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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 171: The Battle of the White Tiger. Part 1. (VS Byakko 2)

Yuuto’s prediction turned out to be incredibly accurate.

Despite the fact that the White Tiger was weakened, its attacks were quite strong, but its speed was slow, thanks to that Yuito managed to avoid them.

The combination of the white tiger *Giant* and *Regeneration* abilities, as suggested by Yuuto, has become a very dangerous mix indeed.

Initially, Yuuto always tried to finish all his battles as quickly as possible, since prolonged battles were not profitable for him, as his endurance was his Achilles heel.

Of course, Yuuto could use *Fist of Destruction* in combination with *Demonic Destruction* to greatly increase his powers…

But the result was a very high risk that Yuuto would be paralyzed indefinitely.


Yuuto could only use basic martial arts, which is why the battle between him and the White Tiger came to a standstill.

{Amazing! Who would think that a human like us has so much power ?!} (Sophia)

Sophia, who witnessed this hard battle, couldn’t take her eyes off her for a second.

She was able to more or less determine his strength, since she herself was involved in martial arts.

Yuuto’s fighting style was a cross between many martial arts from different countries, ancient and modern, and did not belong to any particular school.

Sophia, who was born a human of this world and studied martial arts, didn’t even come close to Yuuto’s power struggle. Hey, it even looked like Yuuto’s martial art was *the final martial art*.

Yuuto was the second person Sophia saw with the power that allowed her to fight alone on an equal footing against the demonic race with her own body.

[Michael, hasn’t your magic power recovered yet? It’s so hard for Yuuto to fight alone!] (Sophia)

[Ugu… I’m sorry, but to activate the explosion with full force, it will take me a long time. I think it will take at least 5 minutes.] (Michael)

Even at such a critical time, this magical partner of hers turned out to be completely useless.

She wanted, as usual, to kill this trash on the spot, but for the moment every second counted.

The only way out of this impasse was to restore Michael’s magical powers.


From the point of view of those who watched the battle of Yuuto and the White Tiger, it seemed that this battle was completely balanced.

It seemed that neither side was inferior, but that seemed different for related parties in no way.

{Damn it! As well?! This guy!} (White Tiger)

The white tiger has been restored 17 times thanks to its regeneration.

If you protect the heart, which was the only weakness of this ability, it could become invincible.

However, this ability consumes an enormous amount of magical power to activate.

The white tiger had strong endurance, but gradually it also began to run out of breath.

Recognizing this, Yuuto had changed his fighting style in order to delay time.

Thus, he minimized all risks to himself, and Yuuto continued to accumulate further damage.

{Again! Why don’t my attacks hit you ?!} (White Tiger)

This strategy was to step back and closely monitor the enemy, depriving him of the slightest chance of countermeasures.

The white tiger continued to attack Yuuto, but each time his fist touched only the after image, while Yuuto himself found himself in a completely different place.

{If I think about it… it looks similar… right? “} (White Tiger)

At that very moment, that day came into the mind of a white tiger.

The day a nightmare occurred in the four beast tower.

An opponent he opposed.

Pride, which was like an unbreakable rock.

A position based on absolute strength.

He lost everything in an instant when he met a girl from another world named “Konoe Aina”.

Outwardly, Yuuto was very similar to her.

[Is it possible that… you have a relative named Konoe Aina? “] (White Tiger)

The next moment, the White Tiger casually asked ..


Yuuto’s heart beats so hard it was painful.

[What did you say?] (Yuuto

At the moment Yuuto couldn’t even breathe.

And her head started to get dizzy.

The name “Konoe Aina” had a much stronger effect on Yuuto than he could imagine.


The white tiger did not fail to take advantage of his opponent’s minute of confusion.

His magical powers have almost run out.

So it is quite possible that this was your last chance.

Because if he receives at least one more attack, his *Regeneration* will not be able to activate.

Then the White Tiger, having gathered its last strength, pointed its claws at the confused Yuuto’s head.

[Wind blowing ~~~~~~!] (???)

A loud and cheerful female voice echoed through the cave.


The white tiger was hit hard behind the head and fell to the ground.

In the end, this blow was decisive for the white tiger and he stopped breathing.


Black Treasure Necklace.

Rarity: 7 Stars

(Neutralizes the effect of other people’s “Demon Eyes.”)


This is the end?

Unexpectedly, those who hit the head of the white tiger were a 150 cm tall red-haired girl.

[Sally, where have you been so far ?! “] (Sophia)

[I’m sorry, I saw a beautiful butterfly in the garden and chased her, but I couldn’t catch her.] (Sally

[And why am I not surprised? In the end, you are known as the stupid number 1 *Legendary Blood*.] (Sophia)

[And? Anyway, I showed up just in time.] (Sally)

The girl named Sally maliciously extended her tongue.

[Allow me to introduce. This girl’s name is Sally, Sally Blossom. She is a *Legendary Blood* monk, and should serve as our vanguard. As you can see, she has a reliable ability, but her head is a bit defective.] (Sophia)

[Ooooh, how cruel! Sophia-chan, why are you talking about me like that ?! Am I really stupid ?!] (Sally)

Sally, who received such a harsh response from her companions, began to cry before her eyes.

[*Legendary Blood*… This is a force to be reckoned with.] (Yuuto)

Yuuto whispered when he met the third member of the *Legendary Blood*, after the magician and sage.

[Naturally! She is also a martial arts master! I can feel the terrifying aura coming from her.] (Yuuto)

[Hmm… No wonder they say they are the strongest humans.] (Yuuto)

[Well, this girl really has great power. I think it would be nice to have her in my harem.] (Yuuto)

[[…]] * (Spica / Sylphia) *

Spica and Sylphia, seeing how Yuuto liked the girls in this situation, sent scornful glances toward her.

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