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Super Cute Vol 3 Afterwords



Translated by: chocolala
Proofread by: fluffyhead

Long time no see. I’m Mikami Kota.

Well, I finally managed to successfully publish the third volume… Well, this time was a difficult delivery…

I had a lot of trouble deciding how to develop it, but I thought, well, this is the best I can do. The following is a bit of a spoiler, so if you haven’t read the main story, please stand back.

Now, the content of this issue has gone much deeper into their relationship. My frank impression is: “Oh, they’re getting together already? So soon?”

Isn’t romantic comedy more of a genre where the story is full of teases and taunts, and you want to shout, “You guys should get together already!”

There was an option to develop the story in that way, but I intentionally did not. Because this work is always going full throttle. I always try to have the series move at maximum pace so that, if the series ended here, the enthusiasm wouldn’t subside.

So this time, ‘Tokkawa’ (the official abbreviation, which is not at all widespread) has reached a major milestone. Whether or not I will be able to write a continuation is not up to me, but if I do, I will try my best again to go all out.

Finally, I would like to express my thanks to the following people:

-Saine-sensei for drawing the illustrations again.

-My editor, who I’ve caused the most trouble in the past because of my slow writing.

-The proofreader who I heavily inconvenienced this time.

-All the other people involved in this book.

-And to all the readers who have stuck with me this far.

Thank you very much.

Minami Kota

chocolala: I’ve enjoyed translating this series so much, all the characters in this novel are well fleshed-out and I can’t even choose my fav chara, even Hina already placed high (I want a wingman like her too). I really hope the author will come up with another sequel for this adorkable couple, let’s just be hopeful. For this volume, I profusely thank my proofreader, fluffhead for the superb proofreading, you’re so lit! My co-tl, Sei also has been together throughout the project since a year ago, I really appreciate it. And of course, the readers of this tl, old and new, I enjoy reading your comments. Cheers~

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