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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 184: Light and darkness. Part 3.

Konoé Aina had an older brother who was two years older than her.

His name was Konoé Yuto.

She was very proud of her brother, who studied the “Konoé Ryu style”, the strongest martial art in Japan.

Born in a dojo, Aina was a very painful child and spent much more time in a hospital bed than on tatami.

Because of his physical health, Aina’s grandfather tried to teach her Konoé Ryu style, but as a result, she abandoned him after only a month of training, as he did not correspond to her life principles.

“Why do I have to study everything a little bit? I want to learn one thing, but in detail!

What Aina didn’t like most about Konoé Rue was his philosophy of “everything but a little bit”!

For some reason, it reminded Aina of a motherfucker who had a relationship with a lot of women, which made her feel disgusted.

The only fun for Aina was her brother, who visited her every day in the hospital while she was sick.

After the head of the family, who had been practicing martial arts all his life, gave birth to such a sick daughter, the views of all the relatives turned to Yuto.

Thus, for Aina, who at the time could not even go outside, her brother became the center of her world.

– I want to become my brother’s bride when you grow up!

This phrase became her main goal in her life.

So Aina made her choice and began to conquer Yuto with determination.

– Aina, you cannot be the bride of your brother with your health.

– In fact… I like girls who are stronger than me. Only if Aina can defeat me, I will marry you!

Yuto lied to her, but he did it for good reason.

At the time, Yuto thought he had set his sister an impossible task and wanted to destroy her romantic feelings for herself.

– Got it! It turns out that Aina really is not worthy of a brother… I just need to become very strong… To become the woman who likes the brother!

Then she began to study the style of the buried heart, which was the exact opposite of the Konoé Rue style. She had a good reason for this choice.

The main strength of the buried heart style was the mind practice, which could be trained as much as you wanted, even while in a hospital bed.


– Even though I wanted to fight a strong opponent… but who would have thought… that it would be me…

Even Aina’s buried-hearted teacher had never heard of any practitioners of that style “turning” into other people.

– Hohehehe. This is the final secret technique I created to defeat my brother!

Aina said that she was very similar to the original Yuto.


It is a technique that allows the fingers to be used as a weapon, and with one spike to defeat opponents, has been used in many martial arts around the world.

With the speed of the bullet Aina struck this hard blow to the throat of Yuto.

– А?!

In one-on-one combat, Aina’s speed exceeded that of Yuto’s attack.

Yuto was too slow and his throat was completely destroyed in an instant.

As a result of Aina’s attack, tears came out of Yuto’s eyes and his mouth was filled with unpleasant taste of blood.

– Did you see it? I didn’t just copy your appearance!

– All eight weaknesses of Konoé Ryu style… have been significantly strengthened.

– This is a new, improved Kono Ryu style!

– It’s the strongest secret technique I’ve ever created for a brother to experience it on himself!

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