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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 189: Star disease Yuto

Konoé Yuto was an ordinary high school student.

But unlike other students, from his childhood he studied a unique martial art called “Konoé Ryu Style”.

Kono Ryu style was a martial art based on the philosophy of using the strongest techniques from other martial arts to become stronger.

– Yuto-sama! Yuto-sama has returned!

– Qia! Yuto-sama!

– Unbelievable! His black hair is just delightful!

Despite the fact that Yuto was an ordinary high school student, he was no less popular here than the stars of Hollywood.

It was all because he had won a tournament that had previously been organized in Expain.

Also, because he was able to defeat the powerful demon who was part of the Seven Deadly Sins, Yuto’s authority and glory in the city grew like a yeast.

– Um… Yuto-san! Could you shake my hand if that’s possible?

– Sign here! Thank you very much for your autograph!

A group of young girls lined up in front of Yuto.

So the guy with the black hair and eyes, who was originally from another world, got fame and fame as if he were a kind of beauty standard.

With strength and beauty, Yuto completely subdued their hearts and souls.

Girls with fanaticism embraced his portraits signed by Yuto, which was no different from how idols gave their autographs.

– Ahahaha, well, don’t push, don’t push, I’ll give my autograph to everyone!

Yuto, surrounded by so many girls, enjoyed the sensation as if it were his harem.

Even if there were three times as many girls, Yuto wouldn’t refuse them.

In addition, he was also noticed by the various forces of this world. Before that, Yuto had tried to act as discreetly as possible, but now he could face some difficulties in his future.

– Why… I have such a hard time in my heart…

Says the girl who was watching her master from the side with a complicated expression on her face. It was Spica Brunel.

Spica had two shaggy dog ears on her head and was a slave to Yuto.

– I don’t mean to be a cynic, but the fun can end badly….

The girl who stood next to Spica was Sylvia Roseberg.

She had incredible light blue eyes and was also a slave to Yuto.

– Shit… Another world is a better place!

And Yuto, not knowing what his girls were thinking, continued to enjoy his fame.

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