Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 186: Light and darkness. Part 5.

– Um… (sighs)

However, Aina wouldn’t be Aina if she gave up after the first successful attack by Yuto.

She decided to repeat her attack, while keeping the “transformation” in Yuto.

“It was my mistake. Naturally, the brother did not stand still the whole time, so his skills had to become even better than they were before…”

If you try to become stronger, then why shouldn’t your opponent do the same thing?


Yuto no longer tried to use any other techniques and persistently used only the “air throw” from the judo.

“I just need to follow my brother’s movements more closely, and then, using my “transformation”, I can just copy my brother’s “real” movements.

Copying enemy techniques was a strength of Kono Ryu style, so if the enemy repeated his technique several times, the practice of this style would not be difficult to learn his technique.

Now was the perfect chance to attack Yuto, because he was already confident in his victory, so he could be caught off guard.


But nevertheless…

Despite the fact that the “transformation” was completed by a whole second faster.

Aina still could not understand the essence of the capture of Yuto.

And everything was because…

That there was a little cunning in the style of a buried heart: For a successful “transformation” was not enough just to “observe” carefully the purpose of transformation, but it was also necessary to “understand” it completely.

“I don’t understand… Why can’t I understand what my brother is thinking?

For Aina Yuto, who was called into this world, was a complete stranger.

And if the practitioner of the buried heart style did not understand the essence of the purpose of his “transformation”, then the transformation itself was not possible.

– Will it be enough already? Apparently… You can’t copy the real me, am I right?

Bach… (?!)

And Aina felt like something hit her.

Her plan was revealed and there was no chance to win.

Initially, the style of the buried heart relied on the power of faith, the stronger the faith, the more power it gave, which was completely different from the hardening of the physical body in the style of Konoé Ryu or other hard martial arts.

Aina reached her limit and, with tears in her eyes, began to walk a wobbly gait to Yuto.

– Why… Why is Aina the only one you don’t want to see?

The reason was that they were blood brothers and sisters.

Yuto’s cold attitude towards a girl who “loves him so much” also became a heavy burden on his soul.

– I love him! Aina… Wants to always be close to his brother! Always! Why does the brother refuse to accept Aina’s “love”?

Aina’s feelings came out like water through a broken dam.

She couldn’t stop crying.

– The reason? You must know it like no one else.

From Aina’s eyes, who heard Yuto’s words, tears flowed even more from her eyes.

The buried heart’s style is primarily focused on understanding things.

But Aina always thought only about her feelings, but never took into account the feelings of Yuto, which is why she could not understand his soul.

– God was extremely cruel, making sure that the only “couple” we could be from our birth was a pair of lights and darkness that could never be together.

If you look at it from the point of view of love, that’s exactly what it is.

Yuto felt very happy when he was surrounded by the love of several women at once.

At the same time, Aina felt happy, purposefully loving only one person.

Thus, there was no solution for them in which they were both happy.

– Well, at least before they died, that guy was still able to do something useful and sent you to me… Aina, could you close your eyes for a moment?

Aina’s unique skill “Absolute invulnerability of a depressed soul” deactivated as soon as the target disappeared from her field of vision.

Yuto noticed this with his skills when they were fighting.

Yuto bit his finger and dripped some of his blood on the back of Aina’s hand.


Slave Contract

Rarity: 3 Star

(A skill that allows you to enslave a target by dropping your blood on the back of her hand. A slave cannot disobey his master’s orders. Slave and master can feel each other’s location.)


In the next moment…

The back of Aina’s hand was lit up with bright lights and soon there appeared a “cursed” mark.

Since the call to this world, it was 5 times that Yuto used the skill of “slave contract”. Before that, it was Spica, Sylvia, Ririna and Sanya.

– I only have one order for you: “You must live happily ever after, forgetting about me!”

– Brother… what is it…

Before Aina could ask her question, her body had already fallen into a space-time rift.


The Magical Stone of Callback

Rarity: Unknown

(Allows you to send the called creature back to his home world. A stone can only move one person at a time.)


If you think about it, Yuto no longer needed this stone, because he decided to stay in this world.

So while Yuto was fighting Aina, he decided to use this artifact to bring Aina back to their home world.

– Yes, he did… That’s the best way to do it…

Yuto wasn’t going to regret his choice, he also didn’t want Aina to suffer and live a happy life.

Now Yuto could look forward with courage.

The problem with Aina, who stayed in his home world and had feelings for him, was finally solved. So the last thread that tied Uto to his former world was also torn.

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