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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 177: The Battle of Jack Lee.


The next day, the morning after the end of the qualifying round.

Yuto woke up from the chirp of birds, who were homogenizing outside the window.

– The owner… No, not there!

– Slime… Give me a break…

– Funya… Brother… Nanodesu…

– Yuto… Please… raised me even more…

These words belonged to four girls who slept in nightgowns next to each other on the bed. And it was Spica, Sylvia, Sanya and Ririna.

What happened that night was too much…

Yuto had to fully recover to participate in the tournament, but today’s magical training was far beyond what it was before.

– Oh, shit!

Looking at the time, Yuto realized that there are about 5 minutes left till the beginning of the tournament.

If Yuto had been late for the tournament, he would have insulted Lassen, who had gotten him a ticket to the tournament.

– Spica, Sylvia, we overslept! So stay here and I’ll go ahead!

Yuto was going to go to the main tournament with Spica and Sylvia.

By the way, Ririna-san also wanted to support him, but that meant that the two sisters had to leave their duties at home unattended.

Yuto, finding himself asleep, quickly flew towards the arena.


At the same time, on the other hand.

Next to the arena A.

There were two adventurers who came together early. They were Lassen and the Moon.

– The older one… Yuto-san… is late.

– Hmm. Check-in time is long gone… I wonder what he’s doing.

The first battle of block A has already begun.

The first fight of Yuto was later, however, the late participants would face a lot of problems.

– Well, in any case, Yuto-coon was born under a happy star.

– Really? His first opponent is Jack Lee!

While they were talking like this, time was slowly running out.

– So, the first of 4 fights in the block A is announced. From the east gate come out the well-known, invincible monk Jack Lee!

And from the western gate comes out a beginner, Konoe Yuto! Let’s welcome both participants in the arena!

When the judge announced the start of the next fight, Jack Lee appeared first in the arena.

Despite the fact that he was over 50, his body was poured with steel muscles, and he was surrounded by an aura that gave him a veteran.

– Sorry I’m late!

30 seconds after Jack Lee entered the arena…

On the other side of the arena there was Uto, who had sweat coming from his forehead.


Black Treasure Necklace

Rarity: 7 Star

(Neutralizes the action of other people’s “demonic eyes”.)


When Yuto arrived at the last second, he saw an elderly man whose body resembled steel.

But since he also wore a black treasure necklace, he couldn’t confirm his identity.

Apart from the black treasure necklace that Yuto had, he had already seen him for the third time.

– You… who?

He asked doubtfully at that moment.

Before that, apart from himself, Yuto had only seen this necklace with members of the Legendary Blood.

Based on the fact that this old man had such a unique thing, one could safely say that he was not an ordinary man.

– Hohehehe. Are there still young people who do not know the name of Jack…

Old Lee, even though he already had a white beard, when he heard the question from Yuto, smiled fearlessly.

– But nothing. Boy, in the future, you’ll be able to remember Jack’s name well… Boogee!

As soon as Lee tried to raise the stakes…

Yuto’s fist crashed into Jack’s face.

– I don’t care who you are. I just can’t lose when I’m supported by beautiful ladies!

When I ran into Yuto’s fist, Lee’s body flew away 5 meters.

Lee’s body fell to the ground and started beating in convulsions unconscious.

End of battle.

Although the people who saw this fight were in complete disarray.

An old man named Jack Lee was very strong.

He was as strong as 10 healthy men, and if he was in the mood, he could defeat the dragon with his bare hands.


But no matter how strong he was, he was just a man.

For Yuto, only demons could become a worthy opponent, provided that they would do their best.

– … *Chorus*

Among the spectators in the arena there was a deadly silence, because they could not realize what had just happened.

But after a while…

Single claps of applause began to be distributed in different places of the arena and gradually turned into deafening applause.

“Heh, I wanted a spectacular battle that Jack Lee couldn’t give me. The favourite of the tournament did not meet my expectations.

Ignoring the audience’s applause, Yuto thought.

And he came down from the arena carefree.

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