, Luge nodded and lowered his voice: “Well, I have the impression that there have been traces of their clansmen activities in the last two to three hundred years. The direction to go to Chenxing Island is correct. It’s almost a 20% road.”

The cruel term “10% to 20%” really makes people knees soft, especially Ruger’s expression is always such an understatement.

At this time, the girl’s voice asked, “Who are you and why are you in my heart?”

Before Chu Huan’s wry smile could be recovered, he was immediately taken aback.

Nan Shan asked hurriedly, “What did she say?”

Chu Huan: “…She said we are in her heart.”

The words “in the heart of a pretty girl” can make any man feel good about himself-regardless of whether he is straight or curved, but at the moment these four tramps really do not feel anything worthy of drifting. After looking at each other for a moment, Nan Shan said: “You… well, you can ask where she is and what she is doing?”

The girl was quiet for a while, and for a moment, she suddenly started crying: “I am hiding in a cave. I don’t know where it is. There are many monsters outside. Hide me here, I don’t know where I am going, I’m afraid…”

Chu Huan conveyed it as it was, that the little girl was obviously experiencing something in another world.

Yuan Ping asked: “Did we walk into this girl’s consciousness, or was she trapped here and living in her own hallucinations? Honestly, I…I am a little confused now, are we real or is she there? real?”

It’s okay if this shit stick didn’t open its mouth. A horrible statement made the crowd suddenly overwhelmed. All of them were said to be ridiculous by him, and even Ruger couldn’t listen to it. He raised his hand to hold Yuan Ping’s head and gently moved down. One pressure.

The two patriarchs said almost in unison: “Of course we are real.”

Yuan Ping: “…”

He doesn’t know how these two have such a strong determination, but in this environment, having such a firm companion is indeed a very reassuring thing.

Chu Huan thought for a while, and said to the girl: “Describe your environment carefully.”

The little girl said, Chu Huan conveyed to others, Nanshan picked up a stone and drew on the ground. Halfway through the painting, he dropped the stone: “It is unreasonable. The place she said is a vent, and the sound beast has an abnormal smell. , If it is like what she said, monsters pass by her all the time, it is impossible for her to hide here.”

They were all people who had fought head-on with the sound beast, especially the thrill of being on the river bank. A few of them paid so much attention to the wind direction, and at such a distance, they were also stared at by the sound beast, which shows that the animal has a keen sense of smell.

“Besides, the sound attack of the sound beast is unconscious,” Ruger continued. “Hiding in the sound beast group for ten and a half days, even a deaf man pierced his ears and died. No one can survive.”

“Is that she lied?” Yuan Ping asked.

Chu Huan hesitated, only he could hear the girl directly, and only he could feel the extreme panic in her voice. When the girl described her surroundings to him, there was a section where she screamed almost frantically, saying that there was one Yinmon put his head into her cave, and saw her.

A lonely little girl with all her relatives and friends gone. She was trapped in a small and dark cave, next to a group of monsters who were ready to tear her apart.

The perfect horror scene—because she has no chance to escape or resist, the fatal danger is looming at any time.

Chu Huan has seen this kind of treatment in some horror novels or movies. If the protagonist is smart and powerful, and can do everything that happens, then in the eyes of the audience, it may be a suspense adventure film, perhaps exciting, but not scary, only the protagonist is at a loss. When they are helpless and weak, the audience will feel fear because of the perspective.

The falling shadow trapped her in a very scary scene. Why?

Chu Huan calmed down and said carefully to the girl: “If it almost passes by your face without biting you or making a roar, have you ever thought that it might not hurt you?”

People who are about to frighten can’t listen to this kind of justified words. Chu Huan tried to comfort her a few words, but soon discovered that it was all in vain. The girl didn’t know what was going on, so half of the words were around her. The environment seemed to have suddenly breached the critical point of her fear, and a hoarse scream exploded in Chu Huan’s ear.

He sighed and simply sat beside him and waited, but five minutes passed, ten minutes passed, and the girl was still screaming fiercely, neither being eaten by what she called a monster, nor was her throat dumb.

Chu Huan pressed the cochlea and said helplessly: “She was Still crying, what should I do?”

Nanshan pulled him up: “Let’s go.”

Chu Huan hesitated for a moment, and stood up along his hand. At this moment, the walnut on his chest burned him. In the flash of lightning, he suddenly remembered the middle-aged man he had dreamed of when he was napping next to the holy spring and that man. The lip language could help.

“Wait, I will try again, give me some time.”

As Chu Huan said, he took a step forward and tentatively grabbed the girl’s shoulders and squeezed her palms hard–but it was useless. Her facial features seemed to have been closed, and she couldn’t feel him, so she just screamed hoarsely: “It’s coming in! It’s coming in!”

Chu Huan tried to change his tone. He lowered his voice. It sounded deep and cold. He tried to learn Ruger’s disdainful sneer: “It’s just a sound beast.”

He learned so vividly that even Ruger himself was taken aback, his eyes twitched.

But it really worked, and the little girl’s cry stopped involuntarily.

“It’s just a sound beast,” Chu Huan’s gentle reasoning just disappeared. “The action is too slow, and a weaker arrow can shoot through its eyes…”

Girl: “You…you…”

“I have opened up countless heads of this thing,” Chu Huan said without embarrassment, “lifting the head is like cutting wood.”

Girl: “Ah! It, it’s coming! It’s too fast, help!”

Chu Huan smiled bewilderedly: “Give me your body, don’t retreat, shame.”

Maybe there is no “ghost upper body” in the local myths and legends, or it may be that the girl has been frightened and rushed to go to the doctor. Anyway, after hearing Chu Huan’s words, she said without hesitation: “No…don’t go back …If you don’t go back, it will pick me up! Here you are! Here you are!”

Success or failure in one fell swoop.

A layer of cold sweat appeared on the palm of Chu Huan’s palm, but it did not affect his oral performance. He arrogantly laughed: “You let it bite, I don’t think it can bite!”

The girl’s scream was pulled to the extreme, almost torn apart.

Then her voice suddenly stopped, and there was a moment of silence in Chu Huan’s ears.

What’s the matter, did she die in “that world”?

Is his speculation wrong?

Chu Huan’s eyes turned quickly and his teeth tightened.

Nan Shan held his arm, Chu Huan looked solemn and shook his head.

Finally, Chu Huan sighed helplessly, stood up, and said to the others: “Let’s go.”

Just as they were about to turn around and leave, Chu Huan suddenly heard the girl shiveringly speak: “It… why is it missing?”

Chu Huan’s pupils shrank, he turned his head sharply, took two deep breaths, and tried to make his voice sound soft and calm: “I’m on you. You can’t dare to use these wastes. You can now walk out of that cave.”

The girl hesitated: “Are you always there?”

Chu Huan chuckled lightly without making a sound.

Several people couldn’t help holding their breaths. Although the girl was still motionless like a wax figure, the shadow that had originally entangled her suddenly moved back to both sides. In this way, the contrast between the light and darkness made her whole It seems to have launched a light.

Like a little spark of fire lit up in the endless darkness.

Chu Huan followed her hysterically, really exhausted, but before he could breathe a sigh of relief, the shadow that had just withdrawn from the girl suddenly struck him.

Before Chu Huan could stand firm, he was pushed forward by Nanshan: “Hurry up!”

The two small shadows seemed to have no fear of the fire on the patriarch’s scepter, and tarsus maggots chased them desperately, and the four tied together had to run wild.

Yuan Ping shouted as he ran: “I’m really convinced by the four eyes, why are you pulling hatred again!”

Chu Huan collapsed: “How do I know?”

Yuan Ping: “It’s you who seduce underage girls casually and’give me your body’. What about your shame? What is the lower limit?”

Chu Huan: “…”

He obviously felt Nan Shan’s palm tugging his wrist tightly. Although he didn’t say a word, his mood was probably not very bright.

Chu Huan was suddenly not bright anymore.