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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 185: Light and darkness. Part 4.

So, uh…

Given Yuto’s weaknesses, this fight was supposed to be a fight for endurance.

If someone had looked at them from the outside, he couldn’t have found any difference between them.


Improved style Kono Ryu Ainu, almost completely offset the shortcomings of the original style of Kono Ryu, which was a martial art, which increased its strength from the absorption of other martial arts.

As a result…

In a protracted battle, the one who did more damage to his opponent would win.

– And now… Please admit that Aina has become stronger… your brother!

– I’m the only one worthy of my brother’s love, aren’t I?

Excitedly, Aina asked, being a step away from her victory.

These words made Yuto take a surprised breath.

“Fuck, that’s where the dog was buried… The words I said to her earlier… became the seed I personally planted.

When Yuto realized this important moment, he became very angry with himself.

All the troubles he faced were the result of his irresponsible lies.

He did say earlier that “I like women who are stronger than me,” but that was a lie of pure water.

But Aina sincerely believed in his words.

And as a result, it ended up like this.

While everyone else thought he was dead, Aina continued to believe he was alive.

“If that’s the case, I have to stop running away from you.

After making a decision, Yuto decided to take the natural state of things and attacked Aina from his left side.

– This is the end!

This was the last attack.

Aina was confident in her victory, after successfully using the nukite.

– Huh?


The next moment, the world turned over and she saw the sky.

Yuto, perfectly mastering the principles of Kono Ryu style, was extremely proud of his skills from the “judo”.

And he was especially good in the technique of “air throw”, which allowed to send his opponent to the flight.

– W-why….

Naturally, Aina, who “transformed” into Yuto, knew how this technique worked.


She still did not fully understand it.


Judo’s “air throw” technique is aimed at using the enemy’s power against him.

– Why did I lose? Tell me.

– I have improved more than 23 weaknesses in your martial arts…

– I have not only mastered the style of the buried heart, but also studied 19 strongest techniques of Konoé Ryu style.

Yuto simply couldn’t listen to Aina’s statements about creating an “improved” Konoé Ryu style

Because, uh…

Kono Ryu’s style was based on the fact that every day he absorbed the advantages of other martial arts and thus became stronger. This process was absolutely natural for him.

Thus, any statements about the creation of a certain “improved” version of him were just absurd.

In other words, there was absolutely no point in copying it and creating so many difficulties for himself.

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