Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 169: Those Who Hits On A Woman Are Scum.

[Imp? This guy is a sign that the White Tiger is not far away.] (Michael)

[Please be careful! Although he is small, he is still a monster that has demon blood. Don’t underestimate him, if you do you will get hurt] (Sophia)

Sophia and Michael, who specialize in demon battles, remained completely calm when an Imp appeared.

Imps were considered a *Familiar* and were often used as servants by demons.

Also, if one is considered inferior demon, he must have some degree of intelligence.

Many of the lower demons were positioned somewhere between monsters and demons.

[Sophia. Leave it to me!] (Michael)

Michael stood in front of Sophia, removing his team. He then created many ice mints around Yuuto and his group.

*Aegis* is a unique water-type magic spell that only Michael could use from everyone in this world.

With the use of *Aegis*, the ice bullets began firing one after another, completely controlled by the magical energy.

With her help, Michael didn’t need to aim at the enemy, since the bullets were independently aimed at the target, which he determined as the enemy.

[Pigya !!!]

The cries of Imp’s agony echoed through the cave.

Since the Imp was alone, it was only suicide for him to be under the continuous fire of Michael with the help of *Aegis*.

[Wow… I’ve never seen such amazing magic before.] (Spica)

[It’s really, only with that can you call yourself the strongest magician in this world! Each of the ice bullets moved as if it had its own will…] (Sylphia)

Spica and Sylphia screamed in amazement at seeing Michael’s magic at work for the first time.

[Beautiful ladies, are you hurt?] (Michael)

Confident that the battle with the Imp was over, Michael went to Spica and Sylphia, smiling and showing his white teeth.

[But still, I’m surprised that such beautiful women follow a savage like Konoe Yuuto. Don’t you think this is a waste of time?] (Michael)

[Uh? Eeeeee!?] * (Spica / Sylphia) *

With these words, the girls were embarrassed and confused.

For Spica, who had no experience with guys except Yuuto, Michael’s words became like thunder in a clear sky.

[…] (Sylphia)

On the other hand, Sylphia, who instantly examined the hidden motives on the other side, gave her a cold, scornful look.

As a child, Sylphia participated in many aristocratic events, where many were pretending to be intellectuals, but were actually looking for silly and naive women who could be scattered and abandoned.

[Excuse me, but could you bother someone else? I have sworn I will dedicate my body and soul to my master.] (Sylphia)

[That’s right! Bother someone else! We all love our master! So I’m not going out with another man either!] (Spica)

However, the girls’ unanimous refusal of Michael did not deprive him of a smile on his face.

Because everything was as he expected.

If she is not a devout woman, it is not worth pursuing.

Michael of *Legend Blood* was a self-proclaimed hunter, he was the type who likes to win the woman’s heart and all.

[Iyaiya… Don’t say these things. I have no intention of flirting with you. I just want to get to know them a little better, in a place without their master.]

[[…]] * (Spica / Sylphia) *

Michael felt that his life was at stake, so he instantly stopped talking…

When he looked around, he saw the silent Yuuto, from which emanated a powerful bloodlust and an extremely oppressive aura.

[Michael, I have some advice for you…] (Yuuto)

Yuuto started talking, placing his hand on Michael’s shoulder.

[If any rubbish dare to stretch its lewd legs to my girls, I will leave no damp place for this rubbish. No exceptions…] (Yuuto)

From first to last word, every word in Yuuto’s mouth was under incredibly heavy pressure.

[I get it. Hohoho, it was just a joke, so you don’t have to be so angry…] (Michael)

Yutuo’s attitude was extremely eloquent and meant one thing – “I’ll kill you” “!

So Michael could only, trembling with fear, apologize.


Suddenly the supposedly dead Imp attacked Sophia, who was walking towards the end of the group.

Although Michael *Aegis* was an excellent offensive and defensive technique, she had a disadvantage – it disables when Michael was about to focus on her.

So when he was caught by Yuuto’s terrifying bloodlust, he couldn’t protect Sophia.


Although Imp’s speed was one of the highest in the show, for Yuuto, with his terrible fighting power, he was like a fly.

[Oops.] (Yuuto)

Yuuto took a small spear and threw it at the injured Imp.


Not to mention the wounded Imp, the spear thrown by Yuuto managed to cut a large tree.

It is not known if the attack caused death instantly, but Imp’s body nailed firmly to the cave wall.

After that, Yuuto checked his status.


Konoe Yuuto

Unique Skills:

[Skill Taker]

[Slave Contract]

[Magic Eye]


[Danger Warning]

[Growth Stimulator]

[Accelerated Recovery of Magic Power]

[Soul Capture]

[Magic Compression]


Fire Magic Level 4 (12/40)

Water Magic: Level. 6 (10/60)

Wind Magic Level. 5 (4/50)

Holy Magic Level 6 (37/60)

Black Magic Level 6 (6/60)


Fire Resistance Level 3 (19/30)

Water Resistance Level 3 (00/30)

Wind Resistance Level 4 (6/40)


Apparently, after killing the Imp, you can gain +3 dark magic.

Yuuto already wanted to quickly test the magic of “Lust” in practice after such an increase in the magic of darkness.

He was glad that he had managed to improve the magic of darkness in such an unexpected place.

[I do not believe! How did you kill the demon with just one attack !!!] (Sophia)

Despite the fact that Imps were often despised because of their appearance, they were not those easy-to-defeat monsters.

The chance for a group of novice adventurers to defeat at least one Imp was zero.

[Lady Sophia, aren’t you hurt?] (Yuuto)

Yuuto asked beautifully and impressively.

[Yes, I’m fine, Yuuto-san. As expected, you are different from others] (Sophia)

[That’s nice. By the way, what do you think if after all this is done, we go out to eat to deepen our friendship.] (Yuuto)

[Wait a minute !!!] (Michael)

This time Michael interrupted Yuuto, who used natural words to seduce Sophia.

“[Hey, what the hell ?! You didn’t say that, no matter who reaches out to your girls, it’s rubbish? What do you think you’re doing now?] (Michael)

Although, to be completely precise, there was no love relationship between Sophia and Michael.

But anyway…

Michael simply couldn’t come to terms with what was going on between Sophia and Yuuto.

But in fact, Michael just couldn’t bear to see how Sophia hugged someone else, since he had loved her for a long time, although he was not aware of it himself.

[Hmm? Oh that’s it and that’s it?] (Yuuto)

It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman from someone else.

What belongs to me is mine.

And what belongs to others is also mine.

For Yuuto, “opening one’s arms to the wives of others” and “punishing those who lay hands on their women” did not contradict each other.

[You are crazy. How does your mind really work?] (Michael)

Michael, who had already tried to seduce Yuuto’s girls was scared and with shaky legs, was simply unable not to be surprised by such a development.