Shan He Biao Li Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

(Title :It’s a flickering heart, as if it is moving

Translator Note : It’s where the MC meet ML aka the pairing of this novel

When he woke up, he didn’t move, and he didn’t change the frequency of breathing. He instinctively started to explore the surrounding environment first, then went back and forth, and felt that it was unnecessary. He found that his persecution paranoia became more serious. This is a harbinger of taking yourself seriously, it’s was not good, and I have to stop in time.

At the same time, I felt the physical uncomfortable afterwards.

He should have had a fever, a lot of fatigue, a wound, and it can’t tell which pain hurts more. Anyway, it hurts. It may be to wrap the wound. The shirt is smashed. He is lying under a difficult condition. On the bed, there is a tidal smell on the quilt.

I emptied my brain for a moment, and I faced the opinion of the pharaoh. Now that the devil is dead, the other devil is jealous. He has a heart and he should go and find something to do. There are so many things in the world that need people. To do it, the world is unclear, the rivers are not sloppy, countless people have spent countless efforts to achieve such a shackle now, if he is full of self-pity, is there still a person?

But what should he do?

The most economical thing is where to go back and forth, but when I think about the way he looses his hand on the cliff, he is a little worried that he will drag others.

Maybe I should go find some medicine after going back.

At this time, he heard something in his ear blowing a very special tune.

The pain can be irritating. I know that I am prone to depression. So I can concentrate on other places as much as possible. He can’t help but squint and listen carefully to the music. The guess may be some kind of leaf flute.

The piper’s lung capacity must be amazing, the breath is long and powerful, and the flute is round and sweet.

Well, it seems that it is still raining outside the window.

In fact, there is no literary and artistic cell. Appreciating music is basically the level of “a few popular songs”, but at this time, the minor tune seems to have some kind of magic power, and he can’t help but fall into the song.

The sound of the flute was infiltrated by the rain, and the one called in. The person seemed to be lying on the hillside far away, and the side of the head could smell the sweet fragrance of the green grass.

Miraculous, the wilting and burnout that had been entangled in the shackles of the shackles was comforted. After a while, he actually realized some kind of long-lost pleasure.

Not excited, it is pleasure.

In fact, if you are a normal person, you may have a nap, see the sun, a book, or a few gossips with friends, you will easily feel the calm and relaxed pleasure, but this is true for you. It is a luxury, and the joy of the little songs is like a spark in the darkness, which is dazzling.

I couldn’t help but slowly open my eyes.

He first saw the “Xiaofang” that the station met. Xiaofang was squatting in the corner of the wall and wondering what the herbs were. The expression was still indignant. Under the blue sky, his thick eyebrows were more prominent, and the face of the eyebrows was thin. Look at the familiarity that is quite incomprehensible – I took a moment to look at it for a moment, and determined that this familiarity came from the “angry bird.”

Subsequently, his eyes turned to the young man playing the flute.

The man’s dress is called “fancy dress”, I saw him naked, wearing an old faded, loose suit vest. I have never heard or see of anyone who wears a suit vest as a t-shirt. That thing can’t cover anything. When you glance at it, the chest and arms and even the strong and flexible waistline are all at a glance. The strange totem is full. The back of his arm was half hidden in the loose vest, and a long hair hanging from the waist was loosely behind his back.

He was like a wilderness savage, smashing a piece of clothes in the garbage heap and putting it directly into the city.

However, he is very handsome and handsome. It is a natural show that does not change. The outline of the five senses is just right. When he holds a leaf and stands by the window, the whole person looks clean and upright.

In this way, the strange dress is not only unsmiling, but it gives people the feeling that “this is a bold new fashion.”

The young man was facing the window, facing the bed sideways, and then he blinked, and he noticed it and turned his head. His eyes flew obliquely, and his mouth was covered with a bright smile.

He looks like a tree growing in the wild in the wild forest. The waist is straight and leafy, and the whole person exudes vitality, and the lively rushing into the eyes.

At that moment, I heard clearly and screamed.

He felt his own heart was flickering, as if he was moving.

I feel that this thing is incredible, I think that my heart is unreasonable, I can’t help but secretly smother myself: “Isn’t the rumor of the rivers and lakes say that I am sexually indifferent, nothing to shake things? It is true.”

He couldn’t help but have a bit of awkwardness, but he quickly concealed it. He slowly climbed up and adjusted his mental state. He thought: “The male color is also color, although it is not good, it does not say no. Appreciate.”

When he got this, he noticed that the wound on his body had been re-wrapped, but the things used for dressing were very unique – it was a plant leaf that had never been seen, and the palm was wide, long and long. It is neat, fresh, and can smell the aroma of plants.

… the package is quite good, it is a bit like a blind man.

I licked the dry lips and smiled a little. I looked at the little brother who was holding the decocting in the corner and looked at the doctor.

Probably seeing his thirst, the long-haired man put down the leaves in his hand, pulled out the cup from the guest house, and poured a glass of water to him: “Drink.”

When he finished, he took the empty cup that had finished drinking the water, went to the side, took out a small jar, poured out a cup of yellow liquid, and handed it to the front again, laughing and saying: “Drink.”

This time, I took a sniff and judged the composition of the liquid in front of me – alcohol.

He couldn’t help but hesitate, pointing to himself and asking sincerely: “Give me?”

The long-haired beautiful man looked at him friendly, and yelled out in a word with a slang of Chinese: “Please, please drink.”

Chu Wan: “…”

Please seriously drink it , it is a special edition of Nightingale Little Angel.

Some people laughed and looked extraordinarily bright. It was probably his 100% sincere sincerity. Every arc on his face seemed to have some kind of power to convey his happiness to others.

I am not a man of scenery. Face a face, not to mention a glass of wine, a bowl of arsenic, he can also drink it.

The wine is soft and soft, and it should be very comfortable to drink. But I don’t know why, there is a lingering suffocation in it, and it has a long aftertaste. In the end, it completely covers the scent of the wine, so that you can drink a bloody one. The illusion, the stomach is a little churning.

But spit it out is not very good, but fortunately he used to endure all kinds of environments that are not suitable for human survival, and the brows swallowed without wrinkling, and then paled and forced a half-dead smile, arguing against each other. A thumb.

The long-haired handsome guy’s expression was even more splendid. Even the Xiaofang brother in the corner seemed to be stunned, and his face was much better.

“Is this the legendary five poisonous wine?”

This sentence may be a bit complicated, and neither of them understood it. The long-haired handsome man’s face showed a little cute confusion and blinked in confusion.

I have to ask again: “What is the name?”

Still do not understand.

I had to fill up the speed of speech. One word and one word lengthened the voice: “I mean, what is your name?”

This time, the other party finally understood, and the mouth made an odd sound, not a single tone, nor a Chinese, it sounded like a singing, with a strange rhythm, and the tail sound was similar to the Chinese “an”.

“Hey What is it?”

The long-haired handsome man looked up and waved at the “Xiaofang” who was taking medicine in the corner. Xiaofang immediately went out to wash his hands in a well-trained manner. After a while, he took a small wooden box with a kind of incense-fast and prudent attitude. The hands were handed to the long-haired handsome guy.

The long-haired handsome man held the wooden box and sat down on the chair opposite the squat. He sat straight and had a “sit in the bell”.

I saw the color of the wooden box is simple, the corners are still edging, although the carving is not very good, but it is very reluctant to cut, the package is pure gold, the big custom is elegant, the large package of gold and the old wooden box. There is a lot of old meaning.

The wooden box was opened, and there was a cloth bag wrapped in something. There were three layers and three layers in the inside. I couldn’t help but color it, thinking that there were some peerless treasures inside.

As a result, I saw that the handsome-looking brother found out a copy of it… Hey, it’s was a broken Xinhua dictionary.

It’s really a “one” dictionary, because it’s completely out of cost, and when it’s exposed, the cover is first lost, and the crumpled spine hangs in it, being carefully held by the owner, blinking, seeing that The weather-sealed cover reads the words “Rebuilt version of 1971”.

Mother, this is the product before the reform and opening up.

The long-haired handsome man opened the dictionary, and part of the “Pinyin Index” was missing. But with the words of these deities, it is obvious that the pinyin is not very useful – he made a stroke, I meticulously found the “Ten” in the index of the radicals, and spent nearly two minutes, only clumsily turned to the page number I was looking for, and pointed the word “South” to the audience.

His words are unclear, and he still knows a few words. It is obvious that he is learning “dumb Chinese.”


The handsome guy looked up and glanced at him with a gaze.

I unwillingly removed my eyes and thought: “Speak well and talk, nothing to wine?”

Then, the handsome guy took the strokes seriously and turned to the side of the “mountain” and gently positioned his chest.

Hey: “Mountain, Nanshan?”

The word “Nanshan” fell, and the handsome guy opposite him was happy for no reason. It seems that the name is the happiest thing in the world, and the result of his happiness is that he also took out the wine with a strange taste. The jar, first poured a cup for himself, and then, in the inexplicable and painful eyes, took his cup passionately and filled it up.

“What is it? How do you know the word?” He thought sadly, “My mouth is really owed.”

Then he happily touched the cup with the beautiful man, held his breath, and sipped his heroic drink.

Another bloody taste.

But this second glass of wine went down, and the cold chest began to rise in the warmth of the warmth. It started with a small group, and then the warmth slowly swam around him, effectively alleviating him. There was a burst of pain in the wound.

He slightly moved his shoulder and found that although the shape was a little bit worse, it was very effective. At least the gunshot wound on his shoulder was no longer bleeding, and his shoulders were much looser.

Usually a sensitive wound like a gunshot wound or a serious knife wound, even if it is in the hospital, the doctor must have a good cross-examination, usually an alarm, and the two men who meet each other are not afraid that he is a gangster, but also saved his hand. He once… Don’t care what method you use, you can’t help it.

He and Nanshan said thank you. When he spoke, Nanshan listened with great concentration, as if he was listening to the sound of the fairy.

Nanshan should have learned a little Chinese. If someone speaks slowly and uses a simple word, he can understand, and also know some words, but whether it is pronunciation or literacy, the level is a little bit hang, write probably but maybe he can’t not write, can only find a similar word through some radicals, and communicate with him.

Understand his gratitude, Nanshan first said something in his voice like singing, his voice was low and swaying, so terrible, that is, words that are like alien words, enjoy a while, even a punctuation Did not understand.

Nanshan may also realize that this is a bit puzzling. He shook his head and laughed at himself. He opened his baby dictionary and turned it out in one word and one word in an extremely inefficient way.

Chu Wan Seriously distinguish, I only see the words he refers to are “you”, “go”, “transport”, “road”, “to”, “me”, “we”, “this”, “risk”, “face”, “I”, “we”, “should” “Sense” “shoot” “you”.

Chu Wan : “…”

A large wave of typos rushed in, and the stunned eyes were black.

“Four grandfather,” he thought. “How do you play together?”