Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 173: Martial Arts Tournament (Qualifiers).

The next day.

Yuuto, who was advised by Lassen to participate in the martial arts tournament, went to the adventurer guild.

This tournament was planned to be held at the *Arena*, which belonged to the guild.

In the qualifying round, group fights of 16 people were held and only the group winner could enter the main tournament.

{Quite brutal way to select participants…} (Yuuto)

Magic was also allowed.

Weapons were also allowed if you brought them with you.

Reading the rules of the tournament, a bitter smile involuntarily appeared on Yuuto’s face.

[Year… Yuuto-san!] (???)


Luna Honek

Race: Cait Sith

Profession: Adventurer

Unique Skills:


— — – — — – — — –


Rarity: 3 Stars

(An ability that lets you hide your own presence.)

— — – — — – — — –

Looking toward the source of the voice, Yuuto saw a familiar face.

She was a cat-eared ninja-dressed girl, Luna Honek, who was also adventurous in the city of Expein, just like Yuuto.

Despite the fact that Luna was a little girl, she was known among adventurers as the *Goddess of Martial Arts* and, despite her young age, as Yuuto, she was a silver adventurer.

[Oh, Luna, we haven’t seen each other in a while!] (Yuuto)

[Yes, it’s been a long time. Are you alright? You haven’t been in the guild for a long time, so I started to get worried!] (Luna)

Luna asked Yuuto to help her fight the worst monster named *Thanatos the Immortal King* and he agreed to help her, so now she felt she owed Yuuto a big debt.

Although initially Luna was extremely hostile against Yuuto, in the end, she began to feel as much attachment for him as her childhood friend Ririna.

[I heard from Lassen-san that you will participate in the tournament, right?] (Luna)

[Yes. I just registered.] (Yuuto)

[Please be careful! Probably Jack Lee will participate in this tournament. Regardless of his strength, Jack Lee is not an opponent who can easily be beaten.] (Luna)

Probably Jack Lee will participate in this tournament. Regardless of his strength, Jack Lee is not an opponent who can easily be beaten.

[Once again that name…] (Yuuto)

It seems that Luna, like Lassen, also feared this martial artist named Jack Lee.

But hearing that name again from someone else, Yuuto’s interest in him grew even more.

[That’s because I decided to work hard to one day reach the same strength as Yuuto-san, and because I wouldn’t know my position if I gave up!] (Luna)

[Did I become your model? But only recently I came to the silver post and now I’m not much different from you.] (Yuuto)

[But this classification is only for now and soon it will change. Anyway, I’ll try my best anyway.] (Luna)

[Got it. By the way, if you have time, come cheer for me.] (Yuuto)

[Alright!] (Luna)

Then their little conversation ended.

Yuuto then went to the adventurer’s guild arena, where the tournament would be held.

Meanwhile, Luna watched him silently.

{Please, wait for me. I will surely reach him!} (Luna)

It was obvious that the time that Yuuto goes remains in the silver rating was only for a short time.


Rumors circulated throughout the guild that in the near future Yuuto would receive a gold ranking promotion.

If an adventurer became a gold rating, he could no longer take on general tasks and could only perform quests that were issued directly by the royal family.

In that case, Yuuto will appear less and less in the guild, and all your contacts with him will probably decrease as well.

{This is completely unacceptable! I should definitely avoid this!} (Luna)

Luna set a new goal for herself.

She should also become an adventurous gold grader, along with Yuuto, to be able to provide support and assistance to Yuuto.

Luna, who strengthened her resolve, decided that she had to do everything possible to get stronger.

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