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Super Cute Vol 2 Ch 4 -Afterwards-


The Brand New Them

Translated by: chocolala
Proofread by: tarararawr

Cultural festival day two.

On this day, there were no incidents within the basketball club. I was on duty for my class’s event and finally got my break right after mid-noon.

“I’m exhausted… Never thought they’d make me work so much.” 

With my wobbly legs, I staggered into the crowd. My workload actually had been made lighter compared to the rest of my classmates, so I could not exactly complain.

“I’m hungry… Should I go get some takoyaki?”

I scanned my surroundings and charged toward one of the nearby stalls. Fortunately, it seemed like the customers had just thinned out and there was hardly any queue.

“Welcome… Oh? It’s Yamato.”

When I looked up at the call of my name, it was Hina, who was twirling takoyaki at the stall.

“Yo! This stall is your class’s, huh?”

“Yep, did you come here to get your lunch?” Even as she chatted with me, Hina skillfully packed up some takoyaki.

“Yeah, please include some extra for me.”

“Leave it to me, I’ll put in extra chopsticks for you!”

“That’s the thing I need the least! Just a pair is enough.” 

When I instantly refused her offer, Hina looked stunned with her head cocked sideways.

“Eh? But aren’t you eating with Nanamine-san… Ah, you won’t need it, um, sorry.”

“Hey, you just had some strange ideas in your head, didn’t you? Something like ‘a pair is enough since they’ll feed each other’?”

“It’s not like that?”

“No! Quit that dumb face,” I replied with a glum face while Hina had a pondering expression.

“I see. Although you gave off such an overwhelming aura of love for Nanamine-san, you’re not flirting with her as much as I thought you’d be.”

“Wait. A. Moment. I don’t remember ever giving off that kind of aura.” I retorted to Hina, who just plainly said something I couldn’t overhear.

“No-no, you sure do. Back then, when we had to replace the casts, you noticed that Nanamine-san actually also memorised the lines for the fairy godmother, yet you said nothing, did you? In turn, you made way for her and accepted that fairy godmother role. Right?”


“Ah, there you go silent. Yamato, you are so easy to figure out. Well, it’s understandable that she wouldn’t like her boyfriend to play the role of some other girl’s prince. Yamato, who was considerate of her jealousy and compromised to let that prince’s role go to her, was emanating such a loving aura, you know?”

I went sullen listening to her reasoning.

“Shut up. You’re overthinking things.”

“Fufufu, I’ll leave it at that. Alright, one takoyaki is ready. It’s five hundred yen.” Hina lightly brushed off my rebuttal and passed the food to me.

I felt out of sorts, but I stayed composed and paid for it.

“Look… In case you’re wondering, this one’s for me to eat on my own. Just like Hina during our first year in middle school.”

“That last line was unnecessary!”

My counterattack that exposed Hina’s dark history gave her a critical blow. I laughed at her as her face blushed red. Suddenly, I was reminded of something.

“Ah, anyway Hina, I have something to ask–”

I made my inquiry to which Hina nodded in response and pointed to the academic building.

“Oh, if that’s what you want, I think you might find just the perfect thing at the third-years’ booth over there.”

“Okay, thanks!”

As I thanked her and tried to walk away, Hina gave me a warm, teasing look. “Geez, what’s with ‘not flirting’? You’re giving off an ever-present aura, you know?”

“Shut up.” When I scowled back, Hina giggled.

“Well, good luck with that.”


I nodded a little and left the stall.

─The friendship we once had in the past had faded away.

Hina no longer admired me like she used to, and I no longer felt the need to protect her. A new relationship started from scratch. Two people with an unknown future, who might end up being strangers or become friends once more.

Still, that’s all right.

Hina had become stronger than she was back then, while I had become more at ease than I was back then. I’m sure we’d be happier than we were in the past.

chocolala: Instead of flashbacks like in previous chapters, final chapter is followed by what happened to them afterwards. I really like how this author tied up the situation between Yamato and Hina, and Hina didn’t play the third-party character throughout the novel, it felt so nice

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