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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 192: Formation of the group.

– A few days ago, a group of adventurers disappeared from the “Stone Cave”, who were on a mission there.

The stone cave was an area where Yuto had previously destroyed the Kobold.

In addition, it was not far from Expayne, which is why the young adventurers liked it for a living.

– Suspecting something wrong, the guild formed a reconnaissance team and, as a result… we discovered that an ogre had settled in the cave.

– What?! Ogre… Are you sure it’s an ogre?

– I know it’s hard to believe, because ogres usually lead a secluded life, deep in the mountains.

Emily’s words were like a bomb exploded among the six avant-garde people gathered and shocked them completely.

– Lassen-san, this… ogre, how strong is he?

– Well, he has a high intelligence and is a walking mountain of muscles three meters high. Ogres have an extremely bad reputation and are also known as “adventurers’ killers”.

– …

Everyone tried to understand why such a monster as an ogre suddenly settled in the Stone Cave? It was extremely strange.

Usually, the closer the city was, the less was the threat of monsters.

For a mighty monster, like an ogre, to settle close to the city, it was far from commonplace.

– The guild is now going to forgive a full-scale investigation into how the ogre ended up here. However, as far as you are concerned…

– I understood! You want us to reduce the ogre population, right?

– That’s right, Gaius-san. The guild set the award at 200,000 ries for one ogre.

– Our best geniuses, who deserve the title of “Star Generation”, were gathered here. I think if we join forces, we won’t have this mission as a problem, will we?

Yuto remembered the days when he had to hunt for slime, saving every penny.

But now that he’s heard of the 200,000 reward for the monster, he couldn’t contain his enthusiasm.

– Hey, Emilia-san, money is good, of course, but how about if I take first place in this mission, you recommend me for gold?

The only one who was dissatisfied with the award announced by Emilia was Capital Gaius.

As an adventurer, Gaius already had a lot of merit, but couldn’t become a gold rank adventurer, so he didn’t miss this opportunity to fulfill his dream.

– This is…

– You don’t find it strange, I already have a very long track record, but I am always denied promotion to gold… Why is that?

Gaius stared vulgarly at Emilia, who was bewildered.

The gold rank was not something that Emily could decide alone.

But Gaius still made this demand, knowing it well.

– Emilia-san, don’t worry.

You can never leave a beautiful girl in trouble.

Thus, Yuto quietly rose from his seat.

– Rely on me! I will become the best in this hunt, Guy has no chance to do it!

– Yuto-san?!

Did a guy who was younger than her really give her a helping hand?

When Emilia heard Yuto’s statement, she looked at him with shiny eyes.

– What? What the fuck are you? Got a little strength and you already think you can humiliate me?! Don’t be wrong! In this mission, only power is important, not that you have a silver rank!

Guy’s words were absolutely true.

Experience, knowledge, ability to analyze, teamwork.

Missions in which the guild acted as a mediator, as the complexity increased, also required from adventurers all these skills.

But power was the most important criterion.


Gaius’ high fighting power led to the growth of arrogance and mania of greatness in him. As a result, it also made life much more difficult for everyone around him.

“Shit… You really are not friends with your head!

Thought Lassen, when she heard the words of Yuto.

Protecting girls at all costs was his way.

Such principles have made a strong impression even on such a man-hater as Lassen.

– Besides Yuto-kun, there is also me! Although he lacks experience, I can easily compensate for it!

– Me too! Although my strength is not great, I will do my best to support Yuto-san!

In one moment, the balance of power changed 3 to 1.

Gaius, under such pressure, could only keep silent.

“I don’t fucking like Konoé Yuto, well, it’s okay, we’ll see who’s who! I’ll send you straight to hell!

Gaius, who had mercilessly repressed Emilia, was eager for revenge in his heart.

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