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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 181: The battle with the demon of wrath. Part 3.

So, uh…

Battle of Yuto with Satan gradually moved to its climax.

“Strong. He is stronger than any of my opponents I have fought before…”

Yuto still remembered the battles with his past enemies, especially Tanatos. But compared to Satan, Tanatos wasn’t even close to him.


No matter how strong Satan was, Yuto wasn’t surprised.

“Yasnenko. It is not the enemy who is too weak, I am the stronger one.

So Yuto found the answer to one of his questions.

If you think about it…

Earlier, Yuto, when he had just been called into this world, even using all his “techniques” and risking his life, would not have been able to win in such a fight.


If he had fought Satan immediately after the draft, such a battle would have been a one-gate game, and this would have been the gate of Yuto.


Yuto has already had time to fight with many dangerous opponents and very much increased his fighting ability.

– Damn it! Why… Why don’t my attacks reach him?!

Satan was the first one to kneel.

Satan, being the demon of wrath and one of the mortal sins, did not have any unique skills.

However, Satan had an incredible innate talent, which is why he was never discouraged.

Satan trained hard, day after day, to gain the power that would allow him to fight on an equal footing with other demons.

– My dark, destructive fist… I honed my skills for 800 years, not missing a single day to bring them to perfection… But I still can’t beat you… why?!

– So what if you’ve been training for 800 years? Only because of this I can`t defeat you?

While Satan was on one knee and breathing hard, Yuto was talking.

– Konoé Ryu’s style is as old as the history of the world itself. My fist contains the history of 14 billion years to this day, from the moment of the birth of life in space. (?!)

This time Satan could not fully understand the meaning of the words of Yuto.

The main reason for this was that the world was lagging behind the Earth in scientific development, so the local inhabitants had no idea what the universe was.

However, somehow he was able to understand how insignificant he was before this power.

“I couldn’t become completely “independent” unlike this guy, who relied entirely on his own skills and didn’t go for “public opinion”. Is it possible that today I lost because of this difference…”


All the anger that Satan had towards Yuto suddenly disappeared.

From now on, it would be good to meet strong opponents like Yuto.

– Heh, despite the fact that I am a demon of anger, I feel sympathy for you… Konoé Yuto… And you…

Satan did not have time to finish his sentence.


“It” suddenly appeared in front of Yuto and Satan’s head, rotating randomly, rolled over the ground to him.

– Brother! I so wanted to meet you again!

Smell the blood in his nose instantly, so his whole body started to shiver.

And Yuto’s long-forgotten injuries made themselves felt again.


Konoe Aina

Race: Human

Profession: None

Unique Skills: None


The man who owned that voice…

Black hair and black eyes – no mistake, it was a natural enemy of Yuto in the whole white world.

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