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Super Cute Vol 2 Epilogue


My Cuteness Can Never Be Retracted!

Translated by: chocolala
Proofread by: tarararawr

The two-day festival finally came to an end. 

In contrast to the turbulent first day, the second day was calm with no major incidents; Yuzu and I spent the day after finishing our share of work for our class enjoying all the things offered in the festival and watching the Cinderella play—this time performed by the original cast. 

“Whew, that was so fun!”

In a corner of the school grounds after the sun had set, Yuzu and I were standing there in a daze. There were fewer people after the general public had gone home. 

“Yeah. Although I’m bummed to think that tomorrow we’ll be back to our normal classes again.”

I responded as I watched the campfire being prepared for the after-party, and Yuzu gave me a sideways glare.

“You shouldn’t have said that. You’re so tactless, Yamato-kun.”

“Sorry. I’m just that loner dork who can’t read the mood.”

I cowered my shoulders and apologised, but perhaps not liking that attitude, Yuzu patted me on the side of the head in dissatisfaction.

“The festival isn’t over yet, we have to enjoy every last minute of it.”

“You’re right.”

Was that a reactive reaction to an intense cultural festival now that it had ended? There was a somewhat relaxed atmosphere between me and Yuzu. 

Then I suddenly remembered a promise I had made and said to her, “Oh yes, Yuzu. Take this.” 

I took out something from my pocket that I had prepared during this cultural festival—a small, beautifully wrapped box. 

“What’s this? May I open it?”


While looking curious, Yuzu carefully unwrapped the box. From inside the box emerged a necklace in the shape of a four-leaf clover. 

“Whoa…what’s going on with this?” Yuzu’s eyes widened in astonishment, she totally hadn’t expected this. 

“It was sold at a stall at the festival, so I bought it. Wasn’t this part of your task for me before, remember?”

“Yamato-kun, please make sure you give me a nice present someday. This is your task as my boyfriend.”1

It was a good opportunity, so I headed to an accessory shop by the third-years that Hina had told me about, and prepared this present for Yuzu. 

“…So you remembered!” Yuzu sounded a little bubbly but slightly turned her head downwards to hide her expression. 

“Well, yeah. So did I pass?”

While I was relieved by the look on her face, Yuzu nodded her head. She then held out the necklace to me. 

“Um, Yamato-kun, will you put this on?”


“Yep, might as well be you.” 

A little surprised by the unexpected request, I accepted the necklace.

“I don’t mind, but I’m not very good at doing this, okay?” 

“It’s okay. I want Yamato-kun to put it on me.” 

I had no choice if she said it like that. I wrapped my arms around Yuzu’s neck as she stood in front of me. I appeared as if I was hugging her from the front; while that made my heart thump at this close distance between us, I did my best to focus on clasping the necklace.   

“Well, here you go… Yes, it’s done.” Although it took a little time, I succeeded in getting the necklace into place using only the sensation of my fingers. 

With a sense of relief, I was about to move away from Yuzu when she spoke. “Thanks, Yamato-kun.”   

I could hear her whispering in my ear, and then Yuzu put her arms around my back and pulled me towards her.


Yuzu’s lips brushed against my stiffening cheek. The touch lasted only a fraction of a second. After a moment that felt like an eternity, Yuzu quickly pulled away.  

“Wha…eh? Yo…u?!!” I was dumbstruck, my palm pressing my cheek.  

I think I felt something very soft on my cheek. Huh? Was that my imagination? No-no-no, that was real, right?

I inadvertently looked at Yuzu and she carefreely chuckled with a blushing face. “I was very happy, so that was my thanks. How was it? Were you pleased?” 

“You said thanks, you…”

The sudden blow made my heart start to beat faster.

“Haha, now this is embarrassing,” Yuzu abashedly uttered.

…The frustrating thing was, when I looked at Yuzu, my mind couldn’t help but find her so cute. Now that I had become like this, it was totally my loss.  

“Oh, I think the campfire’s started.”

At Yuzu’s words, I turned my gaze to the centre of the schoolyard and saw a fire lit in a huge wooden structure. A warm fire shone in the darkness. As Yuzu and I gazed blankly at it, the Oklahoma Mixer began to play from the speakers. 

It was time for the folk dance.   

“…Shall we go, Yuzu?”

I offered my hand and she nodded with a big smile.


And so we headed for the bonfire. As we entered the circle around us, I started dancing with a hazy memory of how it should be done. 

“Haha, Yamato-kun! You’re so bad!”

“Shut up! I’m an introvert, I’ve never done this kind of thing.”

“Don’t step on my foot, okay?”

An awkward folk dance. In the midst of all this, I suddenly remembered something I hadn’t said yet. 


“What is it?”

“That necklace looks good on you. It’s pretty.”

“Wha…!” Yuzu stepped on my foot in that instant. 

“That hurts! Right when you warned me!”

“Sor-sorry! But hey, that was totally your fault, you know!”

Yuzu was red up to her neck—it might be due to bonfire lighting or how she was simply embarrassed.

“Really? Then, I retract those words.”

“No, you don’t need to! My cuteness can never be retracted!”

“I’d really like for you to retract that narcissism if possible.”

While we danced to the folk tunes, we exchanged silly banters. I just wished that time could go on like this forever and ever.

chocolala: There we go again, our main couple being so sweet to each other up to the final moment of the volume (and a playful kiss illustration!!!), yet the author decided for them to remain ambiguous, hahaha. So, we reached the end, as for the next volume, honestly I’m not sure if I can work on the tl since I’ll be starting a new job which probably would take my free time away.

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  1. This was said by Yuzu earlier in ch 1.8