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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 170: The Battle of the White Tiger. Part 1. (VS Byakko 1)

At the time…

Yuuto and his group were moving deep into the cave where the White Tiger was hiding.

Where there were a large number of White Tiger Imps Servants.

[Fuhahaha! You are missing 10 billion years to defy my magic !!] (Michael)

[[[Pigging? !!]]] *chorus*

The white tiger did not skimp on its defense and surrounded a large number of Imps inside the cave, which constantly attacked Yuuto’s group.

But once he recovered, Michael didn’t give the Imps a chance to attack.

{Damn it! This Michael… he’s very fast…} (Yuuto)

Yuuto wanted to take the initiative to eliminate the Imps because with the help of his ability he could have a loot on them.

But if he openly killed the Imps in the open, it could cause many suspicions and questions about him.

So Yuuto was forced to abandon the opportunity to enrich his nightlife and could only mentally curse Michael.


After a while, the group eliminated the Imps and found none of them along the way. Soon after, they came to a spacious cave.

The demon they were looking for was right in the center of the cave.

[Damn it! Pathetic humans had become insolent trying to hunt me down!] (White Tiger)


White Tiger

Race: Magic Beast

Profession: None

Unique Skills:

[Demon Eyes]





Demonic Eyes

Rarity: 7 Stars

(An ability to see the abilities of other creatures. Not able to detect abilities with an unknown degree of rarity.)


Rarity: 8 Stars

(As long as the heart is not injured, it can completely regenerate any damage.)


Rarity: 7 Stars

(Allows the owner of this ability to stay awake.)


Rarity: 5 Stars

(The ability to nullify any poison)


Rarity: 4 Stars

(An ability that allows you to increase your body size.)


The demon, called White Tiger, looked completely different from the image Yuuto imagined, based on his name.

First of all, he had no wool.

Wool was a great sign of strength among wild animals, but he did not have it.

The sight of the white tiger, which now showed its thin pink skin, even pityed him.

{Although I saw it in my dreams, the White Tiger did look very weak indeed.}

{I wonder what happened to him?}

Sophia thought.

Even if they didn’t know the details, now they just had to take a risk.

[So, Michael, as planned from the beginning, use the full force magic blast against the white tiger, please.] (Sophia)

[Oyyo !!] (Michael)

[…] (Sophia)

[…] (Michael)

[What’s wrong?] (Sophia)

[I’m sorry, but it seems like I’ve gone too far with magic expenses and now I don’t have enough mana to support *Aegis*.] (Michael)

[Whoo! Useless… A piece of trash!] (Sophia)

[Ahaha, when girls are watching, I can’t contain my enthusiasm.] (Michael)

Apparently it wasn’t just the white tiger that ran out of strength.

Faced with the white tiger, Sophia, who lost her triumph in this mission, was instantly pale.

[Die!] (White Tiger)

In the next instant, the White Tiger rushed to attack.

The white tiger used its *Giant* ability and grew to almost 5 meters high, pushing violently from the ground.

His goal was Sophia, who was the most depressed of the whole group.

[This is the end…] (Sophia)

Sophia has already begun to prepare for her death.


Sophia always acted as a backup, relying on sacred magic and its abilities, and was unable to use combat magic.

Of course she practiced martial arts, which allowed her to fight, but for that she had to be dressed in a special suit of a first-class monk.

But in a battle with an opponent of the same class, she was not a worthy opponent. It could not even be used as a consolation.

[I’ll handle it!] (Yuuto)


Before the White Tiger’s huge fist reached Sophia…

Yuuto attacked him from the flank.

*Destructive Fist!*

That’s how Yuuto called this technique, which allowed to inflict external and internal damage at the same time.

When he struck, Yuuto began to spin his fist at the same time. This technique was the strongest of *Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu* techniques.

This technique affected the target’s body in such a way that it completely destroyed all of the victim’s bones, muscles and soft tissue at the same time.


The white tiger, having experienced the destructive power of the *Destructive Fist*,” broke the nearest wall with his body, raising a huge amount of dust.

The whole cave shook, as if an earthquake had begun.

[U-bastard!] (White Tiger)


Despite the fact that the White Tiger received enough damage that someone would normally die on the spot…

He stood, as if nothing had happened.

Thanks to his *Demon Eyes*, Yuuto knew that the reason for this development was the White Tiger’s *Regeneration* ability.

To counteract this ability, Yuuto must destroy his opponent’s heart.

But it was extremely difficult to do, because at the moment, thanks to its ability as a *Giant*, the White Tiger had a body less than 5 meters tall.

And his chest was as strong as the turtle shell.

[Mmm… Looks like the battle with this guy will take me longer than I thought.] (Yuuto)

Simultaneously, using the *Giant* and *Regeneration* skills, surprisingly, created a strong headache for Yuuto.

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