Shan He Biao Li Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

They spent more than half an hour, after countless rounds of “you come to guess me”, always in the state of chicken and duck.

Speaking dryly, and rest for a while, the two can sit opposite each other, big eyes and small eyes, Nanshan will pour him a glass of wine – this has become the only way to communicate feelings.

This moisturizes the throat and finishes the stroke after drinking.

I gradually got used to the smell of the wine, and I made some wild scent from it. In the end, he didn’t remember how much he drank this bowl or bowl. It’s the beginning, he’s in a state of sorrow. I  Go to the bed and watch how Xiaofang leads the performance of the mime that jumps up and down.

I saw this man suffocating Dan Tian, ​​across the horse, shouting, hands unfolding, making a way to block the road.

I thought about it in confusion: “Stand up? Don’t move? Isn’t this way?”

Nanshan laughed, Xiaofang shook his head in a deflated manner. Then, his hands clasped together, his wrists, and he shook his rhythm very rhythmically.

He thought that this one had understood it and suddenly realized: “Riding!”

Nanshan relayed his words to Xiaofang, and screamed the man with his anger. He shouted a few times, and suddenly he shook his fist with a big hammer. It seemed that he wanted to take out his brain and wash it.

I smiled and touched my nose: “…Can’t it be Jiangnan style?”

Nanshan made a sound to stop Xiaofang, in case he is mad at himself, he found that this handsome guy spoke very well, only an opening, the unruly Xiaofang immediately banned his mouth shut.

Xiaofang was so angry that he turned a few laps in the same place, still refused to give up. After a while, he stood still, extended a big bear’s paw, stood in front of himself, and then swung the palm of the slap, back and forth. flap.

Chu Wang: “Hey…”

The other two looked at him with anticipation.

I have a little bit of toothache: “That… a big ear photon fan?”

The brother with beautiful eyes and long braids seems to have no performance cell, but God opened another window for him. As far as his performance is concerned, he feels that he should be a good player to fight home. .

He smiled: “What is the name of this friend?”

Xiaofang didn’t understand. Nanshan answered a name on his behalf. Hearing it, it was a long and fascinating garble.

He realized that “Nanshan” is probably a person who can speak Chinese for him, and the names of the people of the family sounded even more bizarre.

Seeing the look of the hustle and bustle, Nanshan enthusiastically explained what the name meant. He smiled openly and opened the dictionary, pointing to the long-handed man on one side, expressing his appreciation with a vertical thumb, and then appreciatively putting “fierce hair.” The monkey’s five bloody characters are in front of you.

Chu Wang :”…”

That sly, “Ferocious Monkey” is a strange aesthetic culture on their side, or is it a handsome guy who has checked the wrong word?

It wasn’t until the first three bottles of Nanshan’s first altar wine, and he touched the doorway to communicate with each other.

“You mean, the person you picked up at the station yesterday is the teacher who wants to teach in your family?” asked.

The word “teacher” was exported, and the eyes of Nanshan suddenly turned on. It seemed that two small golden urns were falling inside. I felt that I was drunk by the folks of the minority brothers (Note : Minority because he thought they were from one minority ethnic from the country) . He let the eyes stun. .

Nanshan Malidi found the words “old” and “handsome” in the dictionary. He didn’t even look up from the radicals. He turned over and said that these two words are more familiar than their own names.

Of course, familiarity does not mean that it is right… 

“It’s a teacher, not a coach.” He corrected, he reached out and wanted to take the dictionary and show it to the other side. He suddenly remembered the attitude of the people who treated the dictionary.

In my heart, “Don’t you have any gods attached to this stuff?”

He felt that he was a bit abrupt, so he made a move and retracted his hand that stretched out a few centimeters.

The gesture of reaching out and shrinking his hand was only between the sizes. Nanshan understood it. He immediately picked up the dictionary of the chicken and the dog. He confessed to the front of the donkey, and eagerly poked his nose. The whole set of movements was like A holy Hada was offered.

I have to take it, turn to the word “teacher” and show him: “This is the teacher’s teacher.”

Nanshan: “Old… Teacher.”

“Don’t,” he coughed, “Don’t dare to be.”

Nanshan didn’t understand what it meant to be “not dare to be”. He slyly grasped the sly hand, and the action was fast, and the whole person was stiff, so he did not escape.

Nanshan held his fist, first beaten a few times on his chest, then closed his eyes, lowered his head, and gently touched his fingers with his forehead.

He smelled the fragrant osmanthus fragrance, and immediately felt that he was drunk and confused.

Hey: “Hey – wait, wait, no no no, you… don’t be excited.”

I don’t know who is excited.

I almost bite my tongue, my heart beats a little faster, and I used a cleverness to break away from Nanshan without any trace.

“I,” he pointed to himself, with simple gestures, as clear as possible, “not the person you are looking for.”

A trip to Nanshan.

Xiaofang next to him did not know what happened. When this person was not fierce, it seemed strange. He grabbed the thatched grass and looked at his sly expression.

Nanshan said something to him. Xiaofang listened to his eyes wide open and gathered it in front of him. He reached out and painted a rectangle in the air, and picked up his fist to make a rolling shape. Then he alternated with two fingers to simulate walking. Looks like, finally pointed to the finger, and extended a finger.

This time, I finally received his information accurately.

Xiaofang said: Only you were alone from the car yesterday.

He rubbed his eyebrows hard and carefully recalled that when he got into the car the first day, there were dozens of people on the car. He subconsciously took a look at everyone. They are all in his mind.

Among the passengers, there are migrant workers who have returned to their hometowns, who have visited nearby towns and villages, and those who are carrying their children to go to the county town where they are carrying their luggage. Well, there is another person.

I thought about it, it was a young man with glasses, fine skin and tender meat, I can see that it is not a physical worker. He remembers that the young man’s suitcase is very heavy and heavy. It seems that he is going to go far and want to live. For a while.

The young man got on the train very early, but he was sitting on the most uncomfortable side seat. It should be to prevent his hand from leaving his luggage. He has a special tension with people who rarely travel far away. At one stop, the youth will stretch their necks and look out at the stop sign. It is not the first time to visit this place.

Oh, I remember that he still holds a third-grade Chinese textbook in his hand.

It should be him.

When I arrived at the terminal, I had never seen the young man. I thought that the young people had a deep understanding of what was called the backcountry in the middle of the road. I felt the huge gap between dreams and reality. I suddenly retired and got off the middle of the road and I Ran.

“The person you said, I may…” He screamed, and he looked at Nanshan’s looking expression, and suddenly he couldn’t bear it.

This is a very unfamiliar feeling for the embarrassment. Whether it is the spurt of the second spurt or the squalor of the squad, he has not been able to bear the sorrows and blood, and he has not been tolerant of anyone, but when he got here, he actually took it to heart. If you think about it back and forth two or three times, you can’t find a statement that is euphemistic and allows the other party to understand.

For a time, it seemed to be a bit vomiting.

For a while, I slowed down my voice and said softly: “I may have met the teacher you are waiting for, um… he is not tall, holding a primary school textbook – primary school students, children are running so high The kind of textbook is the book, do you know the book? Like the one you took, it is the book for the children.”

Nanshan struggled to understand what he meant and frowned.

Hey: “But I didn’t see him again when I got off the bus. I guess he might have happened in the middle of the journey and temporarily changed his destination…”

Nanshan’s expression suddenly faded.

Xiaofang couldn’t understand what was going on, look at this and look at that again, and his face was flushed.

I immediately changed my mouth: “But maybe he just came late, maybe in a few days…”

His comfort is futile. I don’t know how much Nanshan understands.

Nanshan suddenly sighed and raised his head slightly, half-squinting on his eyes. The handsome face showed a hard line. He was like a solid and lonely stone statue.

He couldn’t say a word for a while, but he felt the heavy loss.

No language is required.

“I… I am not good.” Nanshan whispered, “No.”

His ability to learn makes you amazed – when Nanshan uses a dictionary to find words, because there are too many mistakes, in order to facilitate communication, he will read every word he pointed to, but he did not expect a blink of an eye. I remembered most of the time, and the pronunciation was imitated. Although this sentence was not written in Dalian, the words were also concise and succinct, but I really understood it.

I hesitated for a moment and reminded: “In fact, if you need a teacher, you can find your own administrative staff. These people are like the village head and the patriarch can let them submit applications to the city. Every year, there are college students who apply for registration… ”

After saying this, I feel that the other party will not understand it, but I don’t know how to explain it.

Nanshan barely smiled and shook his head: “I don’t like it.”

After that, Nanshan stood up and reached for the quilt. He took his glasses and the clothes he had replaced, and placed them at the bedside for easy access. The blood on the clothes has been cleaned up. And the things he carried with him – the spurs and the guns were still in the original place, and even the mini life-saving bag that was carried with them was lying in his pocket intact, and the other party seemed to have not touched it.


Nanshan held out an index finger, stopped his voice, and handed over the good herbs to him.

At that time, the bowl of green oil and oil was very sinister, but I didn’t understand why. He didn’t say anything, but he drank it.

Nanshan helped him to lie down, then went to the window and took out a leaf. Ye Di’s minor tone sounded again. This time it didn’t sound so cheerful, but it didn’t have much resentment, but the tail was long. A little lonely.

I thought I couldn’t sleep, even the cat came to wake him up, not to mention that there were two big living people in the room, but in the sound of Ye Di, he felt inexplicably tired and relaxed, unconsciously It has been faintly confused.

Misunderstanding seems to be a clear explanation. When he wakes up again, the two people should have already left.

He really wants to listen to the leafy little tune that was pleasant before.

When I was half-sleeping and half-awake, I suddenly had a thought in my heart: either I walked with them.

Immediately, he felt that the idea was whimsical – to teach Chinese in remote minority areas. Professionalism is not right.

“It must be because the wine is strong that I’m drunk.” He said nothing about the reasons for all his gaffe.

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