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Super Cute Vol 2 Flashback 3


Flashback 3

Translated by: chocolala
Proofread by: Seiryuu

The final tournament ended and so Hinano retired from the basketball club.

At first, she had wondered what would happen, but in the end, she managed to make a lot of friends and she believed she had led a wonderful middle school life. She had no regrets–except for one single thing.


It was morning, on the path to school.

Hinano waited quietly as always for him. With the question of why weighing her mind.

Suddenly someone called out to her: “…Hina?”

She could feel her heart leapt up in an instant. However, she did not let that show on her face and responded to that voice with a smile.

“Good mornin’ Yamato.”

“…Ah, good morning,” Yamato replied rather awkwardly.

Hina pretended not to sense that and continued cheerfully, “Let’s go to school together?”

“Ah, um…okay.” Yamato inarticulately nodded.

They walked on without any further conversation.

“It’s so free after retiring from the club.”


Hina brought up a topic, yet Yamato only gave a curt, cursory response and the subject was dropped. 

Even so, Hina didn’t waver and went on, “Yamato, we’re making a plan to go out with all the basketball club members, would you like to go together?”

To that invitation, he flashed a smile that somewhat formed a wall between him and others.

“Hmm… I don’t think so, I’m about to take the exam this year as well, so I have to say no.”

“…Is that so. Nothing we can do about it then.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. Oh, I just remembered, I’m on class duty today. Excuse me, I’ll go first.”

“Ah, okay.”

Hinano simply watched Yamato as he headed off to school while running at a small pace.

–In the beginning, she earnestly thought it was due to the exam. No, she wanted to believe that was it.

However, little by little… the fact became apparent after they had retired from the club. 

Yamato started to distance himself from Hinano. Not only her, but he also distanced himself from the rest of the club members. During recesses, he simply sat in his own seat, looking out the window in a daze.


She had no idea. Just what had she done wrong or where exactly had things gone awry. Not once or twice that she had thought of taking the plunge and straight away asking him what was wrong. 

Why are you avoiding me? Is there anything you’re not satisfied with? 

So many times had she wanted to strike down the anger and anxiety that dwelled in her chest. However… Up until this moment, she could not bring herself to ask those questions.

Well, she was scared–of the answer.

If Yamato were to say that he was only hanging around them because of the club and that there was no reason to do so after he had retired, Hina would be at a loss for words. She knew that was certainly not the case, but whenever she had wanted to ask, that possibility inevitably flickered into her mind and made Hinano’s throat stiffen.

“Is it only me… who thought that we were friends?”

She thought that they were friends with whom she could say anything and talk about everything. Only then did she discover that their relationship was not even as far where they could have a proper quarrel.

This fact was the most shocking thing for Hinano above anything else.

chocolala: another short one but this is the last flashback chapter in this volume! We’re heading to the climax of the story in the next chapter. I’m hoping i can speed tl now that I’m leisurely(?) spending time at my home country for a vacation, but can I really find the time (and motivation)? lol

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