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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 176: The creeping shadow.

At the same time…

How Yuto expected the end of the qualifying round of the martial arts tournament and the announcement of the tournament grid among the remaining participants…

On the road, 10 km west of Expain.

This road has become a favorite hunting ground for new adventurers, as only low-level monsters like goblins and mucus lived here.

But now…

On this road there were two figures that belonged to demons.

– Hey, Levi, I think if we had stayed here and waited, the “monster” who killed Mammon would have come to us, huh?

That demon’s name was Bellefegaard.

He was one of the key members of the group of seven mortal sins, and was also one of the kings of the demons, and had the title of “Leni”.

Which was fully in keeping with his nature, because he was no longer interested in sleeping and drinking.

However, it is necessary to pay tribute to his performance, as all the tasks that he was assigned, were always fulfilled.

In terms of skills, Lucifer had a very high opinion of him.

– Basically, it is possible. My skills are not wrong. Mammon’s killer is now on his way to the Expayne at great speed. It’s like a wild animal finding its “favorite food”!

The woman next to Bellefegaard was called Leviathan.

Among the seven mortal sins, her fighting power was the weakest, but she was often entrusted with an information-gathering mission, which was ideal for her because of her skill set.

– My Fate Label and Tracking skills were never wrong. The dark red thread of fate is already around the corner.

– Bugaga. Your abilities suck as always. But this time they were very useful to us.


Mark of Fate And Surveillance

Rarity: Unknown

(A skill that allows you to tie an object belonging to the target and the body of the target with red threads of fate.)


Mammon’s body, which was found in the tower of four animals, looked like a skeleton, as if someone had eaten his flesh.

Leviathan used the remains of saliva found near Mammon’s corpse and thus was able to successfully tie it to its owner by means of red threads of destiny.

– Asya, what the hell? What is going on?

Suddenly, the rain started to rain, which gradually grew stronger and stronger.

A hooded hood.

A hooded hood.

Powerful lightning struck near two people.

It looked as if Destiny had prophesied a sinister future for them.

At that moment, the red thread appeared in front of these two people, enclosed in “something” transparent.

– Look out! There… is something underground!

The first person to react to the situation was Leviathan.

– Huh? What? Where? What is going on?!

– I have no idea. Unexpectedly, the red thread just disappeared. This is the first time that this is happening… It seems that all my unique skills just disappeared!

– What?!

Bellefegaard also tried to use one of his skills.

However, there was no sign of activation of his skills.

It felt like someone was sucking all his skills.


Absolute Invulnerability. Suppression of The Soul

Rarity: Unknown

(The power to disable the unique skills of other living beings.)


Is it possible that this skill Konoe Aina was the reason to disable the skills of two demons? These two did not know this.

– I am a spearhead… An abrasive spear!

Bellefegora thought he heard someone’s voice, and then a sharp pain pierced him from his side.

– Kha…

– Bellefegaard?!

Apparently, several internal organs were damaged.

Fresh blood came out of Bolfegora’s mouth.

“Holy shit! This… This is the one… who caused Mammon’s death?!

The attack was very unexpected and they still couldn’t find anyone.

When Mammon’s body was discovered, everyone came to the conclusion that he had been killed by some “monster”.

But now they were looking at a black-haired and black-eyed girl, who was pretty beautiful, if you judge only by her appearance.

When Aina was first called into this world, she was in a terrible state because of the grief of losing Yuto. She was like skin and bones.


When Aina swallowed up the flesh of the demon she had killed in the tower of four animals, she completely restored her former form.

– I am surprised. I attacked him for one purpose – to kill him, but…

Aina said, hiding her body only half in the shadows.

Aina’s martial art, which was called the “buried heart style”, was rare in modern Japan, as was the “Konoe Ryu style”. allowed us to create an indestructible warrior.

If you try to describe this fighting style in one word, the words “faith” are ideal.

As soon as Aina was convinced that she was a shadow, she could hide herself completely from others.

– Ha. Despite my big beer stomach, I’m not soft enough to be overwhelmed by a cat like you.

Bellefegore had to do everything he could to squeeze those words out of his mind.

No wonder the four animals couldn’t stand up to her.

All four animals in battle relied heavily on their unique skills, so this girl was for them the most terrible enemy of all possible.

– Levi, I’ll buy you some time so you can escape. Report what happened to Luciferu-danna!

– Э?!

– She… This monster is extremely dangerous! If all seven mortal sins don’t unite their efforts, we won’t have a chance to defeat her!

– Got it! I will do it, but… but you have to survive, too, and come back!

Leviathan, who received a warning from Bellefegaard, started running back into town at full speed from Aina.

– Right. I decided to save a woman at the expense of my life… It is worthy of respect. I am surprised again.

It was clearly not the little bipod she had met before.

Aina, who saw Bellefegaard’s abilities, involuntarily admired him.

– If so, I will do you the honor… and show you the greatest of my secrets.

For Aina, “letting go” an opponent who had such a strong, murderous intention towards her was not an option.

Unlike Yuto, who tried not to kill his opponents as much as possible, Aina, even where everything could be solved in peace, chose the most cruel and merciless option.

– I am my brother… Dear brother!

– You…

The scene that opened up for Bellefegaard the next moment, plunged him into total despair.

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