Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 175: Celebration.

– It’s time to go back.

After Uto safely passed the qualifying tournament and received a description of the final round, he went home.

– Brother, welcome back, nanodesu!

– Yuto, I’ve heard everything from my friend!

The first people to meet Yuto when he crossed the threshold of his house were the Forrest sisters.

They were both dressed as maids.

– Has he? So that you were both dressed as maids, it was very unusual.

– … *Sisters*

When Yuto muttered this, the Forrest sisters were painted with embarrassment and began to wiggle their feet.

– Sir, as always, you had your first fight brilliantly.

– Yes, yes. If the host continues to fight in the same spirit, winning the tournament won’t be a problem for him.

A little later, Spica and Sylvia also came up with a little bit of a delay, also dressed as maids.

Yuto watched as the four worshipped him.

“What the hell is going on here?

Yuto wondered why Spica, Sylphia, Ririna, and Sanya were wearing the maids’ outfits he had ordered for his hobby.

In the past, until Yuto personally asked the girls to wear this outfit, they never wore it voluntarily.

– Why are you all dressed up as maids? Did something happen?

– Yes, I did… Today we are going to celebrate the host’s qualifying round in the tournament!

– Celebrate?

– As, apparently, Mr. tough maid lover, we decided to prepare to help Mr. remove even the slightest fatigue.

– Oh, clearly. So that’s what this is about.

By this point, Sylvia had explained everything to him.

Apparently, the girls came to this conclusion, after constant nightly depraved magical training with Yuto.

That’s why 4 girls dressed as maids. The same was true of the girls’ skeletal outfits.

– Well, then, let’s start our holiday as soon as possible! Are you ready to have fun?

– Yes. Master, today I have prepared a special dish for you!

– Has he?

Yuto, when he heard Speaky’s words, was stupefied because he did not know how to react to her statement.

But the next moment.

Spica raised the maid’s skirt, making it clear what she was talking about.

– Sir, today you may not restrain your desires. We promise that we will fulfill any wish of the master… to celebrate your victory.

Having said that, Sylvia also raised her skirt.

– Yuto, I also… I can’t stand it anymore.

– Honestly, Sanya also wanted her brother to pay attention to her.

– Ririna… Sanya?!

Ririna’s long history as a nymphomaniac wasn’t news to Yuto, but Sanya’s hitting it there was a big surprise.

Yuto thought that Sanya’s mind and body were still immature, so he didn’t even try to get his hands on her.

“Damn… And how could I resist such seductive girls? No normal man can do that…”

Yuto realized…

Since he fell into depression because of the question with Aina, he hadn’t been practicing magic for a long time.

Thus, this so-called “holiday” was only an occasion, as over the past few days the girls had to endure endless sexual arousal, which they could not satisfy.

– Great! Then, get ready, because you won’t sleep a wink tonight!

The girls’ offer made Yuto excited, and his soul and body burst into flames.