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She Wants to Divorce Me Chapter 1

When Ji Yaoguang opened her eyes, she was given a huge shock by the picture frame on her bedside table. 

The layout of the room was both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. With a rigid body, two trails of tears ran down her face.  Her brain still felt groggy, only remembering that she saw her ex-wife with another young woman at a bookstore. Both of them seemed to have a joyful expression on their faces. Since she divorced Chang Yu three years ago, she restrained herself from thinking about anything regarding her. She did not look at any news involving Chang Yu. Fortunately, she has already retired from the entertainment industry, so there was a distance between them. This allows Chang Yu to be free and have a good time in her circle. 

Whoever said that time can cure all wounds was definitely lying. The thing that she, Ji Yaoguang, regretted the most in her life was to sign the divorce agreement with Chang Yu. She simply does not want to separate from that person. To look at her ex lover being in somebody else’s arms was like somebody used a knife to slowly cut into her, inch by inch. There is no crueler torture than this. Being stimulated by this scene of “a loving couple,” Ji Yaoguang brought wine before returning to her villa, planning on getting thoroughly drunk. She used the bottles that were rolling on the ground to erase her last sense of consciousness. This is her private villa so nobody, except for Chang Yu, would know about it, so who was the one that moved her drunk body from the cold floor into the room?  

No, this was not her small villa, but her home with Chang Yu three years ago. After they divorced, she gave the house to Chang Yu before packing her luggage and moving abroad by herself. She only returned to China a year later. At that time the news about her divorce with Chang Yu had been buried by various other news. There was no one who could attract the public’s attention for a prolonged period of time. 

Her brain seemed to have lost any ability to think and crashed. Ji Yaoguang habitually reached out and touched the small wooden frame beside the bedside table, where two phones can be placed. She had personally made that table. Chang Yu….Ji Yaoguang read the name, with her two eyes empty and her mouth full of sorrow. When she saw Chang Yu cuddling with that strange woman, her first thought was to pull the two apart. But as she is now, she is not in the position nor does she have the qualifications do that, does she? She could only swallow her joys and sorrows alone in a corner. She did not even dare to show up in front of Chang Yu. Because at that time, Chang Yu was willing to give up her good career and future in order to avoid her. This shows the degree of dislike Chang Yu held for her. 

Chang Yu——

Ji Yaoguang quietly called Chang Yu’s name again. There was nobody else in the room, but she still lowered her voice, the tone so low that only she could hear it. 

A message flew by her screen, the originally dark phone screen suddenly lit up.

Ji Yaoguang first looked at the time. She suddenly sat up due to the shock. Even though she bumped her forehead, making it turn red, she did not feel it. The time shown on the phone screen was December 9th, 2117——which was the day that she divorced Chang Yu three years ago! Could it be that the phone screen was broken? She quickly climbed down from the bed and ran across the room to confirm her guess. Finally, on the teapoy in the living room, she saw a divorce agreement with her name on it. Ji Yaoguang fell down on the sofa and laughed like a madman.

Waking up and returned to three years in the past? Is this a dream? She violently pinched herself. It was so painful that tears leaked out. She evidently did not believe this fact. On the eve of her divorce three years ago, she had a big fight with Chang Yu. Rather than quarreling, it was better to say that she was shouting hysterically. Chang Yu was holding her hands in front of her chest, with calm eyes that show no fluctuation of emotion, like she was looking at a stranger. Finally she coldly said “Let’s divorce then.” At that time, they loved each other for years, but married for less than a year. When Ji Yaoguang heard those words, she became even more crazy. Looking at Chang Yu’s indifferent back, she shouted “Divorce, then!” Her actions were quick. By the next day, she had already returned all the work in order to prepare the divorce agreement. She was home early waiting for Chang Yu to sign the divoce agreement.

Ji Yaoguang can’t wait to strangle herself from three years ago. 

Even if it was a dream, she can’t let the divorce happen again. If there were a lot of things to hope, but not get in reality, why would she let the pain happen again and again in her dreams. She stopped laughing and slammed the divorce agreement on the table, abruptly stretched out her hands and tore it to shreds before tossing it into the trash can. 

No matter what, they would not divorce. At that time, because of her impulsive actions, she pushed the goddess of her heart into the embrace of somebody else and regretted it for a lifetime. It is only through experience can you know how painful that feeling is. Chang Yu entered the entertainment circle when she was seven years old. Through these ten plus years, she kept a habit. That is, no matter what she would always return home at seven o’clock. The cold wind outside was rustling. Ji Yaoguang, who was sitting on the sofa, pulled on the collar of her shirt, feeling that her throat was a bit hot. The clock was now pointing at half past six, meaning that there is still half an hour before Chang Yu returns home. 

Potong~ Potong~, her heart thumped. Her heart was even more nervous than when she stopped Chang Yu to confess to her. She is from the same university as Chang Yu. Chang Yu was someone from the performance department. She practiced her acting in the circle since she was a child. But Ji Yaoguang was different. She came to the university because of her dream, but did not follow her college career plans in the end. Instead, she relied on her own face to follow Chang Yu’s footsteps into the entertainment circle. She remembered that at that time, Chang Yu was not willing, but failed to persuade her at the end. As expected, it did not take a long time before her aspirations was slowly eroded till it can’t be found anymore. 

There is nothing that she hated more than slowly losing Chang Yu. It was like her blood was slowly leaving with along Chang Yu 

Dida, dida (Clock ticking sounds)

The ticking of the clock was like a lullaby. Ji Yaoguang felt like her eyelids were getting heavy. She quickly pinched herself. It was at that time when there was a sound from the door. She shook her head. Light suddenly flooded the room, like thousands of stars. She saw the door opened. Disturbed, she jumped for joy as the feeling that there was still a chance filled her heart. 

    Chang Yu came back, but behind her, there was a man wearing a suit and a pair of golden rimmed glasses.

This fellow hardened her heart to divorce, even bringing along a lawyer? Ji Yaoguang’s eyes widened. Her hands wrapped around her chest and leaned against the sofa. With a bit of aggrieve, she hatefully stared at that man. Although this matter had nothing to do with him, Ji Yaoguang can’t help but get angry. Chang Yu was still the same, with an exquisite face and an expression like a pool of still water. Her whole body emitted a cold aura that prevented people from getting close to her. No wonder people on Weibo called her the Aloof Goddess. Even as her partner, Ji Yaoguang, rarely saw her with a lively smile, especially in the past six months. Could it be that she let herself to be that tired?

Chang Yu saw Ji Yaoguang sitting on the sofa at a glance. Her gaze swept past her pretty face, with the same old look. Her eyebrows always hid her arrogance as someone of a higher class. She thought about a lot of things when she was married to Ji Yaoguang, but had never expected this. People always say the seven year itch, but how long has it been between the two of them? The enormous work pressure and the endless stream of rumors tested her patience bit by bit, leaving her both physically and mentally exhausted. The men and women that Ji Yaoguang are willfully close to made her feel ridiculous. If she had stopped Ji Yaoguang during university and prevented her from entering this place that easily corrupts people, would everything be different? Sometimes she still hates it. Before she was twenty, she sent away all her relatives, leaving only Ji Yaoguang by her side. But now, she can’t even keep this child who would never grow up. She rubbed her eyebrows. She felt one burst of tiredness after another, like the tides coming to and fro.   

“Ji Yaoguang” her calm voice showed no trace of her sorrow. When Ji Yaoguang heard those three words, her whole body became stiff. In her impression, Chang Yu always used her surname when addressing her. Even when they were being intimate with each other, she has never heard her say “Yao Yao.” It seems that not long ago, she had even argued with Chang Yu because of this matter. She felt like this means that she was not important. But why did she not call Chang Yu in an intimate manner? She did not improve, even though her ability to make trouble was first class. When thinking about how she used to be, Ji Yaoguang wanted to slap herself.

“Lawyer Zhao, I’ll have to trouble you.” Seeing how Ji Yaoguang did not reply, Chang Yu did not say anything, but her gaze deepened. She gave the man a slight nod and motioned for him to take out the prepared things from the suitcase. Divorce agreement, property division……Paper after paper with stamps on them were laid on the teapoy. Ji Yaoguang only felt that that it was glaring. “You can look, do you still have any doubts? If you don’t, just sign it.” Chang Yu coldly said. 

You just need to write “Ji Yaoguang,” these three words, and then they would be free from each other. Rather than tormenting each other, it would be better to find a solution to give each other happiness. Slightly raising her head to see the familiar ceiling and seeing all the furniture that she built with Ji Yaoguang, when has she ever thought that things would become like this?

The black pen in her hands was slightly cool. Ji Yaoguang poked the paper in front of her, wishing that she can poke a hole through it. Looking at Chang Yu’s indifferent expression, she felt a bit of panic in her heart. She knows that Chang Yu has made up her mind to leave this time. Both of them are good actors, good at hiding their true emotions. With the pen in her hand spinning, Ji Yaoguang made a flawless smile. She said “I have an objection!”

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