Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 193: Battle of the Giant.

The information about the game was top secret and could not be disclosed to anyone else except adventurers who had at least a silver rank.

Explaining this to Speaker and Sylphia, Yuto decided to leave them at home this time.

– I still can’t believe it. Who would have thought we’d ever form a group…

– Hehheh, there was a time when I thought that day would never come, too.

For Yuto, it was a new company, because it was always Spica and Sylvia who acted as his companions.

Thus, the current situation was different from his usual adventures. Here were both their pros and cons.

The main thing was that Yuto wanted as few people as possible to know about his skill of “stealing skills”.

Of course, the girls could have been knocked out during the battle and then he could have used all his strength against the ogres, but for Yuto it was a big problem, because he couldn’t raise his hand on the girl.

– Hey, you two, just calm down and be quiet.

The purpose of this mission was not just to eliminate the ogres, but to kill them more than Guy would have.

If he can defeat Gaius, he will never be able to make a joke out of Emily again.

– Oh, I think I found someone sitting with his back to us.



Threat Level: 27


Right in front of the cave, the moon turned around and reported that it had discovered a humanoid monster three meters tall.

The long beard and horns on his head made him look like a demon, who were often depicted in fantastic films.

His skin was dark red, but especially his long arms, which were completely out of proportion to his body, stood out.

The enemy was alone.

But though the ogre was only one, among the demons, because of its size, it was considered one of the most formidable opponents.

– Cool! Are you sure?

– My race of cat-people has a very good hearing. And in the cave I can easily catch even the weakest sound.

– Clearly.

In other words, it was a kind of sensitive radar, which was very similar to Spica’s improved sense of smell.

It was an unexpected discovery.

If he had been alone, his search efficiency would have been terrible.

This was clearly demonstrated when Yuto was hunting alone, even before he enslaved Spica.

– And what next? It seems that the enemy has not yet discovered us.

– Hohehehe. This situation suits me better than Yuto-kun, so leave it to me. After all, I specialize in long-range combat.


Mysterious Gun-Fire

Rarity: 5 Star

(A weapon capable of firing on the basis of fire magic, absorbing mana from the surrounding space.)


Having said that, Lassen pulled out her gun from the holster, which was fixed on her right thigh.

Then she aimed her “mysterious gunshot” and hit her right in the eye of the ogre.

– Graaaaaaaah!

Once under attack, the ogre instantly found uninvited guests and made a terrible roar.

– Damn it, it’s a bitch! His body was incredibly hard. To think he stopped my bullet with his eyelid!

– Heh, if that’s the case, what do you say to that?!


Ice Cannon

Rarity: 5 Star

(A weapon that can shoot ice shards, absorbing mana from the environment.)


At that moment, Lassen pulled out her second revolver from the left holster.

She fired a barrage of fire at the enemy.

Continuous fire of ice and fire in the eyes of the ogre, almost completely deprived him of the opportunity to see.

– Graaaaaaah!

– Shit, and this monster is pretty strong.


Despite the fact that the ogre was blind, it was still a very formidable enemy.

The ogres are very sensitive, so as soon as he discovered the presence of the enemy, he immediately rushed to Yuto, giving a powerful roar.

– This is the end.


Maganata Crescent Moon

Rarity: 5 Star

(A crescent-shaped sword. Increases attack speed.)


The moon pulls out its favorite blade from the sheath and directs it to a lightning bolt and moves its body.



Rarity: 3 Star

(Ability to hide one’s own presence.)


The ogre, who had lost his sight, was unable to detect the moon, which had entered a mode of “secrecy”.

In the blink of an eye, the tendon on the arms and legs of the ogre were cut and it collapsed to the ground, raising a pile of dust.

– It seems that Luna-chan also wants to have his hand in it.

– Lassen-san, I can’t hear your guns.

These two girls were not bad at working in the team from the very beginning, besides, they were constantly confronting each other like adventurers. But when Yuto appeared among them, their confrontation only intensified.

The fact that Yuto, who became an adventurer later than them, but actually overtook them, made them hone their skills even harder.

– Girls, behind you!

– Has he?

– Э?

Even though Yuto reacted immediately.

For Lassen and the Moon, what happened was a complete surprise.

Even though he warned them, they wouldn’t have had time to react.

Both girls are in great danger.

“A windbomb!

If Yuto had used an ordinary attack, he would not have been able to reach the ogre before he struck.

Thus, Yuto decided to use the spell he had developed earlier on the basis of the magic of the wind “Leopard Steps”.

This technique created a windbomb under the wearer’s feet, which gave his body a powerful impulse that accelerated him very much, allowing him to go beyond human limits.


In the cave, the sound of broken skull bones was heard.

A huge ogre carcass went on a flight and looked as if he had lost consciousness.

Yuto checked his status.


Konoe Yuto

Unique Skills:

[Ability Theft]

[Slave Contract]

[Demonic Eye]



[Growth Stimulator]

[Accelerated Recovery of Magical Power]

[Soul Grabbing]

[Magic Squeeze]


Fire Magic Level 4 (12/40)

Water Magic Level 6 (10/60)

Wind Magic Level 5 (4/50)

Holy Magic Level 6 (37/60)

Dark Magic Level 6 (6/60)


Fire Level 3 (24/30)

Water Level 3 (0/30)

Wind Level 4 (6/40)


Fire resistance has increased.

It seems that ogres increase fire resistance by +5.

– Ugh, it looks like we owe you again.

– What was that just now? It’s some strange wind magic! You were so fast that I couldn’t even understand what happened!

The surprise of the two girls who had witnessed Yuto’s incredible technique didn’t seem to know the limit.

– However, it was still unclear why the ogre was here. The main reason was still unclear…

– Maybe we can find out if we examine him.

Lassen took the ogre horn and left it to the moon.


Ogre Horn

Rarity: 3 Star


The horn of the fence is filled with a lot of magic and is used as an ingredient in the creation of various things.

– This is a…

The moon took the ogre horn and lost the power of speech.


The horn of this ogre at the moment is almost twice as big as all other ogre horns.

– Usually, ogre horns grew according to the ogre strength. The fighting power of the ogre seemed to be extremely high.

– There’s no way… how so?

– Well, at the moment, that doesn’t explain anything to us anyway. Let’s go deep into the cave. Maybe we can find out something there.

So, at Lassen’s suggestion, the three of us went deep into the cave.

“Hmm, what is this strange feeling? As if something very bad was going to happen… I hope it’s just my fantasy that came to fruition.

Thought Lassen. She was the most experienced adventurer of the three, but the feeling of anxiety did not leave her.