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Super Cute Vol 1 Side Story 36


SS 36: The Girlfriend When Her Boyfriend Is Obsessed With A Cat And Doesn’t Give Her Any Attention

Translated by: chocolala
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Inside the literature clubroom as usual. 

“We’ve cleared the sub-event, let’s take a short break,” Yuzu suggested as she put down the controller.

I was also a little tired, so I plainly agreed with a yes. We’d been playing games for an hour straight. We also reached a nice point to take a break.

It was then—


—that I heard a cry from the corridor.

“…Huh? What’s that just now?”

“It sounds like a cat’s cry.”

After looking at each other, Yuzu and I both glanced toward the corridor. Then, we heard a scratching sound on the door of the literature clubroom.

“…That sounds to me like a cat is begging us to open the door.”

“It indeed does. What do we do?” Yuzu, with a slightly troubled expression, turned to me for a decision.

I mulled on it for a bit and made a small nod.

“I think it’s better to open the door. It’ll be troublesome if people were attracted by the cat and come over here.”

As soon as I decided so, I stood up and slowly opened the door.


And then, through a slight opening, a cat slithered into the literature club room.

It was an oddly well-groomed calico cat. Without even taking a glance at me as I opened the door, it strutted around the room as if it had just come home.

“Ah, so cute. Come here, come here~” Yuzu excitedly beckoned to the cat.

The cat seemed to be familiar with people, it showed no resistance and jumped onto her lap.

“S-O  C-U-T-E!” Yuzu petted the cat’s fur, her face looked so content.

On the spur of the moment, I could see the collar hidden in the hairs around its neck.

“This cat is a kept cat. Why is it here on the school ground?”

To the puzzled me, Yuzu made a face like she just remembered something.

“That reminds me, I’ve heard before that the office keeps a cat. Maybe, the cat escaped from there? If I’m not mistaken, its name is Ponzu.”

“I see… You know a lot.”

“Different from Yamato-kun, my face is wide. No, I have a small face physically,” Yuzu didn’t let the chance slip to praise herself.

Maybe sick of Yuzu’s narcissistic streak, the cat jumped down from her lap and came to mine instead.

“Oh, you prefer me rather than Yuzu? What a promising cub.”

I petted the head of the cute cat.

“Hmph, Ponzu, you have a bad taste in men. You should have a better standard than choosing Yamato-kun.”

“You don’t have the right to say that.”

I gave an eye roll to my beloved girlfriend and lowered my gaze to the cat on my lap. It had been getting colder lately, the warmth and softness of the cat felt very comfortable to touch.

“Ah… Cats are really nice. So soothing.”

“Eh, Yamato-kun, you like cats?”

“Yeah, I do. They’re cute, fluffy, and they’re somewhat free-spirited.”

I couldn’t keep cats at home, but when I went to visit relatives who did, I would indulge in these furries for a long time.

“I like them too. But, this cat is the office cat, if we don’t return it soon, the staff will come looking for it, you know?”

“Hmm… Just a bit more,” I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t quit from enjoying this.

Cat addiction is a dangerous thing.

“To make Yamato-kun this much captivated… Cats are not to be underestimated!”

Despite Yuzu’s shuddering, Ponzu, apparently quite compatible with me, curled up completely in my lap and got into a napping position.

“To be free-spirited and yet charming, cats are so nice… It’s calming and soothing, I want to be with it all the time.”

Being overly soothed by the cat, I was completely relaxed and I started to simply leak out my thoughts as they were.

“Ngghh… You never even said that to me. No, I understand it since I’m also a cat lover, but still… This feels complicated,” Yuzu pouted next to me.

“Cats really are nice. If it’s at the office, why don’t I go there to see it again? If I visit it regularly, it might remember my face.”

“Wow, so diligent! Even though you only treat me with disregard usually.”

I felt like some ticking complaints were directed my way, but they didn’t find their way through my slackened brain due to the cat’s presence.

“Oh right, what if we come to visit it on the holidays? There’s no class, I can play as much as I want with it.”

“Hey?! Why aren’t you spending your holidays with your beloved girlfriend? Not going to savour the happiness of having someone to ask out for a date?” 

Running out of patience, Yuzu finally tugged at my sleeve.

“Come one, pay attention to me rather than the cat. I feel so isolated here. I know cats are cute, but I’m way cuter, aren’t I~”

“What are you competing against…?” I made an astonished face at Yuzu who was trying to outdo the cat.

She puffed her cheeks, “You see, the things I’ve always wanted you to do to me normally, you did for a cat who came out of nowhere. This affects my dignity, okay?”

“It won’t… Just how desperate are you?” I replied straightforwardly but it only made Yuzu sulk even more.

“That’s not my fault, it’s because you don’t usually show your love to me properly. That is what makes me this desperate. You should keep it in your mind that you’re dating an immature girl who can even be jealous of cats.”

“Are you supposed to say that yourself?”

“I’ll say it,” Yuzu seriously nodded.

At that moment, Ponzu that was lounging on my lap jerked up and headed to the door.


As it looked at me, it scratched on the door, as though requesting me to do something.

“Hm, it wants to go out again? Maybe it wants to go back to the office,” I guessed.

In that case, I couldn’t keep it inside here. Again, I slowly opened the door of the literature clubroom.

Before the door was completely ajar, Ponzu once again slithered through the gap.

“Ah, watch that! Don’t go out alone!” I panicked and was about to chase it into the corridor.


“Ponzu! Here you are!”

I heard a voice from beyond the corridor, so I hastily retreated into the clubroom. When I opened the door with only a small gap, I could see an old man who looked like an office staff hugging Ponzu.

“Oh my goodness, you made me worried. Hey guys, I found Ponzu!”

Before long, the staff walked away while hugging Ponzu, without discovering our presence.

“So it wanted to go out because its owner came to get it…” I lamented.

It felt a little sad, but since the owner was here, I couldn’t possibly go to chase the cat.

I should go visit it at the office next time.

I made that decision to let go of all remorse and turned on my heels.

“Alright. That was a nice change of mood, let’s continue the game!”


However, in contrast to me, who managed to get myself refreshed, Yuzu was facing her back to me and sitting on a pipe chair while hugging her knees.

“What’s wrong…” I asked in bewilderment, yet Yuzu only shook her head and glared at me resentfully.

“Coz, you didn’t pay attention to me one bit when the cat was here. But, as soon as it left, you quickly turn in my direction, so I feel very unreconciled about that. In your heart, do I place lower than a cat you met for the first time?”

Ah, she completely sulks!

“No-no, how can that be? Yuzu is number one.”

“Hmph… Only your mouth says so.”

“No, not only my mouth, I feel that way from the bottom of my heart.”

I tried to go round to Yuzu’s front, but she flipped the other way to evade me.

What do I do… Ah, that!

“I got it, Yuzu. I’ll prove to you that I’m not all talk,” I said as I sat on my own chair and patted my thighs.

“…What?” Yuzu only turned her head in my direction.

With a bright smile on my face, I told her, “See, to prove that Yuzu is the most important to me, I’ll do the same thing to Yuzu as I did to Ponzu. If I do that, you’ll believe me, won’t you?”

Of course, there was no way that Yuzu, whose defence was paper-thin, would take such a proposal. She would turn red and refuse. However, by proposing this kind of compromise from my side, I should be able to talk my way out of this situation. This should lead to a peaceful resolution.

“I see, then I’ll take your offer.”

However, contrary to my expectation, Yuzu stood from her chair and slumped down on my thighs.

“Eh, ah, huh?”

A sudden rush of Yuzu’s body warmth and softness, as well as a wafting sweet scent attacking all my senses made me frozen stiff.

“Come on, do it. Or, should I cry like a cat? Meow~” Yuzu’s urging plunged me back to my senses.

Ho-how can she just obediently do as I suggested? This girl…

“Yuzu… You’ve been sulking that much?”

“…I’ve been telling you all along. Sorry to say, I’m that desperate.”

Yuzu turned her face away from me, even while she was leaning down to put her weight on me. I kind of chuckled at the way she looked a little embarrassed while being angry.

“Geez… You are so cute,” I petted Yuzu’s head as she kept on sulking.

“I feels like your nuance there sounds off.”

“No-no, I mean it literally, okay? Cutie, cutie~.”


“There, there. Cutie, Cutie~.”

Yuzu still kept a long face but she put up zero resistance to me.

And so, until Yuzu was in a better mood, I lovingly petted her as she sulked a little childishly.

chocolala: Argh, Yuzu is freaking cute! Anyway, as I mentioned, since I posted this as soon as I translated this today +a light check, I believed it was quite unrefined here and there, so please bear with it. But… for the upcoming volume 3 (YAYYY, it is really on the way!!), I at least want it to be more polished.
So, if there is anyone out there who is confident in spotting language mistakes and have a way with words to give ideas for better phrasing, reach out to me in discord to help me refine the final translation to make it much more enjoyable to read (I don’t use English everyday, so I admit to be lacking). The perks: you can read the full volume early and savour the goodness in one go! FOUND!

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