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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 191: The Star Generation.

The Guild of Entrepreneurs of Expayne had two floors.

The 1st floor was like the main office.

Here Yuto usually received all his assignments and there were always a lot of adventurers from beginners to mothers of veterans.

But the second floor was arranged as a meeting room.

This place was usually liked by high-ranking adventurers when they had an important or dangerous mission to perform.

– Oh, I didn’t know that… there is such a convenient place in the guild…

– That’s how. Yuto-coon, it looks like you’re here for the first time in a special meeting room.

Among the adventurers, the meeting room on the second floor was a very special place.

This room had the right to enter only those adventurers who had the rank of silver or higher.

The furniture in this room was the best. It was the same as the one used by the nobility.

– Oops! And this is by no chance bigger than Lassin-san?!


Black Treasure Necklace

Rarity: 7 Star

(Neutralizes the action of other people’s [Magic Eyes].)


While Yuto was amazed at the level of luxury of the furniture in the hall, a man resembling a mummy, because of the many bandages on it, gave his voice.

And though the necklace on it hid all the information about him, just looking at his appearance, it could be said that he was not an ordinary man.

– Hello, hello, hey, are you ignoring me? You know, I’m a big fan of Lassen-chan’s huge ass!

– Gaius, stop staring at my ass! And if you dare to lick it again, like lick it, I’ll make you blow my gun’s barrel with your stinking hawk.

– Whoa! That’s scary! But even a big-ass swearing Lassen-chan is like a manna from heaven to me!

A strange guy named Gaius was reluctant to shut his mouth.

Lassen had been watching her from the very beginning without hiding his lustful desires.

– And this?

– This guy’s name is “Gaius Table”. As you can see, his talent, as an adventurer, is the naked harassment of women adventurers. He is one of the problem children who have been sheltered by the guild.

– What? Sexual harassment of women? This is the type of person I hate the most. They make me sick.

– …

Honestly, from Lassen’s point of view, Yuto was no different from this guy in this matter, so she just gave him a cold look.

– Um… Yuto-san, we haven’t seen each other for a long time!


Luna Honetsk

Race: Cait Sith

Profession: Adventurer

Unique Skills:



Rarity: 3 Star

(A skill that allows you to hide your presence.)


Looking in the direction of his voice, Yuto saw a familiar face.

It was a shinobi girl with cat’s ears, Luna Honetsk. She was also an adventurer from the city of Expain.

This miniature girl was also known as the “Goddess of Martial Arts” and had a very impressive record as an adventurer.

– Has she? Is it me or have you changed somehow?

Compared to what she used to be, her outfit changed a little bit and it felt like she was a little older.

– Uh, yeah. I tried to change my style a little bit. What, is that really weird?

– No, I didn’t even think about it. On the contrary, I think it’s pretty sexy.

– Sexual? Did you really say that to me, not to older Lassen?

– Of course, you… Why would I be wrong about such things?

– P-p-p-p-because… I don’t know how to behave in such a situation… This is the first time someone has said something like that about me…

The moon, having received such a high praise from Yuto, was completely confused.

Earlier she had asked him to help her in the battle with the most terrible of the name monsters, the Immortal King Tanatos, and still felt indebted to him.

And although from the beginning of the moon in the soul concealed a strong dislike for Yuto, but now it has become so strongly attached to him that it could be compared with the attachment of the moon to her childhood girlfriend Ririn.

– Has she? Looks like old Robin couldn’t make it today.

– Don’t you know that? That after they announced a mission to clear the labyrinth in the Lonese plains, “Pretty Robin” is missing.

– Oh, that’s how it works. I’m sorry, I really liked this old man, he was very funny.

– Well, I wouldn’t say that. He raised his rank from the very beginning, stealing from others, so something like that would happen to him sooner or later.


Jimba Lucas

Race: Dwarf

Profession: Adventurer

Unique Skills:

[Insect Management]

Insect Management

Rarity: 6 Star

(A skill that allows you to command insects.)


Delton Humax

Race: Harpy

Profession: Adventurer

Unique skill:

[Weight Management]

Weight Management

Rarity: 6

(A skill that allows you to change the target’s weight.)


After the moon came two more comrades, who stood out from the crowd.

– These two are “Jimba the Cockroach” (the original “using insects Jimba”, which doesn’t sound like it at all, so I was a little bit procreatized) and “Delton the Bird Man”. They both became silver rank adventurers a little earlier than Yuto-san.

– Clearly. A unique aura comes from them.

It seems that those who become adventurers of the silver rank, in most cases, are the owners of unique abilities.

Gaius was the only one who wore a black treasure necklace, so it wasn’t known if he had any unique skills, so he had to be extremely careful.

– However, every silver-ranked adventurer prefers to use his nickname as an identifier. For example, our beautiful Moon is known to everyone as the “Goddess of Martial Arts”.

– Don’t say that! It’s a shame to call me “goddess of martial arts” in front of Yuto-kun!

– М? Is it possible that Yuto-kun does not know? When an adventurer gets a silver rank, the guild also gives him a code name. I think it’s just as important to you. Look at the back of your adventurer card.

– You didn’t know about it?!

Yuto took out his card and examined it carefully from the back.

“Meteor Yuto”

After studying the map in detail, he found this inscription in the corner of the map.

– Um… But what does that mean, “Meteor Yuto”?

– …? (chorus)

The next moment, Yuto’s words shocked Lassen and the moon.

– Unbelievable! Yuto-coon, I never thought that the guild would appreciate you so much!

– I can’t believe it! Yuto-coon, you’ve really been nicknamed “meteor”… It’s too incredible.

– And what’s the big deal about it, what does it all mean?

Everyone in this world knew the story.

Since the creation of the Guild of Adventurers at Expain, Yuto has been the first adventurer to make such a big name at such a young age.

The likelihood of such talent as Yuto was about once in 1000 years. And usually these people were called the “Starry Generation”.

When the guild awarded Yuto the title of “meteor”, they admitted that he belonged to the “Star Generation”.

– I apologize for waiting…


Emilia Garnett

Race: Human

Profession: Guild Member

Unique Skills:

[Magic Interruption]

Breaking The Magic

Rarity: 7 Star

(The ability to interrupt any magic by touching it.)


The last person to enter the hall was Emilia Garnett.

When Yuto looked at Emilia, she also looked at him and sent him a charming smile.

– I was surprised. I never thought it would be Miss Emilia who would give us the assignment. Looks like the mission would really be hard.

– Do you know something about Emilia?

– … About “Emilia’s Mad Dog”? At one time, that nickname was heard from every adventurer, but now she’s just a guild member. However, when she was still an adventurer, she did a lot of things.

– About how… But I think there’s been some mistake…

Emilia’s neat and kind image was simply not comparable to the nickname “rabid dog”.

Even though her unique skill was dangerous, otherwise Emily was a nice, beautiful girl who could easily become the ideal for many men.

– I think you can start. Today we have gathered you here to explain the conditions of an urgent mission. We invited Meteor Yuto, Lassen’s Information Trade, Guy the Capital, Moon Goddess, Jimbo the Cockroach and Delton the Bird Man. You’re all here because the guild trusts you completely.

Emilia said before going directly to the explanation of the essence of the mission.

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