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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 190: Inviting Lassen.


Lassen Sigurdo

Race: Human

Profession: Adventurer

Unique Skills: Thought Reading

Thought Reading

Rarity: 6 Star

(A skill that allows you to read the target’s state of mind.)


– Yuto-coon, and you are quite popular!

– Lassen-san?!

Lassin had to make his way through the crowd of fanatic girls.

Whose age was mostly around 18 years old.

Lassen Sigurdo had the beauty of a wild woman. She was wearing a leather jacket and short, tight shorts.

– What are you, buggy? Or maybe you also became one of my fans?

Yuto said carelessly what Lassen gave him a contemptuous look for.

– Even though I was getting a little better with you, you’d better watch your language. Of course, I’m not arguing that after defeating a great monk, you’ve done a great feat, but an adventurer must always continue to work hard no matter how strong he became… No, not like this, the adventurer should never relax, just because he became a little stronger!

Lassen’s speech to Yuto was based on her bitter experience of betrayal.

– Please remember that if you die, the girls who live and rely on you will be extremely unhappy.

– Thank you very much, I am sincerely grateful to Lassen for her guidance.

Yuto was extremely glad to know that she cared if he died or not.

“Isn’t this the perfect moment for this?” thought Yuto.

“That’s right… If I am not sure of myself, I will never be able to achieve my goal and create a harem of 100 beauties!

After all, the chance to find suitable candidates among the fanatic girls was not very high.

On the contrary, it was a pretty dangerous idea.

Because if there was a strong girl among these beauties, he could even lose to her.

– I’m glad to hear it, Yuto-kun. Then, I think you’ll be interested to know that about an hour ago there was a request for all silver ranked athletes. He’s completely voluntary, so it’s up to you to agree to it or not.

– …?

Lassen said that Yuto’s eyes were lit up with fire, and the music was playing in his ears.

Recently, Yuto has been fighting demons all the time, so he just had no time to perform his duties as an adventurer.

But now was the perfect opportunity to return to his original occupation. So why not take the initiative and take the next job as an adventurer?

Thus, Yuto headed for the guild of adventurers, along with Lassen.

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