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Super Cute Vol 3 Ch 2 (Part 10)


It’s Rather A Reward for You to Pamper A Girl As Cute As Me (X)

Translated by: chocolala
Proofread by: fluffyhead

I let out a sigh and quietly reflected. How should I word it? It was surprisingly embarrassing to reveal your preferences to someone. And to let that someone dress up according to that preference was… vexing and embarrassing, but unexpectedly not a bad thing.

“…I guess I also haven’t told her about the things I like.”

It was not only me who didn’t know Yuzu’s likes and preferences. Both of us still had to share more and more things with each other.

“Thanks for the wait!”

“Okay, then let’s go to the cashier.”

After Yuzu exited the fitting room in her original clothes, we went to settle the bill and left the store.

“Wow, it’s completely dark!” Yuzu exclaimed as soon as we were out of the store.

When we entered the store, the city was dyed red with the setting sun, but now it was enveloped in the darkness of night.

“Shall we go home? We walked a lot today too.”

“Yep. It’s a bit sad, but let’s do that.” 

Nodding, Yuzu wrapped the scarf she had just bought at the shop around her neck and looked at me.

“How does this look on me?”

“The price tag is still on it.”

“Ugh!” Yuzu was so panicked that she took a pen out of her bag and wrapped the tag around it and twisted it off. 

She really could do things so skillfully.

“Mmgh, why do you always notice the unnecessary things, Yamato-kun?” Yuzu’s lips pouted and she poked my side with her finger.

“Stahpppp! I’m sorry,” Unable to bear the attack on my flank, I apologised and Yuzu retracted her finger.

“Geez… I forgive you since I enjoyed today’s date, but Yamato-kun, you should learn to build up the mood.”

“I’ll take note of that.”

Perhaps satisfied to see me graciously complying with the stern warning, Yuzu held out her hand to me.

“Well then, let’s go home, shall we?”


I grabbed her hand and we walked away.

“But I might have made a good discovery today,” Yuzu blurted out as we walked along.

I unintentionally tilted my head in puzzlement, “What do you mean?”

“Contrary to my expectation, Yamato-kun actually knows me. Like my tastes and preferences.”

My eyes widened at her surprising comment.

“…Is that so? I was actually thinking the complete opposite. I realised how much I didn’t know about you.”

To my honest statement, Yuzu shook her head.

“Not really. Yamato-kun, you always look at me properly, to the point I’ve wondered, do you really like me that much?”

“Hush, that’s enough!”

Despite my hollering, I actually didn’t feel that bad.

“Yuzu,” I called her name after our conversation came to a pause.

“What is it?”

She looked up at me and I looked straight back into her eyes.

“The scarf suits you. So cute.”

“He…y! This is not the time to say that, is it?! Just like last time with the necklace, you always get your timing wrong!”

Yuzu’s face instantly flushed red.

“Whoa, I never thought you’d be caught by the same trick again. As always, your defence may as well not exist.”


My mood was lifted by the successful prank while Yuzu was red up to her ears.

We retraced our route home, chattering away together. 

On the way, I remembered what I had to do today—clear up the misunderstanding regarding the ‘Christmas Fulfilment’ event. Our date had been so enjoyable in general that this matter had completely slipped my mind, but this was actually the most important thing of the day.

“Thanks for sending me home. Today was fun.”

Almost as soon as I remembered that most important thing, we arrived in front of Yuzu’s house.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

Although I had only just remembered and my mind wasn’t ready, I just had to cut to the chase now. I took one deep breath and straightened up, ready to go.

“Listen, Yuzu—” “Ah, yes,”

At the same time as I was about to take a step forward, Yuzu reached into her bag at the most inopportune moment.

“Wh-what’s the matter?” Having my attempt foiled, I stumblingly asked her what she wanted to say.

There, she took out a beautifully wrapped package from her bag.

“This… for you.”

I accepted it into my hand.

“…What’s this? May I open it?”

“Yes, please.”

I carefully unwrapped the gift and took out the content. Inside was a teacup we saw at the general store a while back.

“This… is the one you chose earlier.”

“Yes, it’s a present. I haven’t given anything in return for the necklace, and it was just a perfect opportunity, so I was thinking I wanted a matching thing with you. Oh my, Yamato-kun, you are so blessed!”

“Th-thank you,” I was totally caught by surprise, so I could only utter my honest thanks.

Hearing that, Yuzu nodded satisfactorily. 

“Today, I’m glad I got to know a part of Yamato-kun that I didn’t know much about. Surprisingly, you were good company, and you took shopping seriously. I thought boys were not fond of long shopping trips, so I was prepared for you to say you wanted to go home already to play games.”

“…Whoa, I wouldn’t say things like that now we’ve gone on multiple dates.”

But well, I also thought it was totally probable for me to say that.

“Yes, so I’m very glad to know that. Let’s go on a date like this next time.” 

Yuzu broke into a smile—a natural one.

A surprise hit.

My teasing earlier was nothing compared to this, I was dealt with a critical hit.

“By the way, Yamato-kun, weren’t you about to say something earlier? Somehow it turned out to be me interrupting you,” Yuzu asked, perhaps noticing that I was calling out to her earlier.

This was the biggest chance I’d ever have to clear up that misunderstanding.


“…Nuh-uh, it’s nothing.”

—I decided to no longer clarify the Christmas matter.

“Really? If you say so, then it’s okay. Alright, I’ll go in first. See you tomorrow.”

“Okay, see you!”

Yuzu disappeared into the lift of the apartment building, waving her hand as she walked away. 

After I saw her off, I looked up at the sky and let out a deep sigh.

“Hmmm… Oh my goodness!”

Was it because today’s date was enjoyable? Or because I’d unwittingly let the guard around my heart down before she surprised me? Or due to the effects of my prolonged worry about that confession event?

No, from long ago, I—

“There’s no more room for deception…”

Seriously, this has reached a point where I couldn’t even deceive myself anymore.

—I have fallen in love with a girl named Yuzu.

chocolala: Yay, finally the enlightenment!!! So let’s see how the story goes in the latter half of the book. Wheeee~

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