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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 168: The Battle With The Demon (VS Imp).

After that…

Yuuto, after hearing the details of the mission *Legendary Blood*, agreed to help them.

According to Sophia…

It turned out that a powerful demon was hiding in Richard’s garden.

She received this information with her rare ability of *Prophetic Dreams.*


Prophetic Dreams

Rarity: Unknown

(Sometimes it allows you to see the future in a dream.)


The demon they mentioned and who are now looking for him was the *White Tiger*, who was a subordinate of Mammon and one of the strongest demons in the world.

It’s clear. But to begin with, we have to find the White Tiger in Richard’s garden…

[No, this is not necessary. This morning I had a vision that showed your location.] (Sophia)

The main disadvantage of Sophia’s unique ability was that it was impossible to control and the information she received with his help was rather vague.

So Yuuto knew how yesterday he found them, wandering aimlessly through Richard’s garden, precisely because they knew only the approximate position of the White Tiger, but didn’t know exactly where he was hiding.

{However, why couldn’t I see anything about Yuuto this morning and yesterday?} (Sophia) /// (TL: The lines you have {} will be the character’s point of view)

Yuuto’s appearance here today was extremely mysterious to Sophia in many ways.

It was very similar to the battle against Beelzebub.

According to Sophia’s prophecy, Michael was sent to the dungeon to set Beelzebub a trap and then kill it.

But their prophetic dreams gave no 100% guarantee that they would come true.

Moreover, Sophia believed that her prophetic dreams were sent to her precisely because the future was uncertain and could be changed.

But still…

In the past, it was almost impossible to change your view until the event happened.

{Konoe Yuuto… Here and now I will personally test your true abilities.} (Sophia)

The reason the *Legendary Blood* decided to enlist Yuuto’s support was not because they themselves could not complete this task…

Sophia was in the middle of the cave entrance, where the White Tiger was hiding, and an insidious smile appeared on her face.


[I understand. Turns out Sophia-dono and Michael-dono are childhood friends.] (Sylphia)

[Yes, although I am not enthusiastic about it, but it will not be wrong if we describe our relationships in this way. As a child, I spent a lot of time with Michael because there was a very strong friendship between our families.] (Sophia)

[Ho! It is obvious from your speech that you miss those moments. It reminds me of a love story.] (Spica)

[Well, I won’t deny that, although it’s more likely a story about my rivalry with Michael.] (Sophia)

Yuuto’s group crossed the cave in which the White Tiger was hiding.

The three girls, Spica, Sylphia, and Sophia went ahead, enjoying the blossoming flowers and talking to each other.

[…] (Yuuto)

[…] (Michael)

The atmosphere around girls was just the opposite of the oppressive atmosphere between boys.

Michael has completely ignored Yuuto since the beginning of their journey together.

As Yuuto had no opportunity to strike up a conversation with a man who was extremely hostile against him, an extremely cold and alienated atmosphere reigned between them.

[Master! I smell a monster behind us!] (Spica)

Suddenly Spica shouted.



Threat Level: 19


Everyone turned sharply to see a bearded dwarf with bat wings on his back.

Although they were in a cave, it was still Richard’s garden, so for the first time they saw here another monster besides the fairies.

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