Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 183: Light and darkness. Part 2.

– Heh heh, Aina… I knew the flies here poisoned my brother’s mind!

– Shit… what kind of heresy? Looks like you’ve been out of hand since I saw you.

– A real brother would never say anything like “hitting” Aina. Aina’s brother is the best in the world! He only loves Aina!

– Please calm down. It may hurt a little bit, but… right now, your brother is going to put your brain back in place.

But the person who made the first move was Aina.

– I am a shadow… Flexible shadow!

Aina instantly disappeared from Yuto’s field of vision, becoming a shadow by self-suasion.

Then, as a shadow, she rushed behind Yuto’s back at great speed with a strange smile on her face.

“Hohehehe, I went behind my brother’s back so easily… Wouldn’t it be better for him to use some kind of weapon, then it wouldn’t be so boring?

She bet everything on this attack.

She decided to first unconscious Yuto and then eliminate all the women who were hanging around him.

Aina was full of enthusiasm when, at the last moment, Yuto turned around and saw his eyes.

“Did he know that? I used my best technique, which I had only recently mastered!

By combining the style of Konoé Rue, who specialized in stealing enemy techniques, with an understanding of the basics of the buried heart style, it was possible for Yuto to anticipate her actions.

But… Even though it was Konoé Ryu’s style, it was impossible for him to fully copy the style of the Funeral Heart.

In addition, both martial arts were completely opposite to each other, like light and darkness.

If the main idea of Kono Ryu’s style was “just a little bit”, the main idea of the buried heart style was “something one, but very thorough”.

Therefore, the more skillful the master in comprehending Konoé Rue’s style becomes, the more incomprehensible for him to become the style of the buried heart.

– I am the wind… Hurray…

– I will not allow it!

Aina, realizing that her plan had been solved, tried to transform herself into a “wind”, but before she had time to complete the transformation, Yuto hit her.

– Kha!!!

Although Aina barely managed to defend herself from this attack, her body still couldn’t avoid being damaged, in the form of numbness.

“This attack… As if my brother had become a different person!

The buried heart’s style allowed a man to “transform” into something else with his willpower.

However, this technique had one drawback…

Man could not “transform” into several objects at once.

In other words, watching the enemy’s actions and anticipating his actions, it was possible to make an attack and interrupt the “transformation”. This was the main tactic of the struggle against the experts of the buried heart style

– Heh, that’s really my brother, or it wouldn’t be too interesting!

At a time when Yuto and Aina were living in Japan, at a stretch, but it could still be argued that their fighting skills were equal.

So Aina suggested…

That victory or defeat will depend on whether you have a hidden trump card in your sleeve or not.

– I am a brother… Dear brother!

Then, right in front of Yuto’s eyes, something happened that completely deprived him of his words and plunged him into bewilderment.


He saw a guy who looked like him, like two drops of water. It was as if he had seen his reflection in a mirror.