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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 194: Gaius trap.

So, uh…

The Yuto group continued its investigation.

The ogres turned out to be quite strong and in order to defeat them, the Yuto team had to join forces to save energy and not to be afraid of unexpected enemy attacks.

Thus, after about two hours, the Yuto group destroyed 7 ogres.

– Please do not relax. It will not be good if the enemy hits us in the back…

Everybody remained extremely vigilant as they moved through the cave, following the warning of the moon.

But at that moment something unexpected happened.

– Oh, fuck! God damn it! It hurts, bitch!

– You…

I wonder if the cave ceiling collapsed.

A silver-ranked adventurer, Gaius the Capital was now lying under a pile of debris.

– Oh, it was you, thank God! You are Yuto Meteor! Help! Save me, please! My body was crushed by stones!

Gaius screamed with tears in his eyes.

His behavior was fundamentally different from what it was before.

He who saw Gaius with tears in his eyes, praying for salvation, was very disappointed in him.

– Yuto-coon, just ignore him.

– I agree. We still need to fulfill our mission.

– Waaaah! Generous, demons! Will you really leave me here to eat ogres?!

Gaius, noticing that Yuto’s squad was passing by, completely ignoring him, began to moan even louder.

– Although this may sound a little strange, I still want to help this… person.

– Dear, Moon… Previously, Gaius was the one who was in trouble, but now you want to reach out to our competitor?

– But… I… what if Gaiusana really ate an ogre?

– …

It’s not good to ignore a person if he was in trouble, even if it was a bastard who was a competitor.

For the simplest of the company, Yuto Moon, it was simply impossible to put Guy in trouble.

– It seems that we have no choice. Okay, I’ll help him.

Yuto couldn’t let the girls get sexually harassed by Guy.

So Yuto decided to personally destroy the stone with his fist.

– There you go. Are you okay?

– I’m sorry, but it looks like the stone broke my leg, could you get me out of here?

– Fuck. Looks like we don’t have a choice.

– I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

At that moment, there were goosebumps on Yuto’s back.

The next moment, Yuto noticed a weak smile on Gaius’ lips.

– Looks like you guys have already sorted out all the ogres. Unfortunately, this is not a condition for victory.

After pushing this speech, Gaius headed for the exit.

While walking, Gaius was dragging his damaged leg as if it had really been broken.

“Has he? Did he move his head? He doesn’t do anything!

Yuto, having heard Guy’s words and now watching his actions, involuntarily tilted his head to his side.

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