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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 178: The Battle of the Martial Arts Legend.

So, uh…

The fighting style of Jack Lee, who was one of the main favorites to win the tournament, was destroyed by Yuto with terrifying force.

“Well, yes. The likelihood that there will be demons here is extremely small, which means that there will be no more interesting opponents here.

Yuto thought so, but the reward for the tournament was too tidbit to give it up.

In addition, Yuto hoped for the best, as even though the chance to meet a strong opponent here and sought to zero, but was not equal to him.

– Ladies and gentlemen! What will happen next?! What an unexpected turn of events, two newcomers pass to the final!

In the eastern gate the most intriguing newcomer, who defeated all his opponents in the dry – Konoe Yuto!

From the West Gate comes the only girl of the tournament – Sally Blossom!

Both participants are invited to the arena!

When the referee announced the next participants, the girl with very familiar bright red hair entered the arena.

– Oh! *the crowd is a choir *

Sally and Yuto went up to the arena almost simultaneously.

When they met, they realized that they had already met when they fought against the White Tiger.

– You, what’s your name… I forgot your name, but I remember your face well. Bugaga! Great, finally, I got an interesting opponent!

Despite the fact that she was making her way in the tournament with her fists, it was definitely Sally.

So, as they say, “the meeting place can`t be changed. In the arena we met the one who is used to solve everything with fists, and the one who hasn`t lost a single fight so far. (It’s not quite clear about the victories, because as far as I know, the loser is flying out of the tournament, so Sally, if she was losing, had to fly out as well. So it’s most likely that Yuto won all the fights without being injured.)

“Ha, but it was quite funny. I predicted that in the final match my opponent would be Jack Lee…

Sally’s appearance turned out to be quite unexpected, which made Yuto smile lightly.

As Yuto could not fight this opponent, he studied her with a dubious glance.


Suddenly Yuto had a brilliant idea in his head.

– Exactly! Got it! You must be Jack Lee from the invincible Campo school!

– What?

Sally looked at Yuto like an idiot and smiled at her.

– Hohehehe, who would have thought that the legendary Jack Lee would be a girl?

– Hey, what are you talking about?! Didn’t you defeat him earlier?

– ???

– ???

Since they were both not too strong in their thinking processes, they had a lot of question marks in their heads.

– Ah, it doesn’t matter. I had to sweat a lot to get to this tournament. So I think I’ll have a little fun showing you my school!

Tired of useless chatter and overwhelmed with pride, Sally rushed to Yuto, waving her head for a shot.

– Wow!

She was clearly different from her previous opponent.

“Well, there’s nothing I can do about it. From the outside it may look like I’m stalling… Isn’t that right?

Yuto didn’t want to hurt the girl’s body, so he didn’t attack her.

So he decided to make the goal of her leg, thinking it would be best…

– …

However, the next moment…

The severe pain pierced Yuto’s leg.

Its strength was much higher than expected.

And Sally’s physical strength was far beyond any common sense.

– Heh, Yuto, my Ghost Steel Style allows me to be both soft and hard at the same time! I can easily withstand even direct attacks from demons!

She turned off the “soft” style of her martial arts that she had used before.

And she switched to a “hard” style, thereby losing speed, but significantly increasing power.

– Uh…

Faced with an unknown martial art, Yuto moved on to a deaf defense.

But switching between soft and strong styles, Sally still couldn’t get it.

“Strange. Yuto, has never once tried to seriously attack me …

While Sally attacked Yuto, she had some anxious feeling in her head, which she could not get rid of.

Despite the absolutely overwhelming attacking power, she could not get her opponent.

Even the continuous attack of the highest demon could not hurt Yuto much, which clearly showed how tough he was.

“It seems like I don’t have to choose in this situation?

Sally wasn’t sure if she should use her secret weapon in this situation.


Her instincts told her that if she didn`t fight hard, she wouldn`t have a chance to win.

– I’ll let you see the secret technique of my school…

Yuto became very serious when he heard it. So it could be?

Then Sally showed the world her last trump card, which was created specifically for the battle against several demons.

Yuto, seeing Sally’s shot, which was much faster than he had expected, involuntarily made an admiring exclamation.

– Ha, now try to avoid it!

Sally continuously attacked Yuto.

The girl’s red hair took on eight bizarre shapes that Yuto had never seen before, from the continuous flurry of her blows.

“What is wrong with this child?! Her movements are very much like an octopus!

Yuto didn’t interrupt her attacks, watching her limbs move like an octopus tentacle.

– Bugaga! Running away, you can’t win, Yuto!

Yuto didn’t try to resist not because he couldn’t do it.

He just wanted to keep an eye on Sally’s technique because they had never seen martial arts with such a free style of movement before.

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