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Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a Slave Harem from Scratch Chapter 195: The Battle of Blue they are.

After the Yuto group found their rival in the middle of their path, they lowered their speed and continued their search.

– Watch out! I feel an ogre at the end of this pass!

After a short walk, the Yuto group reached a fairly wide cave.


Blue They

Race: Ogre

Profession: None

Unique Skills:

[Shadow Cover]

[Clear Vision]

Shadow Cover

Rarirty: 6 Star

(Skill that allows you to move around with the help of shadows.)

Psychic Vision

Rarity: 5 Star

(A skill that allows you to see through objects and move through them.)


In the middle of the cave there was an ogre with blue skin, which attracted a lot of attention.

But it was much smaller than the usual ogres.

If the average ogre had a height of about 3 meters, the Blue ogre was about half as low.

“The clairvoyance… is…”


The appearance of Blue they were very useful.

This was especially true for Yuto, who was very interested in his clairvoyance skills.

“I can enjoy the girls’ naked bodies as much as I want… if I get this skill!

Yuto desperately wanted this skill.

The clairvoyance that could allow a man to see through his clothes was a skill that every man would like to have.

– The older one, what is this…

– It is undoubtedly a name monster!

Both girls were hysterical at the next moment.

Because they suddenly dissolved into thin air.

– He just disappeared! (girls chorus)

To be exact, the Blue’s body didn’t disappear.

He just used his skill to hide in the shadows

– Look out!

Yuto already had a battle experience with the enemy who used the “Shadow Cover”, it was the Immortal Tanatos.

So, he, feeling the hesitation in the shadows next to them, grabbed Lassen and the moon under his arms, jumped abruptly to the side, with force from the ground.

*” The shiver of the earth

The next moment, the ground in the cave shaken, echoing the sound around.

They shouldn’t underestimate blue just because it’s smaller than an ogre.

Its power was much greater than that of an ordinary ogre.

It was very dangerous.

If Yuto had hesitated even for a moment, the fist of the ogre would have pierced his body.

– Be careful. When he’s hiding in the shadows, none of you will be able to find him!


A magic device that illuminates the space around the magic of light.

Yuto quickly used a magic flashlight that he had just purchased.

The “Shadow Cover” skill could only be used in places where the shadow was very dark.

Yuto learned this from the last battle with Tanatos.

– But… Yuto-coon, are you going to fight him alone?

– Yes, it’s very dangerous!

– Forgive me for my selfishness, but I already have experience of fighting with opponents who use the shadow to move. So why shouldn’t I fight it?

– …?! (girls chorus)

Yuto said it with absolute confidence on his face.

*” Accelerated heartbeat

They couldn’t take away their heartbeat in the chest.

His brave behavior and his desire to protect the girls was also due to the fact that he wanted to charm a fiercely man-hating woman, Lassen.

“Heheh, Bugaga!


First of all, Yuto put the girls in a safe place, as their safety was a top priority.

“I … I absolutely can’t lose!”

Based on past combat experience, although the opponent had long awaited skills, the likelihood that he could also hurt other people was quite high.

To be sure to get the skill of “clairvoyance” and to be able to enjoy the girls’ naked bodies endlessly, Yuto had to make sure that he would really fight with the Blue they are one-on-one.

It’s worth noting that Lassen and the Moon didn’t even think about what Yuto would think of naked girls in such a situation.

– Here!

Looking again at the girls’ lush uniforms to raise his morale, Yuto rushed into battle.

Thanks to his past experience, he could easily find a place where the enemy was going to appear from the shadows.

– Ahi?

When the enemy dodged his attack, they made a frightened exclamation.

Kono Ryu’s style was a martial art, which was based on the study of all the martial arts of the world and the integration of their best elements in themselves. Thus, Yuto was particularly proud of his skills in Aikido.

Thanks to his Aikido skills, he had a full advantage over the brute force of the Blue they had.

However… (Sighs)

Aikido was a martial art that did not rely on force, as it was originally created as a means of fighting the weak against the strong.

Thus, because the elbow joints of the Blue were much stronger than the human ones, he was not harmed at all by the counterattack of Yuto and tried to hide in the shadows with some disappointed smile.

– Did you decide to escape?!

Yuto had no intention of letting him do so.

So Yuto quickly illuminated his surroundings with the magic of light.

– Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Right hand, left foot, left hand, right foot.

The Blue’s body was torn to pieces by the action of Yuto, giving rise to loud cries of agony.

But all the severed limbs of the Blue they quickly attracted to him to join the main body again and take their places back.

– Receiving aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Yuto hastened to strike the second series of blows.

They tried harder to recover, while waving their fists at Yuto’s attacks.


Yuto’s attacks did not stop.

The desire to see the naked girls naked did not let him stop, so he continued to attack the demon, aiming at his heart, in order to realize his ambitions.

As a result…

Under the intense onslaught of Yuto, the body of Blue they were completely beaten and began to tremble.

– Yay!

This was the first time that Yuto was so excited about the end of the battle.

Then he quickly discovered his status:


Konoe Yuto

Unique Skills:

[Ability Theft]

[Slave Contract]

[Demonic Eye]



[Growth Stimulator]

[Accelerated Recovery of Magical Power]

[Soul Grabbing]

[Magic Squeeze]

[Shadow Cover]


Fire Magic Level 4 (12/40)

Water Magic Level 6 (10/60)

Wind Magic Level 5 (4/50)

Holy Magic Level 6 (37/60)

Dark Magic Level 6 (6/60)


Fire Level 4 (29/40)

Water Level 3 (0/30)

Wind Level 4 (6/40)

Shadow Cover

Rarity: 6 Star

(Skill that allows you to move around with the help of shadows.)


A new skill has been added to Yuto’s skill list.

“Ready to be beautiful…”

Yuto wasn’t particularly surprised at the death of the ogre, as he felt something was wrong in the middle of the battle.

But despite the fact that it was already his 10 unique skill, he was not particularly happy about it.

I wonder if his skill “Skills Theft” when stealing makes priority on the skills with a higher rate of rarity?

Since this had happened before, Yuto had already had a hunch about it, but now he is finally convinced of it.

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