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Super Cute Vol 3 Ch 1 (Part 6)


The Feelings Of Love For Yuzu-Chan Are Real, Aren’t They? (VI)

Translated by: chocolala
Proofread by: fluffyhead

“Phew… Just one magazine, but it hurt my wallet. I should also get a short-term part-time job.”

A magazine was a surprisingly large expense for a high school student.

“Then, how about the garbage cleaning job at the train station front? There’ll be an event there on Christmas Eve, so they’re recruiting people to pick up the garbage.”

“That’s a good suggestion, but… A Holy Night strewed with garbage—oh so sinful!”

“Truly. Humans are creatures that can’t live without making a mess.” Hina chuckled as she put my magazine into a paper bag and passed it to me.

“Tell me when you’ve decided where to go. I’ll try my best to avoid going to the same place.”

Certainly, from how it went during the cultural festival, Yuzu was wary of Hina. Meeting her boyfriend’s female friend at on Christmas Eve might put a damper on Yuzu’s mood.

“Thank you for your consideration.”

It was strangely embarrassing to be given this kind of consideration by a long-time acquaintance, much less by Hina, when I’d been the one supporting her for so long.

As I expressed my gratitude in an embarrassed manner, she smiled a little teasingly at me, “Well, if Nanamine-san dumps you before Christmas, you can join the girls’ party over here.”

“Shut up!”

So I took the paper bag from Hina, who had tacked on a few unnecessary words, and walked out of the shop.

Afterwards, I entered a fast-food restaurant right next to the bookshop, ordered only a coffee and started reading a magazine. The magazines were recommended directly by the bookstore staff and covered all the information I wanted at the moment.

Among them, there was one event that caught my attention.

Christmas Fulfilment event…?”

Apparently, this event would be held on Christmas Eve in the town one station away from here. Photos from last year’s event showed that all the buildings on the street in front of the station were decorated with LED lights, and a large fountain reflected the city lights and shone beautifully.

“Wow… This looks nice.”

It was nearby, and it wouldn’t cost me much money, and also the dreamy atmosphere would be well received by girls.

“Alright, let’s go with this!”

I skimmed the article on the event and slammed the magazine shut.

—At the time, I didn’t know my action of not properly reading the article would eventually be choking me later on.



Yuzu’s POV


“Welcome~ One person?”

After school hours.

After going separate ways with Yamato, saying that she already had plans with other people, Yuzu went to a cafe.

“Ah, I think my friends are already here,” Yuzu excused herself to enter the shop and discovered Aki and Keigo who had reached the cafe before her.

Today, Yuzu cancelled her usual after-school time with Yamato to spend time with these people instead.

“Sorry I made you people wait. What about Sota?”

She lightly greeted her two friends as she approached them and they raised their heads from looking at their phones in response.

“Yo, Yuzu-cchi. Sota will be a little late. He mentioned that today he only has a meeting though, so he shouldn’t be that late.”

“I see. So, what are you two watching so fervently just now?” Yuzu asked while she sat beside Aki.

Aki froze for a while before she could reply, “…Just a bit, about the Christmas thing.”

Looking at Aki’s stiffness, Yuzu could guess what was bothering her. To confirm her thoughts, she looked at Keigo, who noticed the meaning behind her gaze. He nodded.

“Aki apparently is going to invite Sota on a date.”

“Ohh… So she’s resolved.” Staring at Aki, Yuzu felt surprised and convinced at the same time.

“Yeah, well…but I don’t know if I can properly ask him out,” Aki was shy but didn’t deny Namase’s words.

“So, this is a meeting to work on the plan?” Aki leaned forward to ask, to which Keigo nodded in agreement.

“Yes, it is. This is Aki’s big challenge, we’ve got to gear up and select the best stage for her confession!” 

At the words of the overzealous Keigo, Aki glanced up and looked startled.

“N-no, I haven’t decided to confess! It would be good enough if I could just go on a date.”

Aki hadn’t thought that far ahead, so she blushed at just the thought. Seeing that, Yuzu happily nodded.

“All right. For Aki’s sake, let’s do our best to find the best stage to confess!”

“Yuzu too?!” Aki’s eyes widened, astounded by Yuzu who also started to get hyped up despite Aki’s protests.

“You see, Yuzu-cchi also says the same, so make up your mind already!”

“No way! My heart is not prepared yet!” Aki shook her head vigorously, declining Keigo’s offer.

“Geez, it’s winter yet you’re all so heated up. I’ll go cool down my head.” Aki said in an attempt to escape the topic… 

She then actually made a short run to the restroom.

“I could feel her growth… but Aki is still inexperienced and fainthearted when it comes to romance,” Keigo chuckled while watching her off.

“Well, that’s exactly what’s so cute about Aki.”

One wouldn’t guess it from the way she looked just now, but she was usually an imposing girl, no matter who she was dealing with, and her sense of self was unshakeable. 

Yuzu, who had always been good at conforming to others and not being herself, had been dazzled by Kotani’s character and envied her—a girl who attracted people just by being herself, without any deception. Yuzu was also attracted to that and became her friend… 

But for some reason, Kotani was such a reserved person when it came to romance. 

“I agree with that. But I think it’s high time for her to take on the challenge,” Keigo nodded to Yuzu’s words with a gentle wry smile.

“As a matter of fact, what do you think are Aki’s odds of success?” 

On the surface, Yuzu touched the topic as if nothing was wrong, but in Yuzu’s perspective, it was difficult for her to probe deeply into the matter between Aki and Sota; the relationship between the two was unclear to Yuzu.

“I’d say it’s fifty-fifty. It’s not impossible, but it’s not a sure thing. That’s why I was hoping for a romantic event to give it some momentum.”

If that was how Keigo viewed it, then the credibility would be high.

“Fifty-fifty…? At this point, would it be good to confess?” Yuzu hesitated at these not-so-high odds.

“Yeah, now is the best time.” Keigo, however, nodded his head, exuding a firm will. “Once their relationship is fixed, there won’t be any further changes. This time, Sota will try to maintain the status quo in our group and I think Aki will follow his will. If there’s going to be a change, now is possibly the last time.”

Keigo’s words, which showed a glimpse of seriousness and a sense of crisis, had a certain persuasive power. Yuzu also reached the same answer after rounds of questioning inside her head.

Once the fake couple was dissolved, Yuzu and Yamato became friends. The relationship was cosy and… therefore frightening. 

Would Yuzu and Yamato’s own relationship remain the same and never progress?

chocolala: Well, the stage is set now and we also got an insight into Yuzu’s mind

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