Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 180: The battle with the demon of wrath. Part 2.

– Wow! Wow! A demon! It’s a real demon!

After the demons lost the war 500 years ago, they tried to avoid crowded places and not to be seen by people.

Thus, the spectators of the arena instantly panicked because of an unexpected attack of the demon.

– Heh. I was already upset that there were no demons here… But now it eliminates the need to look for you personally.

Unlike the people around me, Sally was extremely calm.

The main purpose of the Legendary Blood was to destroy the demons.

Give a good kick to the demons, that’s what they wanted.

– Windstroke!

– Ho… Who would have thought that in a man can lurk such a force…

– Kia!


Her attack was completely blocked by Satan’s right hand.

Even if…

She was in her perfect shape, she couldn’t even scratch Satan in the slightest way.

So what about when she attacked Satan after using her “secret technique”?

– You are too weak. Too boring.

– …

Satan held her by her ankle and threw her high up into the sky.

Sally’s tiny body had to fall outside the arena.

– Konoé Yuto, my goal is you! I won’t forgive you for killing… Mammon… I will definitely not forgive you!

Satan was wrong about one thing.

Yuto didn’t kill Mammon.

He stabbed Mammon in the face for hurting his companion, but it wasn’t enough to kill him.

“Э? It’s strange, it’s a misunderstanding.

Stealing Yuto’s skills was the best proof of that, because after Mammon’s attack, he did not get any skills from him.

However, trying to justify himself to Satan was a waste of time.

Uto’s opponent was unable to hear any rational arguments, as he was now completely overwhelmed by rage.

– Get it – sign it! A dark warrior’s fist!

Satan went into attack.

The great Satan put all his power in his fist, and he pointed it at Yuto.

– ….

Yuto, evading Satan’s attack, retreated back 5 meters.

Although Satan’s attack was the most ordinary one, without any use of skills or techniques, it should be noted that it was extremely powerful.

“It’s funny… It looks like I’m going to have to take this fight.

The structure of the body of the demons differed from the structure of the body of people.

Except for some individuals like Sally, Yuto’s fight with an ordinary person wasn’t difficult.

– Come on, attack as much as you want. Do you want me to bury you next to your friend?

– I will kill you!

Satan, who heard Yuto’s provocation, had all his veins swollen.

The Martial Arts Tournament, which was organized by the city’s authorities, became a devilish battle between demon and man.

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