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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 179: The Battle of the Demon of Wrath. Part 1.

– Hey, um… What are you doing?

– Buggy! This is the secret technique of my school “Flame Wail”!

Yuto`s eyes opened wide when he saw Sally`s secret technique.

Yuto thought that Sally had just used the magic of fire to ignite a fire inside her body.

She was dressed in specially made clothes, which were treated with a special combustible substance outside.

As a result…

A powerful fireball was to form over her body

– Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Does that make any sense?

– I have no idea.

When Sally heard Yuto’s question, she smiled, showing her white teeth.

– Are you in such a situation… you won’t die of burns too?

– That’s right! In other words… I need to finish everything before the flame becomes uncontrollable!

– Oh, how!

Then Sally jumped to Yuto, watching his movements.

At the same time…

Yuto on an intuitive level, understood the essence of Sally’s secret technique.

“Clearly. In its principle of work, her technique is very similar to my “demonic fist”.

The human body is a strange thing. It shows the maximum of its abilities only on the verge of life and death.

So, by burning herself up, Sally put a condition in front of her body, “either you do what I need to do quickly, or we’re burned to shit. In this situation, Sally’s body has no choice but to mobilize all its forces to the maximum.

“What a horror!

The secret technique with which Sally mobilized all her forces to the maximum stunned Yuto.

Who really wondered if there were still people on earth who would fight like that?!

If too much time passes, Sally’s life could be in real danger.

She literally “burned her life” in exchange for more fighting power.

In this situation, there was not a situation in which there was no need to choose the means.

– Water!

Having thought so, Yuto quickly let a powerful stream of water out of his hand to put out the fire of Sally.

Sally, who faced Yuto’s attack, looked as if she had seen thunder from a clear sky.

– What?! You coward!

– If it makes you feel better, let me be a coward. There are no rules in this tournament that prohibit the use of magic.

In fact, if you look at it honestly, Sally also used magic to set herself on fire.

So it makes sense that her magic was neutralized by the magic of her opponent’s water.

– Besides, my favorite type of girl, just has no right to use such dangerous things.

– What’s that?

When Sally heard Yuto’s words, she blushed instantly, and from her head fell down steam like a kettle that boiled.

– T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-you… A coward!

She was repeating the same words, but they had a different meaning.

From her childhood, Sally had devoted herself completely to the martial arts. Wishing to become the strongest, she studied the strongest martial art of this world “style of Ghost Steel”. Thus, they never had the opportunity to talk to guys of their age.

Although the situation changed somewhat when she met the Legendary Blood.

Thus, Sally’s resistance to the charms of the opposite sex was extremely weak.

Yuto did not miss this chance.

Sally was now standing lost on the edge of the arena. So when Yuto pushed her in the most insidious way, she immediately lost her balance and fell out of the arena.

– Oh, yes. I won.

Sally, who was outside the arena, was caught off guard by this development.

– T-Tr…

For the third time Sally could not say the word.


She finally realized that her opponent was worried about her and did so only for her safety.

At this point the tournament came to an end.

It was at this moment that the stands almost exploded with applause, reporting the end of the fight.

But suddenly, as if a bomb had exploded in the arena, punching a hole in her wall.



Race: Demon

Profession: Member of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Unique Skills: None


– Found it. Whoever killed Mammon… Konoe Yuto!

A demon came out of the hole, radiating a sinister aura.

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