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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 172: Lassen’s visit.

Several days have passed since Yuuto fought the White Tiger in a group with *Legendary Blood*.

All this time, Yuuto enjoyed the quiet life and did not leave home.

At the moment, Yuuto was lying in his bed and thinking.

{However… How Did the White Tiger Know About Aina?} (Yuuto)

Yuuto couldn’t personally ask the White Tiger about this, since he was already in another world.

{Would Sophia agree to resurrect him if I asked her?} (Yuuto)

As Yuuto didn’t have complete information, his chest was full of anxiety ..

{Hmm? What’s this…?} (Yuuto)

Suddenly Yuuto felt signs of life nearby and two spheres appeared right in front of him.

Yuuto reached for the balls and tried to touch them.

But at the last moment he stopped, because he felt a strong thirst for blood.

After a good look, Yuuto realized it was a woman’s big chest.


Lassen Cigarette

Race: Human

Profession: Adventurer

Unique Skills:

[Mind Reading]

– – – – – – – – –
Mind Reading

Rarity: 6 Stars

(An ability to read the mental state of the target’s mind.)
– – – – – – – – –

[Aren’t you very carefree at home? If I were a murderer, you would have gone to hell by now.] (Lassen)

[And this is what you are saying to a wonderful person like me? You could at least have told me to go to heaven.] (Yuuto)

[Given your unpleasant nature, Heaven will not accept you] (Lassen)

[???] (Yuuto)

The girl in the cowboy hat standing in front of him was Lassen Cigarette.

And Yuuto had a junior and senior relationship with Expein’s adventurers.

She was also the best expert in gathering information among adventurers, which was very helpful for Yuuto.

[I’m surprised Lassen-san came to my house to play…] (Yuuto)

[Not. This… I was just passing by, so I thought I’d stop by and visit him.] (Lassen)

[Why do you want to see me?] (Yuuto)

[I heard you were a little depressed lately. Spica-san and Sylphia-san are very worried about you.] (Lassen)

[Um…] (Yuuto)

He was taken by surprise.

The reason Yuuto was so depressed everyday was because of his thoughts about Aina.

Spica and Sylphia, seeing this situation, organized group meetings with Lassen.

They called them *Girl’s Day*.

Moving away from the world and isolating himself in his home, Yuuto seemed to emphasize that he needed time to recover.

So the girls decided that if Yuuto went on a mission with Lassen, it would allow him to stay away from negative thoughts.

[Luna is worried about you too, since you haven’t been in the adventurer guild for several days.] (Lassen)

[I’m very ashamed of myself. It seems like I made so many people worry about me.] (Yuuto)

Thinking that he had been locked away at home for a long time, Yuuto decided that tomorrow he would go to the guild to resume his adventurous activities.

[By the way, this is a gift from me.] (Lassen

[Nn? What is this?] (Yuuto)

Lassen handed Yuuto a piece of paper.

*Organized by Expein City! – A participation ticket to the Martial Arts Tournament!*

That’s what was written on a piece of paper.

The prize fund was 1,000,000 Rea.

Converted to the yen in modern Japan, it was about 10 million yen.

Given the size of the prize, it would not be a mistake to assume that this was one of the major tournaments in this country.

[I thought it was perfect for you. If you register as a participant, you can definitely recover through battle. I got an invitation card from a friend who wanted to attend earlier, but he changed his mind.] (Lassen)

Lassen continued to speak.

[The tournament starts tomorrow, so why don’t you try if you have no other plans?] (Laasen)

[Oh! Sounds interesting!] (Yuuto)

As per the ticket description, this tournament brought together the strongest representatives from all nations and countries, representing a variety of martial arts schools.

So Yuuto, who was the heir of *Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu*, was very interested in this event.

[Heehee. Do you ever feel like you won the tournament?] (Lassen)

Lassen, seeing Yuuto’s excited expression, decided to play with him, squinting.

[No, I’m not sure about that…] (Yuuto)

[That’s right, you shouldn’t think winning this tournament is easy, because *Jack Lee – “The Undefeated Kenpo User”*, will participate in the tournament. no matter how strong you are, you are nowhere near Lee’s strength.] (Lassen)

[Who is this guy?] (Yuuto)

[No way, you… have you ever heard of a martial artist named Lee ?!] (Lassen)

When Lassen heard Yuuto’s question, she was surprised and intrigued.

[Jack Lee is a martial artist who became a three-time winner of the martial arts festival on the world stage at the great Trywide tournament, which takes place only once every 4 years.] (Lassen)

Lassen keep saying:

[Thanks to his sheer strength, he founded a dojo in which many young people come together every year.] (Lassen)

[Wow. There is even such a person.] (Yuuto)

For Yuuto, the phrase “strong warrior” was as intriguing as “sweet girl”.

So far, Lassen has never provided false information.

So Yuuto became interested in this tournament more and more.

[But I won’t lose. And I will show Lassen-san that I will defeat this person] (Yuuto)

[Ho… I see you are interested in the tournament. I think if you do your best, you still have a chance to get first.] (Lassen)

[…] (Yuuto)

At that moment, Yuuto began to vaguely guess what Lassen was doing. So she wanted to cheer him up.

{Looks like she’s worried about me too… “} (Yuuto)

Yuuto, realizing Lassen’s concern for him, was embraced by warm, tender feelings.

[Thank you for being so worried about me. Maybe Lassen-san fell in love with me.] (Yuuto)

[What ?!] (Lassen)

[Sculpt me, I’m sorry, I was wrong!] (Yuuto)

Yuuto quickly apologized to Lassen, who immediately became serious. He didn’t want her to be mad at him.

{Well, why is Lassen-san so impassable?} (Yuuto

Although Lassen denied that, they were definitely approaching, like a man and a woman.

It seems that the moment when they could go out on a date was not far away.

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