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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 174: Start of The Qualifying Round.

After finishing joining the adventurer guild to participate in the tournament, Yuuto immediately went to the *Arena*.

[Oh, this city even has something like this !!!] (Yuuto)

Externally, the *Arena* was a bit like the Colosseum of ancient Rome.

On site, the number of participants exceeded 250 people.

[Konoe Yuuto. Block F, your battle will begin soon. Please prepare to enter.] (Receptionist)

The receptionist said at the entrance.

Yuuto calmly went to the designated spot and sat on an empty seat, waiting for the tournament to start.

[Hi. Have you heard? He’s the only one you know who…] (Participant ???)

[Yes I know. So let’s continue with this as our strategy.] (Participant ???)

[Hehe, I’m looking forward to the moment I can see your desperate face!] (Participant ???)

By the time Yuuto arrived at site A, the remaining 15 participants from his block were already there and preparing for the qualifying round.

When Yuuto entered, their whole gaze was fixed on him full of hostility without the intention of hiding.

{I understand. They are aiming at me. But why? Did I find them in place and make them angry or something?} (Yuuto)

So far, Yuuto has tried to act not to stand out too much.

But the members of his group clearly showed that they were all together.

[That bastard… getting intimate with Lassen-san!] (Participant ???)

[My bloodlust continues to well up every time I think of him monopolizing her erotic body.] (Participant ???)

[Leaving that aside, it’s unforgivable to get your hands on our archangel! Get intimate with our Luna-chan!] (Participant ???)

[That’s right… Luna-chan is our ray of hope for the adventurers of Expein… Ahh. I want Luna-chan to be my daughter…] (Participant ???)

Yuuto listened to the conversation of a group of warriors and realized what was really going on.

There was nothing surprising about people coming together for a common purpose.

Although the personal skills of the participants in your block are not very high, it seems best to remain vigilant.

[Ah? Luna? Are you talking about that little ass? You didn’t hit your head somewhere did you?] (Participant ???)

[I could say the same to you… What’s so good about big asses? Have you ever seen anyone have a better ass than Luna-san ?!] (Participant ???)

[What you said… Remove, quickly remove the words you spoke!] (Participant ???)

[Same to you! Remove your words too!] (Participant ???)

[Ah ?!] (Participant ???)

[Oh ?!] (Participant ???)

After the previous dialogue, we could draw the following conclusion…

The adventurers of the Lassen and Luna factions got along as well as a cat and a dog.

The faces of all the fans of these girls went completely dark.

[Well then, let’s start the qualifiers for Block F now. Ready… Get Started!] (Agency)

With a crash, the battle began.

The next moment…

The next moment, the people around Yuuto were impressed by his unexpected action.

[[-What! -] -] -] *(Participant ???)*

Whatever they think of Yuuto, it was because he was walking slowly alone in the corner of the place.

There were two ways to defeat the enemy.

The first is to knock out the enemy, and the second is to throw him over the edge of the arena.

[I don’t understand one thing, but… Looks like this is our chance…] (Participant ???)

[Oh… Let’s attack together, he’s already on the edge of the arena, we just have to push him down.] (Participant ???)

The 15 participants, who had agreed to a temporary ceasefire, began to surround Yuuto, which was located on the edge of the arena on all sides.

[Hehe, don’t think bad about us. Konoe Yuuto, I’ll take you down!] (Participant ???)

One of the adventurers, who assured himself that victory was in his hands, hurried to push Yuuto from the arena.

[What?] (Participant ???)


Despite the fact that the situation seems extremely favorable to him.

Outside the arena was the adventurer who tried to attack Yuuto.

Among the remaining participants, there was a deadly silence, as they did not even have time to consider what had happened. They only saw that the comrade had been thrown away by a small stream of water.

[Hey, you… don’t try to imitate this idiot. It will go wrong if we are not all together.] (Participant ???)

[Um, that seems to be true…] (Participant ???)

The participants, realized the huge difference of the opponent in front of them, corrected their posture and surrounded Yuuto.

[And now, with 3, 2, 1 – we all push him at once.] (Participant ???)

[[[Yes!]]] *(Participants)*

Yuuto’s rivals coordinated his actions to defeat him.

They believed that their friend had previously lost because he acted recklessly and alone.

This time they decided to act together.

[3, 2, 1… Come on!] (Participant ???)

All of them at once under command simultaneously attacked Yuuto, who was on the edge of the arena.

[Eh?] (Participant ???)

[Ah?] (Participant ???)

[Why?] (Participant ???)


Despite the fact that Yuuto was attacked by 14 people at the same time, in the end, only he remained in the arena.

It was obvious that all of Yuuto’s opponents were completely defeated, which is why they all lie on the floor with their mouths open.

Put them down.

That was the name of the technique Yuuto used to defeat his opponents.

Since Yuuto practiced *Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu*, which was based on the assimilation of various martial arts, he was also familiar with *Sumô* techniques.

Yuuto had been practicing *Sumô* since childhood, and most of all, he managed to “maneuver”.

This technique allowed, based on the elasticity of the waist, to dump the enemy left or right. This technique was developed by the great sumo wrestler Kohou and, thanks to it, became famous as a warrior defeating his opponents in one turn.

Yuuto, standing on the edge of the arena, used this technique to use his opponents’ power to get them all out of the arena.

{Sumo is amazing… If it wasn’t for me having to make contact with naked men, I wouldn’t mind studying it a little better…} (Yuuto)

This kind of fighting required a high concentration, but he liked it.

However, the need to make close contact with sweaty, naked men was completely unacceptable to him.

But sumo techniques could still be useful for him.

So, having studied a number of them, Yuuto left sumo and never returned to it.

{Oh! I have a great idea! If it’s not good with a man, then I should sumo with a girl!} (Yuuto)

But as expected, I probably can’t prepare a real mawashi, it must be fun to have a sumo fight with Spica and Sylphia, who is shy when using a fundshi.

As soon as this brilliant idea came to Yuuto, he decided to bring it to life immediately after he returned home.

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  1. Belkar

    You might want to have another look at this sentence, because it makes no sense:

    ‘Yuto wasn’t going to make girls into purses.’

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    The quality clearly shows this is sloppily edited machine translation, reading a few chapters of this after nepus translations almost makes me vomit.