Shan He Biao Li Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

But the next day, cockroaches still woke up in the taste of herbs.

Although I learned that the real name of Xiaofang was  “Ferocious Monkey”, I personally think that the word “Xiaofang” is simple and easy to understand and image–this friend is still glaring at him even though he is still moving. Shape, but got up early in the morning, sweating like a rain on the ground to pick up medicine.

At the moment, it is already the season to wear a windbreaker, and Xiaofang is almost shirtless all day long, but it is still so hot, which makes you a little puzzled.

Is this friend’s firepower stronger than ordinary people?

However, this is a slight movement, and his original lazy and relaxed look suddenly condensed.

There is a saying that “who can not slash in the rivers and lakes”, first squatting and swearing, this is the law of the development of objective things, so I dare not to say how much I have, but it is definitely a professional worker who has a knives and knives. From small bullets to big three-holes and six holes, he has all the experience.

What degree of injury, how to raise it, and how long it takes to raise it for a long time, these cockroaches are all clear, like the gunshot wound on him, the first two days do not worsen and not infected, in fact It is already well maintained.

But at this time, just after a night, his fresh wounds had already vaguely begun to scar.

Not to mention that with age, long-term repressed mood and bad habits, his physical fitness will only get worse and worse – even in his heyday, he has not had such a terrible resilience.

It is almost like the local cell activity is greatly enhanced.

What medicine did they give him?

In the splendid morning light, there were countless thoughts in my heart, and the work experience of dealing with various transnational desperate people all the year round made his first reaction at that time drug.

The leaves tied to the wound, and the herbs he drank, what ingredients are there?

Will he mistake the role of analgesia as a wound healing?

At this time, Nanshan came up with a pot and greeted him with vigor.

Although he was very suspicious in his heart, he did not respond calmly. He glanced at the basin in Nanshan, and saw that there were a few large leaves with a palm-wide width and two feet long. The same is the wound on his wound.

Nanshan knees on his bed, bent down, carefully untied the leaves of the skull in the wound, not contrasting, perhaps because of dehydration, the leaves removed from the scorpion have been obviously dry and dull. As if the vitality was sucked away.

There was a place on the blade that stuck a little bit of flesh and blood. When Nanshan peeled off the leaves, he didn’t pay attention to it. Although he didn’t say anything, his body trembled fiercely.

It hurts – it hurts, but the pain is good, at least it means that he is not anesthetized.

Nanshan noticed his reaction, spread his palm and stuck it on his forehead. It seemed to be some kind of comfort. Then, Nanshan took out a small bottle and poured out a small white powder that looked like flour. It is whiter than ordinary white flour with a special smell.

Oh, I thought about it and felt that the taste was between the “blood” and the “plant’s bandits”.

Not waiting for the observation, Nanshan put the powder on his wound.

The pain caused by the unknown powder is really extraordinary. It is more than a direct watering of the pepper water. I feel as if someone has swept the long thorn into his wound and stirred it again.

However, he had the psychological expectation that “the medicine is definitely painful”, so this time there was no such thing as a shackle, but instinctively tightened the muscles and gritted his teeth.

For such a hard bone performance, Nanshan looked up and smiled appreciatively. He said something to him, which sounded very close to Xiaofang’s real name.

It is very likely that the meaning of this praise is also “fierce hair”.

He accepted the appreciation of the other side in a dish, and thought with melancholy: “Be sure not to be a fierce donkey.”

Miraculously, the doubts in his chest are still there, but the alert has already gone mostly.

The lack of adulteration of pain is on the one hand. On the other hand, there seems to be an instinct in the shackles that makes him refuse to believe that Nanshan is a bad person.

There are only two beds in the standard room in the guest house. The two thinner girls can barely be forced. The two men can’t sleep, and Xiaofang moves the TV on the TV cabinet to the side. He sees him on the shop. There was a straw mat, sleeping on a wine jar for a night, and one fan

Nanshan naturally wrapped the wounds for him. It took another few minutes to cut a wooden stick that could be used as a crutches for a short time. It was convenient for him to move around. After the squatting, he took out a few cakes and gave it to him. He eats.

It is a cake of coarse grains. There are also noodles and noodles. It can be seen that it was done a few days ago, and it is dry and hard. It is like a dry food that the ancients will carry with them when they go out. The taste is very heart-wrenching.

The unknown but extremely effective powder made him full of speculation about his origins, so the coarse grain cake was also eaten in detail, and he wanted to taste some mysterious ingredients.

As a result, Nanshan thought that the cake was too hard. He didn’t bite well. He immediately poured a glass of wine with him. In the inexplicable gaze, he exemplified a piece of cake and soaked it in it. give him.

He thanked Nanshan for his concern and took it over without a word. The good life experienced the whole process of “sickness and madness” to “sorrowfulness”.

In the simple breakfast, he started to communicate with the other party. He first asked Bibi: “Do you want to wait a few more days here? Wait for the teacher to come.”

Nanshan shook his head, indicating that the man would not come.

He still expressed his difficulties, his look was a bit lonely, but he was calm, as if he was no longer worried.

“Hey, When are you going?”

Nanshan said: Wait for you to hurt. (the real meaning is I wait that you are healing) 

At first, I suspected that the communication was not smooth, and I misunderstood the meaning of others. He hesitated to repeat his own question. Nanshan reached out his palm and patted the shoulder and legs, then folded his hands. Made a gesture that seemed to be “healing.”


He would like to ask more why, his own origin is unknown, it’s still has a gunshot wound, and the other party just meets with him. If you admit the wrong person, then the other party knows it clearly, but also stays for taking care of a stranger?

However, he finally did not ask, always feel that this question is asked to export, as if suspicion of others’ intentions.

So he doubts?

I don’t doubt that it is impossible, because he is doing this. For him, negligence is synonymous with stupidity. He has to keep a cautious examination of the surrounding environment and questioning the twists and turns.

Only when he saw the clear eyes of Nanshan, he couldn’t help but feel the self-deprecation of this question in his arms, so it was very tightly covered.

So I was silent for a moment: “Then I will invite you to dinner at noon – yes, I can teach you a few more stuff about the language.. Can you give me two more songs from yesterday?”

Nanshan invited people to eat and drink when they were very generous, and they were invited to be unfamiliar. At noon, they talked with Xiaofang and they happily took out the guest house.

The small county town is a transit station for visitors to rest. Looking at it, a row of small restaurants that provide pig food for the tour group looks like a mother. Only a foreign fast food restaurant on the corner is a maverick. Hanging some English shop names stand out from the crowd.

Of course, I took a closer look and found that the letters are in Hanyu Pinyin. (Chinese language but in pinyin) 

In the corner, the content of Pinyin is also known as “Kangdang Chicken”.

He stayed under the brand for a long time and decided that this was the baby that McDonald’s, KFC and Chongqing Jigong have do together

However, the ambition of “Ken as a chicken” is not too far-reaching?

When he rolled down the cliff, the communication equipment fell off and the bad was broken. Until then, he finally spent fifty cents on the phone and called the pharaoh by the phone of the hotel. He listened to the sound of the pharaoh phone quickly. The right is the baptism of love from the past, and then refused the advice of the old king to send him to pick him up.

“I will go back on my own for a few days. The environment here is very good. I will be traveling.”

Pharaoh did not entangle with him, just silent for a while, asked: “You just said how you fell off “

No change in color: “missing.”

 “… can you die without swearing?”

“It’s really a mistake, but it has been remodeled now.” He smiled softly. “What, go back, don’t forget to ask Xiao Xiao, a young man for me, and say good, in the future, the child will be born. My name is uncle.”

Lao Wang’s daughter’s nickname is Xiao Yan. She married a photographer two years ago and is now a child.

Looking back, I found out that I had been arrogant for her entire puberty, and I was like a black-eyed chicken. But I didn’t take the initiative to ask her to come out to watch a movie, eat an ice cream or something, even a love letter so popular. I haven’t written it, it’s just for the sake of swearing, fighting for fighting.

She is a bit self-satisfied and ridiculous… almost cute.

“Go, goodbye.” He said to the old king.

“Kangdang Chicken” sells bread and fried chicken. When he asked innocently “Is there any French fries – that is, fried potatoes”, the proprietress turned to the kitchen and gave him a bowl of steamed with large potato pieces. The two rice, grabbed a handful of coarse salt, sprinkled it up, said with pride: “Go eat.”

However, despite the cottage, the quality of the food is unexpectedly ok, the bread is white and fat, and the fried chicken is yellow, and it can smell a strange meat.

Xiaofang first began to be impatient and even hostile. When the first day of drinking together, this hostility has already disappeared by half. When the fried chicken comes up, I can see that the fierce monkey. I am planning to become a friend with myself.

He himself had no appetite, and he touched the whole body. He turned out the small half-pack of cigarettes, borrowed a fire from the boss, and took a window. When he sat back, Nanshan suddenly raised his hand and resisted. His chest.

At first glance, I saw Nanshan gently knocking on the position of his lungs with his index finger joints, looking at him seriously, shaking his head in disapproval.

Then, Nanshan retracted his hand and handed a chicken leg to him.

He couldn’t help but stare at him for a while. He found that when Nanshan was eating, he was fully absorbed as if he was dealing with a very sacred event, and no residue was wasted.

 For Chu Wang, it is only the basic behavior of maintaining life. He does not know when he lost his appetite. It is no different for him to eat and eat. He does not bite the dry glutinous cake and the color and flavor. The big meal is the same in his eyes, the three mouths are solved, all of which are flavored with chewing wax.

But at this time, he looked at Nanshan, and suddenly there was a certain illusion that “dining was a particularly happy thing.” He tentatively bowed his head and felt no different, just ordinary chicken.

So I couldn’t help but look at Nanshan again, and I was once again flashed by the unparalleled happiness.

“Is it so delicious?” I thought, involuntarily slowing down the speed, and concentrated the spirit that was scattered everywhere back into the bite of the chicken leg.

In this way, I took a look at Nanshan and ate something. Slowly, his numb and inflexible taste buds gradually awakened, and actually tasted it.

The three men quickly smashed the two large-scale sizzling fried chickens, and then found out that they actually ate.

He finished the account and looked back at Nanshan’s calm and satisfied expression. Somehow, it actually produced a little bit of assimilation.

But…etc., music can be fun and happy, and it’s a good idea to watch people’s meals.

Is it a good meal?

He turned the ring between his fingers, and let the “toss you play” smash the skin of his finger roots. His face was calm and his heart was full of condemnation: “No, I am so weird.”