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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 182: Light and darkness. Part 1.

– Ayna?!

After a lot of time, reunited with his sister in another world, Yuto couldn’t resist the surprised exclamation.

– Yes. Aina finally found you. My desire to meet my brother… The space barricade broke through!

When Yuto heard her name from the White Tiger earlier, he did not rule it out.

– Clearly. So you were the one who killed Mammon… Now I finally had a full picture of what had happened.

– Forgive me, but who is “Mammon”? Since I was in this world, I have killed a lot of people… but somehow I forgot to ask their names.

-How… Yes, it’s quite like you.

Ainu didn’t care about such notions as good and evil at all.

The only thing that guided her in her life was her “paranoid love for her own brother.

On the other hand, it was an expected result for Aina, who practiced martial arts that went far beyond common sense, “The Style of the Buried Heart.

To master this fighting style, a man had to have a strong will and determination, so as not to distort the world around him and rearrange his mind under it. This was a very important quality for “The style of the buried heart.

– A brother… Finally, I found you!

– Ah!!!

Aina, under the influence of emotions from the long-awaited reunion with Yuto, hugged him tightly.

In this situation, it would be extremely bad to reject it.

In this way, Yuto gently hugged his sister.

– Sir, what the hell does this mean?

– Exactly, exactly… Despite the fact that you have us… Are you still letting your hands out to other women?

“It’s a bitch!” thought Yuto.

This situation, without exaggeration, has become the most horrible of all that has happened to him so far.

The people who were in the arena when Satan appeared were gradually evacuated under the leadership of Lassen and the Moon.

Thus, only Spica and Sylphia remained in the arena, anxiously watching the battle, ready to sacrifice their lives to their master at any moment.

– Nice to meet you, my name is Konoé Aina and I am Yuto’s sister.

Meanwhile, Aina has tidied her skirt and bowed respectfully.

Spica and Sylphia fell into a stupor.

When Yuto spoke of her, he often mentioned the word “too”, which was actually an epithet that characterized her.

Aina’s smile was like an angel’s smile, and she was so beautiful she could make even faces of the same sex admire herself.

– I was surprised. So Aina is the master’s sister…

– I apologize for my behavior. I didn’t know the master had such a beautiful sister.

Since it was a reunion of blood relatives, there was nothing wrong with them hugging each other.

Yuto expected the two girls to feel humiliated after receiving such a polite answer.

– By the way, what kind of relationship do you have with my brother?

Ayna asked, still smiling.

At first glance, that smile seemed perfect, but…

Yuto knew exactly what kind of cockroaches were behind Aina’s warm and kind smile.

That smile clearly showed that she was completely uninterested in the opposite side and was completely distorted by Aina’s perception, making it impossible to understand.

– Um, I’d say we live under the same roof as the owner.

– The master?

– That’s right. The gentleman is a bit of an unrestrained man, but his house is a very friendly and friendly place. Even though we are his slaves, he always takes good care of us.

– Slaves?

At this moment for Yuto…

Aina’s smile was like an axe above his head.

– That’s how. In other words… These useless flies dare to get under my brother’s feet…

– Has he?

It was not good at all.

First, Aina approached Sylphia, who was closest to Yuto

At that moment, Sylphia noticed something wrong and tried to activate the wind to protect herself.

– Kha…


Aina’s fist instantly destroyed Sylphia’s wind shield and still contained enough power to kill her on the spot.

– Oh, that’s a surprise, of course, but you have to die. I think these things happen quite often in this world.

Sylphia, having received Aina’s blow, flew back 10 meters.

She was still alive, but because of severe wounds and blood loss, she had already lost consciousness.


Sacrifice Ring

Rarity: 4 Star

(Can block one deadly blow, after which it is destroyed.)


Despite the fact that Sylvia was badly damaged, she survived only because of the effect of the sacrificial ring.

If it wasn’t for the ring…

Which Uto gave her, she would probably have died of this blow.

– HUH? EH?

Spica couldn’t understand what had happened.

She was feverishly trying to convince herself that this was not a dream.

– Spica, leave it to me, rather grab Sylvia and run.

– А.. Э… But… But… This is…

Spica, who just wanted to say “it’s the master’s sister”, decided to refrain from it.

Unexpectedly, the shiver was running down her back.

– Aina, attack me!

Spica has never seen Yuto so “angry” before.

Like the one who spent a lot of time with Yuto, she realized that now that he is in the power of emotion, no one can stop him.

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