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Super Cute Vol 1 Side Story 35


SS 35: The Couple Defeated by the Cold Wave

Translated by: chocolala
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In the literature clubroom as always, after we were done playing games and were ready to go home, Yuzu looked out the window and muttered, “Wow, it’s already dark outside.”  

“It’s true. The days are getting shorter already.”

It was much closer to winter than it had been when we first started going to this literature clubroom. Thinking like this, I opened the door of the room and… 

“WHOA, SO COLD!” It was so cold that I reflexively closed the door. 

“Hey, it’s really cold outside. Sure enough, it’s already winter now!” I cowered my head.

The cold air must have been felt by Yuzu, she nodded with a grim face as she said, “That was a lot colder than I imagined… I was a little surprised.”

The room was closed off, leaving the daytime sun behind. Inside, there were the warmth belonging to two people and some heat radiating from the game console and the television. Due to these, the literature club room had been warm for so long that we had been unaware that the temperature outside had dropped so much.

“It was hot yesterday and it was sunny today, so I’m not wearing much layers of clothes today,” I lamented.

This must be what they called three cold and four warm days. I was careless and only brought with me the standard uniform shirt and blazer with me.

“Oh, that reminds me, I have a stickable pocket warmer1!” Yuzu took out a body warmer from her bag at the same time as if she was Doraemon.

“Really? Please share one with me too.”

“That’s the thing, unfortunately I only have one piece of this.”

Ouf… That was really unfortunate.

I couldn’t just take that away from her, so I would just put up with this.

“But you know, there is one innovative way we can both use this.” 

I was just about to resign myself to it when Yuzu uttered those surprising words.

“What? Is there such a way?”

“Yep! Just do it like this!” 

As soon as she said that, she stuck the pocket warmer on my left arm. Then, she took my arm in hers like it was the most natural thing to do. 

“He-Hey!” I was stunned by her sudden action.

“How is it? Like this, isn’t it warm?” Yuzu made a mischievous, smug face.

Um, yeah, unmistakably it was warm, but…

“…You shameless.” I cussed at her at a low voice; she totally caught me by surprise this time.

Anyhow, we ended up leaving the room even having protected ourselves from the cold.

“Urgh, it’s really cold out here.”

Although there was a pocket warmer on my sleeve and Yuzu’s body was in close contact with mine making it feel somehow warm, I could feel the heat disappearing from my neck when exposed to the cold.

“Certainly, this is cold. Then, you don’t have to send me to my house, just go straight home by ourselves?” Yuzu suddenly uttered that, probably the cold was beyond her expectation so she was concerned about me.

“Listen. It’s already this dark, can I even let you go home alone?”

Her looks was outstanding as it was. If anything were to happen to her, it would be more that regret for me.

“Yamato-kun, you’re such a worrywart. So overprotective,” Yuzu complained, yet smile didn’t leave her mouth.

“I’m sorry for being one. It’s a given to be a worrywart when I have such a cute girlfriend.”

We bickered like that as we walked next to each other under the night sky.

“Oh, Yamato-kun, not that way. Today, we’re going this way.”

Since I had always been sending her home, I had already memorized the way, yet today she told me to turn left when we were supposed to turn right at this one junction.


“Nuh-uh. Today is cold, so I thought of taking the shortcut. Actually this is the shorter way home.”

“Really? Then why do we always go the opposite way?” I was puzzled by this revelation.

“Well, the usual route has a convenience store on the way so it’s more practical. And the way we’re taking today has a lot of trees, it’s swarmed with insects when it was warm.”

“I see.”

Well, with a day as cold as today, I bet no insects would come out.

Convinced, I followed Yuzu’s lead and turned left. As we walked further, we entered the road lined with trees. 

There, I stopped in my tracks.

“Whoa…” Quite naturally, a sound of admiration escaped my mouth.

The tree-lined road was beautifully dyed red by Japanese maple leaves.The bright red leaves was like curtains while the roads was carpeted by the fallen leaves. Under the dark night, the leaves were gloriously  lit up by the moonlight.

“What a beautiful sight…”

As I expressed my honest feeling of admiration in words, Yuzu next to me smiled, full of smug.

“Isn’t it? How is it, did this surprise you? Don’t you think I’m a such wonderful girlfriend to do something so cool?”

“…You’d be the coolest only if you don’t say it by yourself.” I accidentally let out a sarcastic smile to her who wouldn’t give up praising herself to the last moment.

“Mmgh, You’re so hard to please. If that’s how you’re gonna be, then I won’t tell you the other reason I brought you here.” 

In a sulk, Yuzu pouted and faced the other way with her arms folded on her chest.

“What’s that? Now you say it halfway, just tell me.”

“I won’t~ Notice it by yourself.”

“You cheeky girl… Okay, I’ll just try solving this mystery by myself.”

Now that she had said it like that, it was only natural for me to be even more curious and try to find the answer, right?

“I’ll listen to your answer any time. Do your best and guess.” When she said that, Yuzu looked somewhat cheerful.

Like this, we reached the end of the short but long journey back home to Yuzu’s, so we had arrived right at the front of the condominium where Yuzu lived.

“Here we are. Thanks for today, Yamato-kun. See you tomorrow.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow. It’s cold, don’t go catch a cold.”

I turned my back to Yuzu, who were waving her hand to see me off, and then set off to my own home. 

I repasted the pocket warmer to my neck and walked jauntily while remembering the red leaves I saw just before. I was then reminded of something.

“Oh right, on the way home I have to pay for the game I’ve reserved.”

For this game I had been looking forward to, I had set it to be paid at the convenience store. So I entered a nearby convenience store and was about to bring out the details required for the payment from my smartphone.

And there, something entered my view.

Economy pocket warmer. 10pcs in a pack.

This was the exact type of pocket warmer that Yuzu had with her. It’ll be troublesome without this when it’s getting cold again. So I thought of buying this beforehand.


Here, I felt something was amiss.

“…the usual route has a convenience store on the way so it’s more practical.” –Suddenly, Yuzu’s word came fleeting back in my mind.

“Could it be..”

Could the reason why Yuzu chose a different route home be…

After realising the whole scheme, I instantly used my smartphone to take a photo of the pocket warmer and then sent a message to Yuzu along with that photo.

[If we had stopped by a convenience store before, we could’ve bought another pocket warmer right?]

That was my answer.

If we were on the usual route, I’d buy another pocket warmer, sparing the need for us to be stuck to each other as we walked.

“Geez, she really do things in a roundabout way.”

I inadvertently chortled at her series of actions.

It didn’t even take a minute for me to receive a reply that said I was correct.

chocolala: I just thought of translating this short chapter after months of hiatus. While it’s damn hot out there, reading this sweet chapter of them dealing with cold weather made me feel cool a little (provided that I am translating this is a well air-conditioned room, lol)

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  1. Just a note, these disposable pocket warmers come in stickable or non-stickable versions. It’s convenient when you want to stick oit on your clothes, so it won’t move, not directly on the body. There’s even type you put in shoes.